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Found 19 results

  1. Hello, had my front pads changed yesterday and before I ring the garage, can someone tell me if the brake covers are all back on the calliper? Looks like there’s a bit left off? Im sure there should be a bit covering the top and bottom of the pad assembly - or am just used to seeing that bit dirty and now it’s clean and very new, so “looks” different! 🤪 Yes, this moron can’t remember what his own brakes look like! Ha! Thanks, Peter
  2. Thought I’d start my own thread to avoid clogging up all the others on here! So 5th March my new PCH car arrived, an R estate in Tornado Red. Only extras I specced were the paint and Dynaudio upgrade; I didn’t want to go mad on a lease car but didn’t want plain white, and having had B&O on my S3 I had to have the premium audio option! Also to be honest I’m not a fan of the leather interior for the R and much prefer the look of the cloth/alcantara (and since having the car can honestly say these are the best seats I’ve ever been in!). I’d owned the S3 outright so it was almost top-spec give or take a couple of items. It was also quite highly-modified running suspension and brake upgrades, VWR intake and inlet bits, Milltek DP and MTM Cantronic unit (which was superb). As much as I wanted to spec Prets, I couldn’t justify the expense on the monthlies as I had all the kit from the S3 to swap over including a set of custom-finished REVO RV019s. So the car arrived on the standard, “unusual” shall we say Cadiz wheels... By the Wednesday, I’d had the wheels, intake setup, dog bone mount and DP swapped over and given it a good wash after its trundle down from Cardiff. The swirls and contamination in the paint of a brand new car are frankly horrific so I’m planning on a full correction then several coats of CC Platinum Paint and Oracle in the next week or so... The MTM unit wouldn’t work so it was either pay to recode it or sell it on and go for another option; that decision was made for me by the purchaser or our S3 offering a good price for it with the car. Likely to go for a SHARK STS with Stage 2 map. Next up was a set of carbon fibre mirror caps; not a fan of the satin chrome ones which to me belong only on an Audi S/RS and I wanted something to tie into the gloss black details. These were popped on in five minutes by Martyn at M.D. AUTOBAHN at Gatwick,can’t recommend him highly enough so anyone in the area look him up! And to bring me up to date, last Friday saw a set of VWR/Racingline springs go on. I very nearly went coilovers after road testing a C5 RS6 on KW V2s last autumn but wanting to keep costs down I opted for these. Not disappointed in the slightest - there is NO discernible compromise in ride quality, the damping is not affected by the shorter and stiffer springs but it sits much nicer and the handling is improved no end! I had Eibachs on my last two S3s and these springs I feel are better than them. Certainly the 8V sportback (so MQB still) was a lot crashier and harsh on them whereas this just feels perfect! Quick before and after but the car has settled a bit more since. Got to admit so far I fully love this thing - tech, seats and comfort all better than the S3 which suddenly feels a bit dated. The gearbox is excellent, with the 7th gear making a real difference to fuel economy and cruising, only thing it needs is the extra power and torque the S3 had. And this looks awesome! Can’t be a meaner looking estate around at the moment surely? For those of you interested I’ll keep this updated as I go. Already regretting just having it two years!
