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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, please advise if it is possible to source akrapovic exhaust for my golf r mk7.5. I am struggling to find reliable information. thanks. zain
  2. Hello Can someone help me to find a place/store to buy a original akrapovic exhaust system for my 2018 Golf R 7.5?. I have been trying to find one but no success, I really want it but my Golf R is the American version so we didn’t got them. please help thanks
  3. Hi Everyone, This is Sean-Paul from Sydney, Australia :) I bought this Golf R mk 7.5 Special Edition in August of 2020. Thought I would begin a build log of everything I've done and future plans with this build. I picked up this car for $50,900 with 13,800 kms on the clock from a dealer down south of Sydney. The car already had an APR stage 1 high torque tune flashed before I got the car. I will list prices in AUD (mods are expensive down here) Car Spec: Turmeric yellow | 7-Speed DSG (DQ381) | DCC | Dynaudio | Gloss black 19 Pretorias |ACC |Akrapovic Exhaust |GTI Clubsport brakes Modding List Performance: - Leyo Cold Air Intake - $699.00 - Leyo Turbo Inlet - $250 - X-Force Res Delete - $250 Software: - APR stage 1 High Torque - Came with car - TVS stage 3 DSG tune - $2099 Interior: - Leyo Cold Air Intake - $699.00 - Leyo Air Con Rings - $70 - OBD11 colour options enabled Chassis: - APR Dogbone Insert - $90 - Michelin Pilot Sport 4S - $1300 Braking: - GTI Clubsport brakes - drilled rotors Exterior: -Maxton Design Full Body Kit - $1300 -Blacked out badges - $125 Mods Cost: Total: $6662.00 Future Plans for the car include a Super Pro rear sway bar, downpipe, intercooler and a retune to Flex E85 with fueling upgrades. Eventually I plan to put a bigger turbo on the car - still undecided at this point in time which turbo to go with.
  4. Modding List Update - July 27 2020 Edited Performance: (503WHP & 644NM) -TurboTechnics V5 Turbo -TurboTechnics LHD Intake Pipe -RacingLine Oil Catch Can System -RacingLine R600 Intake System -Fluidampr Crank Pulley -APR High Pressure Fuel Pump -APR Intercooler System -APR Silicone Boost Hoses -Aquamist HFS4 Meth System Direct Port Injection -VW Akrapovic Titanium axleback -HurricaneSport Catted Downpipe -PagParts Walbro 525LPH Low Pressure Fuel Pump -Torqbyte PM4 High Power LPFP Controller -LiteBlox LB28XX LiFePO4 Lightweight Battery -KakaRakis Performance Billet Intake Manifold -Grams 70mm Larger Throttle Body -CSF Engine & DSG Coolant Coolers -iABED Engine Oil Cooler Kit Software: -HurricaneSport ECU Stage3 with Multiple Maps (1.8, 2.0 and 2.2bar) -HurricaneSport TCU Stage3 -United Motorsport Gen5 Haldex Interior: -EZT Carbon/Napa Edition Steering Wheel -Corbeau RRS Seats -BFI Heavy Weight DSG Shift Knob with Giallo Taurus Air Leather -LEYO DSG Shift Paddle -AEM Boost Gauge -Aquamist Meth Flow Gauge -Aquamist 10L Internally Baffled Water Tank Chassis: -KW DCC Suspension -Eibach Front & Rear Sway bar -APR MQB Pendulum Mount -Unibrace UBQ -Unibrace XBQ -APR S01 Silver Forged 19" Wheels -Goodyear Eagle F1A5 19" tires Braking: -Alcon Car89 Brake System w/380mm Discs & ENDLESS MX72 Plus Pads -Rear 370mm Discs upgrade w/ PMU R800 Pads Exterior: -Maxton Design Full Body Kit -Carbon Fiber Lightweight Vented Hood Hello everyone, This is Scott from Taiwan 😀 I am here since January but was just lurking around and watching everybody's build thread. After 4 months waiting, dealer told me the car has finally arrived and asked me if I would like to see the car before the official pick-up date, it was really excited for me so I went to the dealer.... Car Spec: LapizBlue | 7-Speed DSG (DQ381) | DCC | Dynaudio | Pretonia |ACC My previous car is AUDI A3 Sportback 2.0T FWD DSG, and was running Pagpart's EFR7163 big turbo kit that made 530WHP & 660NM. The reason I got rid of my 7163 A3 is because I would like to play something different but AWD car, running big power 530WHP on a FWD car was really really terrible once WOT, kind of scary to drive the car at that time.
  5. Expect from @Booth11 because she ticked every thats worth having on her mega spec lol i had my car for 8-9 months now and Im starting to love car more since updates have made it more liveable …I might save some money by ditching the black paint and just keep it white and used to money towards the bigger wheels (the reason why I didn’t get white I was scared it look like cheapo white van colour) I’m glad I selected the winter pack I don’t know what I would do without it. Maybe I might add the HK audio …. The standard speakers are good but I just want a little more bass.
