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  1. So I did a compression test myself cause mechanics suck and my actual readings are 160 psi on all cylinders except the first Which is like 135psi so there's an issue but not as bad as the mechanics made it sound idk if they lied or their compression gauge is way off but glad I did it myself
  2. @fastandy the plug looks fine but I'm gonna do a compression test myself this weekend I just bought the tool I don't really trust that shop anymore but I have a feeling they told the truth I believe it's been like this since the day I bought it which is sad I may not give up on it but haven't made a decision yet
  3. So to get back to everyone I did a compression test today and cylinder one is reading 118psi while the other cylinders are around 140-145 psi. So I'm assuming that is my issue honestly don't know what to do with this information I think I'm selling my dream car . What's crazy is I've never driven this car hard I've babied it
  4. So on obdelleven I found camshaft adjustment specified and actual and at idle actual fluctuates alot and driving it seem to be always a couple lower then specified and fuel pressure seems to be a 100 to 200 kpa less then specified idk if that big enough to cause an issue
  5. @fastandy hey man thank you so I did check the valve timing and it's definitely off from the specified to actual now I'm no mechanic and don't understand when we get this deep into it but I figured that's not good.as for fuel pressure I'll try to see if I can figure that out. So I actually have an appointment at VW and they are gonna diagnose for free cause I chewed them out a bit cause they practically ripped me off and denied it but then offered to do free diagnostic so I think I won lol another weird thing is before I had the software update from VW my car's fuel economy was great now it's trash I was getting like 9L to 100km now I'm getting 14 L to 100 km in city so whatever is wrong doesn't like the update
  6. @OpelCalibraBoss p030100 is the code and it's the only cylinder. And like I said everything has been done practically. Unfortunately everything you've brought up has been repaired or tested. I'm honestly grasping at straws now. When you say solenoid what is that ? Like cam magnet ? Cause that's what Im thinking now
  7. Do mk7 golf Rs need the injectors coded when replaced ?
  8. Also misfires gos away when under load it's mainly at idle not sure if that helps. I can floor it and it's fine no code and maybe two fishbites
  9. Okay so cam magnets look promising and not too expensive if it comes back with good compression that's my next try
  10. @TechieAlijust the cylinder one misfire code shows and sometimes I get 02 sensor lean but it's been replaced also. I'm doing a compression test on Friday I'm literally ready to sell it but I love it so much it absolutely breaks my heart so I appreciate the reply . What does changing the cam magnet do ? I'll do a little research rn @gregozedobeI was thinking something like that . Again thank you guys this is my dream car but I'm already looking at trucks cause I need a reliable vehicle for our negative 30 temps in Canada.
  11. So I've been having a misfire code for sometime now started on cold starts would throw a code and sometimes would even hide cylinders the misfire use to be in more then one cylinder but I had the top of my block resealed and that got rid of the misfires in other cylinders now it's remains in the first cylinder I have spent dumb money getting it diagnosed I've done all new coils spark plugs,injectors and walnut blast, software update from vw and the issue still persists but now it seems to be misfiring not on cold start but after I drive to the back of my garage shut it off for a few minutes and then back on I'm getting hundreds of fish bites in this one cylinder and a code that sometimes turns to a cel or flashing cel. I don't appear to be burning oil. I am absolutely stumped I've been trying to get it fixed before winter but I'm out of ideas and pretty much money lol anyone have any ideas ? It drives completely fine but I'm worried in the winter it's gonna be hiding the cylinder and I won't be able to get it warm enough to clear it and drive off
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