  3. Hello Can someone help me to find a place/store to buy a original akrapovic exhaust system for my 2018 Golf R 7.5?. I have been trying to find one but no success, I really want it but my Golf R is the American version so we didn’t got them. please help thanks
  4. It’s been a mission searching for my unicorn in the current (lockdown#3) environment, and decided to drop expectations rather than up my original budget as COVID tax seems to be hitting R prices hard. That said, I’m chuffed to bits and really can’t complain with the beast I’ve ended up with 😬 Out of Lapiz and Indium, the blue seemed to show chips way worse, and also appeared to struggle for depth. Indi has masses of depth and reminds me of my old anthracite Mk4 which was my gateway car for detailing and modding 😍 There also appears to be scene tax applied to Lapiz, so was happy to go for the slightly stealthier grey. It’s been a couple of weeks now and have managed to give it a decent decontamination and single pass with a green hex pad and some 2400 menzerna, then a coat of good old collinite 476s to give it a bit of protection until I get a chance to do a bit more of a thorough seeing to. The exhausts hadn’t been cleaned before. Ever. In fact I’m fairly certain the single previous owner actively sought out soot to ingrain into the chrome tips. It’s had scotchbrite/autosol/pink stuff/mother’s so far and the tips are all showing some shine again, but far from finished 😂 Alcantara seats and interior plastics came up nicely without anything industrial being required, so just brushes, vacuum, damp microfibres and some AG shampoo and various interior detailers. Main gripe I have is a collapsed drivers bolster, which is down to the frame. Will maybe just swap out the lower foam and refit, but longer term will hopefully be swapped out anyway. I have a hankering to retrim some S3 sportbacks (? The ones that look like an angry, quilted cobra?) maybe.... Performance wise I’m chuffed as it is, and until we can drive for fun again and I get used to the power on tap, it’ll probably remain as is. Will likely get an open cone, pipe and elbow for noise at some point tho. The wheels are tiny and too tucked, but ideal for winters and have decent tread on Contis so will maybe space them for the next few months before replacing wheels and tyres for 19s and PS4s. Spacers on the rear look like I could do 20mm, so bolt on, but front will probably need <15mm so bolt through may be my only option. Not sure how I feel about extended bolts on drive axle, but may just need to get over myself and accept I’m not an engineer/mathematician. Please feel free to correct my flat-earth fears here 🤣 We live on a new estate and roads haven’t been finished yet, so need to see what levels I have onto my drive before assessing lowering options, as well as whatever wheels it ends up on. Not in a rush though, as sits quite respectably imho. I’ve already deleted the airbag stickers with ezmods replacements as that is a massive bugbear. Have fitted extended ally flappy paddles, and have some dynamic wing mirror indicators to go on once it dries up a bit out there. Also have blue footwell leds on hand, and have looms for the rears on order so will bang all that in once everything has arrived and then relocate a front one to the boot. I’ve used OBDeleven for a few years on my other cars, so have fiddled and made some changes; killed the soundaktor, scandi DRLs and three second delay for washer jets. Will probably do more as I get further into the forum and find more inspiration. Have to say, it’s brilliant to find such an active forum for the R. Many seem to have died off in favour of FB now, and that just doesn’t serve the same purpose in my eyes. Good work, mods 💪🏼 Doing this on an evil iPad is painful, but maybe I attached pics, maybe I didn’t. Life is unpredictable like that
  5. Evening Folks hope your all doing okay. Decided to remove the JB1 from R and try a Revo Stage 1 remap. Car is standard except a drop in filter, turbo elbow and pipe (snow grate removed). Still running a pedal box too. The remap pulls harder through the rev range and there is more power at the top end than the jb1 gave. Its drives like factory but with a load more power. Is it worth 3 times the price of a used jb1.....quick answer for me is mmm yes. But different horses for different courses. It also came down the the garage doing the work - very experienced mech / race car builder tuner. And local too! Got me involved and made me feel right at home, so worth every penny. Discount on future work tops it off. I did consider the dsg remap but feel its not need with the 7 speed dsg box, especially as I always drive in 'manual' . No issues so far. If any slippage occurs ill get Tvs to up the clamping pressure. The in dash power gauge has been recalibrated and reads 287kw /385 bhp. Not sure how accurate that is.... I would estimate torque at 500ish. It really does pull hard in gear now.
  6. Hi there, So I have a 2019 R which is ofcourse post GPF filter. I would like to modify the exhaust in any way to make is sound a little louder. I originally thought of a res delete but as far as I am aware the 2019+ models with the GPF filter do not have a resonator from factory. Am I right in saying this? Also if that is the case and there is no resonator to delete what are the other options to get a bit more sound? Or is the only option to get a new exhaust system fitted altogether. Thanks for any help, Joe.
