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  1. +1 for Bilt Hamber Touchless Best snowfoam I have used. Their Surfex HD is a really good all purpose cleaner too, depending on concentration is suitable for most cleaning duties
  2. Welcome Ron, got any pics? Enjoy the remap
  3. Thanks Sean, having the pan roof must be nice. The warranty is a must I think. I have gotten used to the exhaust note on mine now and quite like it, gives a nice burble and subtle pops , which seems to be real noise (and not fake when listening from the outside), so keeping it standard now (apart from pedal box, which is easy to remove).
  4. Got my R back from TK Detailing on Friday last week, I am blown away with the improvement and what he has managed to do to refresh the paintwork. Also (after literally hours of reading threads on here!) fitted a Pedal Box Pro yesterday, the car feels brilliant now. Since getting the Golf in July I didn't think the stock performance was lacking, but always felt there was some lag in the power delivery which I wrongly assumed was just turbo lag. Since fitting the pedal box this has been completely eliminated, the drive is transformed (but all of you who have done this already know ). Only cost £11 to declare on insurance too. Anyway here are some glamour shots.... new R caliper decals installed supplied by EZmods (again thanks to this forum for this!), they are a perfect fit over the orginals.
  5. Welcome ! Hope you enjoy your Golf, the paint looks lovely
  6. Well done, good job I managed to snap the filler cap off my brand new Up! GTI a couple of years ago while cleaning the car. I tried a cheeky warranty claim with VW but apparantly being a clumsy oaf is not a valid qualifying criteria for a claim. They did paint and fit a replacement for a reasonable price though.
  7. Welcome ! I learned to drive in my Mum's Mk1 Golf, it was a lovely car and my first ride. I then went on to owning quite a few classic Mini's. Have then sinced owned a Mk2 8v Golf GTI, VR6 Corrado (loved that, had 2 !), Golf R32, Up! GTI, various BMWs (M3, M4, M140i etc) and now the Golf R. Quite a journey when I look back at old photos
  8. My R is a 2020 and has Dynaudio, it has the space saver spare and sub, just like this one
  9. Got the new discs and pads fitted today, looks and feels much better....
  10. corrado

    Hello All!

    Welcome! Is this your first Golf R? I have had mine since end of July and really enjoying it, it is a great overal package.
  11. That is a shame, it was a fantastic price
  12. What a lucky find ! sounds like you have a great example there, enjoy
  13. corrado

    Hi everyone.

    Welcome to the site, I have found it is easy to spend hours on here reading through the wealth of useful information !
  14. I have not had a car with ACC before, but now I have gotten used to it on the R it is great for a relaxing motorway cruise, very clever stuff. Also in heavy traffic the ability to use ACC to "drive" the car for you is a strange experience, kind of fun though
  15. Great to hear! I got a tracking link today already, so far so good
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