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Found 21 results

  1. Hi, Im looking to remap my R 7.5 to stage 1. The car has a few mods including a chameleon grey wrap but its time for more power. What is the best stage 1 map out there for the price? I don't mind buying an air intake or downpipes etc. as long as the I can feel a decent upgrade in power/torque.
  2. Modding List Update - October 24 2019 Edited Performance: (503WHP & 644NM) -TurboTechnics V5 Turbo -TurboTechnics LHD Intake Pipe -RacingLine Oil Catch Can System -RacingLine R600 Intake System -Fluidampr Crank Pulley -APR High Pressure Fuel Pump -APR Intercooler System -APR Silicone Boost Hoses -Aquamist HFS4 Meth System Direct Port Injection -HurricaneSport Catless Downpipe -Volkswagen Akrapovic Titanium axleback -PagParts Walbro 525LPH Low Pressure Fuel Pump -Torqbyte PM4 High Power LPFP Controller -LiteBlox LB26XX LiFePO4 Lightweight Battery -KakaRakis Performance Billet Intake Manifold -Grams 70mm Larger Throttle Body Software: -HurricaneSport ECU Stage3 Tune -HurricaneSport TCU Stage3 Tune -United Motorsport Haldex Tune Interior: -EZT Carbon/Napa Edition Steering Wheel -Corbeau RRS Seats -BFI DSG Knob -LEYO DSG Shift Paddle -AEM Boost Gauge -Aquamist Meth Flow Gauge -Aquamist 10L Internally Baffled Tank Chassis: -KW DCC -Eibach Front & Rear Sway bar -APR MQB Pendulum Mount ***APR S01 Forged 19" Wheels*** ***Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 19" tires*** ***KYO-EI Ti64 Wheel Bolts*** Braking: -Alcon Car89 Brake System 380mm Discs -Rear 370mm Discs upgrade Exterior: -Maxton Design Full Body Kit Hello everyone, This is Scott from Taiwan 😀 I am here since January but was just lurking around and watching everybody's build thread. After 4 months waiting, dealer told me the car has finally arrived and asked me if I would like to see the car before the official pick-up date, it was really excited for me so I went to the dealer.... Car Spec: LapizBlue | 7-Speed DSG (DQ381) | DCC | Dynaudio | Pretonia |ACC My previous car is AUDI A3 Sportback 2.0T FWD DSG, and was running Pagpart's EFR7163 big turbo kit that made 530WHP & 660NM. The reason I got rid of my 7163 A3 is because I would like to play something different but AWD car, running big power 530WHP on a FWD car was really really terrible once WOT, kind of scary to drive the car at that time.
  3. Developed this noise after getting an apr Downpipe and custom miltec exhaust fitted. Made it both on stage 1 and stage 2+ tune. Had people tell me it’s just the wastegate but figured I’d ask other R owners. Thoughts?
  4. Well thought it was about time that I fired up a members rides post with an up to date spec of my car. After 3 years in an auto M135i, the hunt was on for a manual R. After muchos reading I decided DSG was the way to go if I wanted to tune and my heart was set on Lapiz blue. Fast forward a few weeks and a local dealer had a well priced manual Reflex silver R in stock which I thought I would go test drive to see what the manual was actually like......SOLD. Once I seen the silver it was game over. Usually not a fan of silver cars but think it suits the lines of the R and being a rare colour means you don't see many around. So onto the mods. First started out with little changes, OBDeleven, new cornering bulbs etc. Then I introduced myself to Ecotune and my bank balance went downhill, quickly. Great bunch of lads though and the coffee is no bad. So far... VWR600 Intake R600 Hi-flow turbo inlet R600 Silicone intake pipe BCS tbe which led to the "need" for stage 2 map...obviously. Team Dynamics 19" 1.3 APR stage 2 low torque map which led to...... Sachs Sintered clutch Neuspeed Short Shift Go faster stickers! I have a list that seems to grow and grow. Next it badly needs lowered so I am thinking VWR springs although I am a salesmans dream and there is a deal on KW suspension just now. Wagner Intercooler Either TTE470, hopefully someone upgrades to TTE525 and I get a refurb cheaper. Discover Pro Nav upgrade Custom map VWR Oil catch can Upgraded brakes, probably Clubsport S set up. Pretty happy with how it drives however the squeek from the clutch and occasional rattle on changes can be a little annoying. The short shift has a 40% less throw which is the absolute max apparently and has taken some getting used to! Second to third on a spirited change is a pig but I will get used to it. And on to some (poor) pics.