  6. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • FOR SALE
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    *** UPDATE *** Advert will be closed for offers on Sunday 24th January 11:59pm 2021. -------------------- I have owned and LOVED this car for about 6 months. It's in Immaculate condition inside and out and evidently cared for. I've recently turned 40 so naturally, I'm looking for something more sporty, less doors, bigger engine, yadda yadda. About 4 months ago, it had; + Revo Stage 1 GPF Remap + Revo Carbon Air Intake (Full Kit) + Revo (Alcon) Big Brake System + Finished off with the unmistakable Akrapovich Titanium Exhaust System. This was acquired brand new at the time, so only 4 months old. Full ceramic 2yr paint coating 3 months ago. MIchellin Pilot Sport only a few hundred miles on them. 12,000 miles covered. Full VW Service History. Had new spark plugs and oil change with the remap at Votex, Cheshire. Having oil change and Haldex oil change next week. Really reluctant to part with but will await the right buyer. Never dyno'd, never tracked. Absolutely cherished. As this is an ad in a forum, you'll already know all about this car. You'll already know that a Revo Stage 1 will extract the best out of the EA888 engine safely. You'll also be able to work out how much has been spent on Revo Hardware to complement the remap and know that the Akrapovich Titanium Exhaust is rarer than rocking horse poop. No optional extras, but as you will know, they have a lot of kit as standard. I have all the original parts that the Revo ones replaced as well as the original Exhaust. NOTE I've been asked many times if I'd sell the Akrapovich separately. Reluctantly, I would, but it think it would be a tragedy as this is a rare setup and would devalue the car. Open to offers, maybe even a part-ex up to the value of £7k


    Oswestry, Shropshire - GB

  7. Hello VWROC Can anyone help? I'm new to this forum so don't know if I'm doing this correct! I've got a post WLTP Mk7.5 'R' Estate on order and I need some advice on the exhaust system... I want pops and bangs on the override and downshifts I want DSG farts I want Akrapovic style tips (more subtle than horrible oval chrome tips) I don't want drone when town/city driving What should I do, where do I start?
  8. Morning everyone, Has anyone else had any luck getting any information from Akrapovic regarding ordering the exhaust as an aftermarket option? I have finally received a response from them saying the downpipe will be available to order in a couple of weeks time. I am more interested in the full system though!
  9. 내가 처음 본 것이 야. 너무 똑똑합니다. 내 것이 아니다. 나는 친한 친구를 대신하여 그것을 샀다. 나는 그것을 상상할 수없는 저렴한 가격에 구입했다. 나는 그에게 그것을 빨리 가져 가라고 말해야 할 것이다. 너무 많아서.
  10. Hi everyone, I’ve taken interest in getting an Akrapovic Exhaust for my 2014 Mk7 Golf R and was wondering if it was possible for it to even to be installed on a prefacelift R. To my knowledge, the Mk7.5 R came with an Akrapovic Exhaust as an option so I was wondering if it could be fitted on my Mk7. Thanks
  11. Hey everyone, I've just joined the forum and this is my first post. I'm hoping some of you guys can help out by providing some guidance and solutions to my situation. The government introduced an additional flat rate tax (VED) that must be paid on cars registered after the 1st April 2017 of £310/year on cars "with a ‘list price’ (the published price before any discounts) of more than £40,000". They have also announced WLTP of which uses real-world performance to decide how much to charge on cars delivered after 1st September 2018. I've ordered myself a Golf R Hatchback of which is currently (with the existing NEDC based tax price) just under the £40,000 marker meaning I get to avoid the huge £310/year hike in running costs. However.. I really want some more optional extras! Currently the Golf R I ordered has: Deep Black Pearl (£575) 19" Black Pretorias (£995) Keyless Entry/Start (£375) Rear View Camera (£340) Akrapovic Exhaust System (£2975) Black Exterior Mirror Housing (£75) Rear 90% Tints (£95) Additional Extras I really want but push me over £40,000 marker: Panoramic Sunroof (£995) Dynaudio Sound (£550) Oettinger Roof Spoiler (£413) High Beam Assist (£150) I'm considering removing the exhaust system as it is the most expensive extra, adding all the other options I wanted and having it fitted after delivery. I have called a few dealers who all either had no idea the Akrapovic exhaust was an option or have no idea whether it would be plug and play install after delivery. If this can be done I can get the exhaust from this listing I found for the system for £2500 and have it fitted of which still should be under what VW wanted from factory. I want the exhaust to be able to work with the entertainment system as if it was from factory. What should I do? Has anyone tried this before? Any advise would be much appreciated! Thanks! Sources: https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-tax-rate-tables http://wltpfacts.eu/what-is-wltp-how-will-it-work/
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