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  1. My issue doesn't impact driving at all I've been driving with this issue for about a year now lol
  2. @Maprunner I feel you ya it's been insane for me financially lol so when are the misfires ? Mine is only at idle and really bad after warm starts at idle anything off idle the misfires are gone. It definitely sounds like a different issue then mine but what id suggest before spending more money is both a compression test and leak down. Again like I said my misfires are gone when off idle so that tells me it's not the engine it's self. But those tests will tell you alot
  3. @Maprunner so like my post says I've done pretty much everything but my lpfp so I'm leaning towards that since it's gotten a bit worse since the hpfp replacement it's the only thing that makes sense but mine being first cylinder means it's the last cylinder to get fuel. What all have you done to yours to resolve the issue ?
  4. I've basically replaced everything at this point and my mechanic believes it is not mechanical like the engine is fine it has to be something else he's just not sure what he was thinking knock sensor but I'm coming up with a game plan I'm not a quitter and I need this fixed I'm reaching out to all the homies and just thought I'd see what this community thinks also
  5. @dv52 no appreciate the input and I totally get it man but after spending thousands I'm willing to try anything at this point and having a bunch of opinions gives me more stuff to research I'm a smart man but I'm running out of ideas so your comment I will definitely look into it im just shooting in the dark and expect that at best from you guys aswell it all helps
  6. Oh and no misfires at all in power or while driving can race the thing and it runs like a dream get the odd fish bite between shifts but that's it
  7. The first cylinder is at 142 psi while the others are around 160 and leak down showed first was 7% loss while the others were around 3-4% but my mechanic said it's within spec he has put probably about 10 free hours of diagnosis into this thing cause it's even got him messed up lol
  8. @gregozedobe thank you so much for the reply I've posted a few times with no reply probably cause I could write a book series on this. But so okay probably not the knock sensor now it's funny you say temperature sensor cause when I got back into my car after the hpfp install yesterday I had two codes one was the cyl.1 and the other something about the engine temperature sensor but I cleared thinking the mechanics did something making it think it was faulty and haven't had the code since. But so every once in awhile I also get 02 sensor lean fuel/gas on bank one but that's been replaced. Everything you said has been done brand new except wiring to coils. I'm in Canada so I believe it only has the 4 injectors which have been replaced and borescope,fuel filter hasn't been done but I've even had a leak down test coming back within spec. So like I said it's worse since the new hpfp it now misfires at all temps and at idle instead of just after revs while dropping from 1000 and at idle would stop and would only throw codes on warm starts at certain temperatures. Now since it's doing it all the time it has me absolutely losing it this car is destroying me financially and mentally and still is under payments lol but so this is weird my mechanic last time before I got the hpfp he switched my 1st and 2nd injector and the problem didn't follow but he also "cleaned" the fuel rail idk wtf that means lol but after he did that the car wasn't getting a check engine light on starts anymore but was still throwing codes sometimes and fish biting in the way said before but no light so I was satisfied but after a couple weeks it started getting bad again. Could it be the fuel pressure regulator or maybe something wrong with fuel rail ? The second one doesn't make sense since it's worse now with a new hpfp but I'm just thinking of everything now. Sorry for the book again but I really appreciate your input
  9. Oh and when I say fish biting since the last repair today. I cold started it tonight and got 300+ fish bite misfires on a cold start after about five minutes while the other three cylinders had zero
  10. So want to keep this short but spent around 7 k on diagnoses and repairs in the past year to figure out a cylinder one misfire has seen multiple mechanics leaving them all stumped. The car was only misfiring on warm starts throw a code and then fish biting after revs drop around 1k on every rev and stopped at idle last repair done was hpfp and it was in need of replacement but actually made the first cylinder fish bite/misfire more and even just at idle now and cold start not just while warm anymore keep in mind that anything you're probably thinking it could be has already been done but my question is could a bad knock sensor possibly be the cause ? Engine temperature definitely makes a difference it's very intermittent and becomes better or worse at different temps just had the hpfp done today so still trying to figure out how different it is but it's definitely fish biting more . I'm at the end of the rope with this thing so any opinions would be greatly appreciated thank you !
  11. @fastandyso I've just had another compression test and leak down done and my mechanic believes it's not the cause everything was within spec but now we believe it's my fuel pressure I've made a new topic not sure if you're able to see it but it explains the new findings. I'm still figuring out this site lol
  12. So I did a compression test myself cause mechanics suck and my actual readings are 160 psi on all cylinders except the first Which is like 135psi so there's an issue but not as bad as the mechanics made it sound idk if they lied or their compression gauge is way off but glad I did it myself
  13. @fastandy the plug looks fine but I'm gonna do a compression test myself this weekend I just bought the tool I don't really trust that shop anymore but I have a feeling they told the truth I believe it's been like this since the day I bought it which is sad I may not give up on it but haven't made a decision yet
  14. So to get back to everyone I did a compression test today and cylinder one is reading 118psi while the other cylinders are around 140-145 psi. So I'm assuming that is my issue honestly don't know what to do with this information I think I'm selling my dream car . What's crazy is I've never driven this car hard I've babied it
  15. So on obdelleven I found camshaft adjustment specified and actual and at idle actual fluctuates alot and driving it seem to be always a couple lower then specified and fuel pressure seems to be a 100 to 200 kpa less then specified idk if that big enough to cause an issue
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