  7. Just picked up my 2018 golf R and i would like to set the exhaust valves fully open in all modes. Any suggestions? i have OBDeleven pro on its way and it should be here in a few days.
  8. I know what the standard understanding is that if you remap a newish car you invalidate the original manufacturer's warranty but I am struggling to find absolute proof of this so would be grateful if somebody could point me in the right direction. I have recently bought an 18 plate Golf R which is largely great but has had some teething problems, (mainly due to a large bolt fastening the front offside wishbone on to the chassis being very loose). I have read the VW warranty (https://www.volkswagen.co.uk/owners/warranty/new-car/terms-and-conditions) several times and can see that it says "Items which are excluded from warranty cover include but are not limited to: Components, equipment or software (Chip tuning) which are not part of the vehicle at the point of original manufacture (unapproved modifications." I can not see anywhere that it says the whole car is not covered by warranty if it has undergone 'chip tuning.' Can anybody tell me what I have missed?
  9. So I have a 7.5 with the akrapovic and vagsport rea delete. Have had the flaps coded open for a few months now but the drone on long journeys is doing my head in lol. I’ve searched everywhere and watched all relevant videos but I can’t find a solid answer on how to code the flaps back to normal? Any help greatly appreciated, thanks
  10. So what do you guys think of the new Golf GTI TCR? https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/volkswagen-reveals-286bhp-golf-gti-tcr Personally i think, in terms of its styling cues it looks 😍. Why i don't understand is why VW don't give the R the options the have the nice detailing features, like the new front splitter design or special interior details like the highlights on the gear shifter and on the seats. Makes the R interior look a bit dull. Considering there is a mk7 GTI, GTI PP, GTI Clubsport 40 and Clubsport S is the TCR one too many??
  11. I have a couple of questions relating to the 7.5 as even after reading through the many pages of useful info I am still not 100% clear! The first is regards to having the full rear light 'brake' lights coming on, I assume that the 7.5 only has one part of the two lights lit during braking the same as the 7 (I dont know as not getting the car till tomorrow) but believe the coding below will make both parts light during braking? Could someone confirm? Code: Select 09 (central electrics) Select security access - 16 Enter code 31347 Select adaption -10 Channel (8)-Leuchte27 NSL RC6-Lichtfunktion C27 Set to brake light - Bremslicht (default is not active) Channel (10)-Leuchte27 NSL RC6-Dimming CD27 Set to 100 (default is 0) Hit do it to save the changes. Also I have read that Lane Assist can be 'activated' even if the car doesnt have it as standard? I have ACC (which I think all do) but no mention of lane assist and traffic signs showing in the display as my wife's Tiguan does, am I correct and if so does this mean activating lane assist also activates the traffic sign imagery in the display? Apologies for being a bit dim and I have managed to find the coding for some other tweaks such as the plip on alarm arming, needle sweep etc but the two above have me stumped and also because a lot of references are just to the 7 and not the 7.5 Thanks in advance for any help
  12. Hey guys, need some help from the super rains of the Golf R world! Wondering if anyone on here can help me - are there any differences in the tailpipes on the facelift cars (7.5) compared to the pre-facelift, APART from them being spot-welded instead of push fit? Just had these made, and of course they’re not right so it’s either sell them on or make these work. I’m hoping all the dimensions etc will be the same so I can simply pop the welds off and I’ll be sorted?
  13. Hi all, As the title suggests, I'm 20 years old! With a facelift 7.5R on its way, due to be delivered to me middle March '18. Spec: White Silver 5dr, Auto DSG Black Pretorias Black Door Mirrors 90% Tints. (Poverty Spec?...) Still.. Exited is an understatement! Love a standard looking car, so only modification plans are gloss black roof, to make it look like I can afford a pan roof😉!!, and 3D Gel plates. I'm coming from a 2015 Fiesta ST-3, my first car I got when I just turned 18, (after driving my moms as a named driver for a few months), which I absolutely love! - Cars are my passion, can you tell? But due to a new job promo, just for a few years before I think about saving up and moving out, I thought i'd go mad and go for it, as a little treat (Instead of having a mortgage!😆) I wont ask you all for comments and opinions and what to expect from the car, its common faults etc, as I know I will be referred to the existing topics for that kind of stuff, but thoughts and options on the spec is what I'm after, and maybe how it'll compare to the ST! Cheers! Marcus.
