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  1. This is probably in a different thread, but what is the process to hard reset the infotainment?
  2. There are a few different ones out there that fit the MK8R. Two carbon fiber models/brands, one is Blaze Carbon and a different brand from Canada that the name is escaping me right now, and one that is a popular brand, Rally Armor.
  3. Not sure if this info applies to the whole World of R's, but this was posted in a VWVortex thread I follow yesterday.
  4. Hmm, not sure I would want to plug in anything external like that just to avoid swiping down once on the touchscreen, having a shortcut for the stop/start, and turning it off before each ride. I think it's easy to train muscle memory to do so, and I do it every single time in my Chevy Trail Boss too, granted, it is a button press.
  5. Wait, are you not able to disable the electronic nannies through the infotainment and leave them off if you so desire?
  6. This sounds pretty stupid and crazy that the system does that. When I get mine I'm turning off all that nanny type of crap.
  7. Sounds like you have not gotten your R yet and since that is the case, your R would most likely be error/bong free. Especially with either a new module within the steering wheel or the newer style of wheel coming with newer 2023 builds.
  8. Looking at his sig line, looks to be a fairly new-ish build. Well, sometime in 2022 at least.
  9. No doubt a manual Type R will be more engaging to drive than a DSG Golf R. Needs more limbs to operate the thing. But you have been quite fortunate to be able to own all of those different sports cars so it makes sense that the Golf R pales in comparison for performance and driver engagement.
  10. Wait, you're telling me the Golf R is not quick to you? Curious, but what do you drive that is "quick"?
  11. Oh, no no, my bad. Sorry about that. That sucks for those that have a crazy ass backorder for them for their own R's, but I just know what the new ones look like and that so far, have fixed most of the bongs/errors. And that I hope mine comes with the new one so that I can try and avoid any un-wanted stresses.
  12. This is the replacement steering wheel and what is also coming on some 2023 R builds currently.
  13. Well, I'm pretty sure that some of the newer 2023 build of R's and probably GTi's are coming with the new steering wheels that have the corrected module/modules within them. Pictures are floating out there of what that new wheel looks like as well. I am hoping my 2023 R20 will have the new steering wheel for sure.
  14. Very nice. Thank you @AHG and @Booth11 for that thread I'll follow and look at. I plan on purchasing the OBDeleven PRO Pack from ECS Tuning here in the coming weeks that will be coming with a pro subscription for 1 year.
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