  14. Hi all I picked up my new golf R estate on Friday 26/05. It is Indium Grey with optional Dynaudio sound, DCC and rear airbags. VW Coulsdon were absolutely terrible to deal with, but the car is a real joy to drive. At the moment it is on standard Cadiz which I am not a fan of, but will have second set for winter/summer use. Maybe 18" Pretoria's? Funny thing is I had two non car people complementing the wheels. Oh well... I've spent 5 hours today washing it, polishing and waxing, so it was right time to take few photos of it... First impressions: It is loud. It pops and bangs sometimes, quite cool. The engine note is not as good in flat 6 Subaru I used to own, but still good. I love all the driving modes, they do transform the car a lot. Fuel economy is reasonable. I get 25 mpg on mixed use. Low 30's on a run with lighter foot. I can imagine mid to high 30's is possible in Eco mode which I really dislike. Times of mid 50's from my Skoda Octavia VRS diesel are gone... Boot space is massive, which I need and reason to go for estate. Dynaudio IMHO is the best value optional equipment you can get. I had it on a Passat and loved it then since the upgrade on R. What I am slightly disappointed with is seat base is a bit short for me. I am 6'4" so maybe I have myself to blame for being so tall. Also Active Info Display while being a cool gadget, the level of it's customisation is a bit poor. Anyway, thanks for reading and please see some photos. Bart
  15. Hi all, I’m new to golfs even though my missus has driven them for years ... bought my grey golf r 7.5 2 months ago.. apart from carbon fibre mirror covers and a set of gxr Matt black 19” alloys it’s still standard... rhinking of of a re-map and looking at unicorn or revo.. Forge induction kit next with an exhaust... can anyone give me pointers on the best exhaust please? The missus has a mk4 v6 4motion with miltech and it sounds great so I need an exhaust.... thanks for any advice
  16. Had the car a few days and gave the sat nav its first real test. Wanted to drive home from Heathrow to SE London, but go via M25 and not through central London. The sat nav gave me 3 route options, but all of them were through town. So I just drove off the M25 route, assuming that like Google Maps/Waze it would figure out I wanted to go that way and re-route. However, all it did was keep trying to route me back into London at every (and I mean every!) opportunity. Any easy way to make the sat nav go the route you want? I don't think it'll ever be as good as Google Maps/Waze, but I'd like to use it because of the display between the dials. Alternatively I'd love to be able to display Google Maps/Waze on the instrument binnacle instead (via Android Auto) but assume that's not possible?!?
  17. Hi, due to collect my R next week, previously owned a 6R about 4 years ago before moving to an S1, S3, RS3 and then to BMW earlier this year. I've now decided it's time for a change from Audi and fancied trying the 7.5 R. My spec is 5dr DSG, indium grey, pan roof, leather, discover nav pro, DCC, Spielbergs and some other stuff like keyless, carbon mirrors, rear view cam, 90% privacy and a service pack. Still not sure on the Spielbergs and will possibly swap to silver Pretoria's as soon as I find a set. Looking forward to collection & will post up some photos soon after.
  18. Evening all, is anybody with a 7R considering the 7.5R? Have you had a test drive in one? Probably too early for me to consider but I was curious if anyone had looked at one recently or made the change? Maybe there aren't enough changes from the 7? I'm not sure. The looks are really growing on me (I still love my 7R though!).
  19. So... I finally got the nod on Tuesday this week, to go and collect her. Wow... what a car. This is my first R, but not my first golf. Although the less said about the Mk3 8v GTI the better. Anyway... Finally managed to tear myself out of the driving seat today and give her a quick wash for some quick snaps. Probably a bit of a marmite colour, not everyone's gonna love it... but I do.
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