  5. Hi all / recently had the APR Low Torque 98 Ron Map. Coincided with a friend (Porsche 991 Turbo S) suggesting a couple of evening sessions at the Ring. So a quick 1001 mile test ensued....! Some onboard footage and my thoughts on the three days of fun…! What an enjoyable trip, three days of great company, nice scenery... , weather, cars and food... even managed to pop to Cochem, a picturesque town on the Moselles river, Wednesday daytime which broke up the track action: My family hatch… 2016 / Mk7 / DSG / APR Stage 1 low torque map (I’d guess around 360 BHP and 360 lbft not dyno’d as yet). Not a proper sports car - and the Ring really highlights this - especially the need for: Tyres (excuse 1) think I’m used to the AD08Rs on my ratty old sprintday Celica, Golf is on its OEM S001 Bridgestones (slippy when hot…had to be wary of managing understeer – road speeds you can normally load it up – foot in and it will pull round…). Brakes (excuse 2) Car is running OEM discs with Brembo (OEM – I may beg to differ - grade) pads up front and pagid discs / pads rear. Initially first two laps on the Tuesday eveningI took a passenger / to get my eye back in / not go silly straight away. The front brakes overheated – even after a drive locally after each lap they were still emitting wisps of smoke. There was also an odd noise – like unbalanced brakes / wheels… more on that below*. The front pads did look like they `cooked` and started to break up at the disc face took on an appearance not dissimilar to BBQ coals: However once cooled they regained `some` bite and were at least useable the following evening – if not that confidence inspiring. Chassis work / Transmission (excuse 3) .... to be fair it’s on standard `non adaptive` damping and felt pretty good – it did lean / but not excessive roll / and although a tiny touch floaty in parts but that is the undulations at the Ring: I can now also see why people have the DSG boxes mapped (TCU tune). You can even hear in the footage me requesting changes (paddles and lever incase I hadn’t hit the paddle firmly enough) which wouldn’t have caused over revving - that the car didn’t deliver.... it’s almost as if at certain speeds / it ensures you want to change / airing on safety and you need a double press. Not had that on the road at all. ** Warning ** - Always check your car properly!!!! So the first evening session was cut short due to a bad accident closing the circuit around 6pm(ie not re-opening for the rest of the evening.). On the few minute drive back to the hotel there was a horrendous noise from the front when turning left and right – like the diff had broken / or the brakes had somehow worked loose / or a wheel / tyre was out of round. After some initial thoughts once cooled we went to check it over – I noticed one of the wheel cap covers missing and the rest of them sitting proud…. yep – All of the offside wheel nuts were HAND TIGHT…. I cannot explain the feelings I had at that time! (I had indicated a good 165 on the autobahn the day before …) and done two laps with passengers… I didn’t check the wheel torques at the front as part of the checks I did… 🤦🏼‍♂️ my `guess` is that when it was last off the wheel was nipped up / and wasn’t torqued afterwards... / the extreme heat cycle has then caused them to loosen…. Either way I decided to count my blessings and tighten them up…. Onto happier thoughts – and a better / quieter evening session with no closures Lap times: The Wednesday eve my best two laps in the Golf – I managed a bridge to gantry of 8:41and an oddly consistent 8:42.... GPS gave an average of 84 MPH and a 135 MPH peak on circuit: Autobahn blast (traffic) showed a GPS 159 - rock solid at this speed: MPG – I left the average ticking away from the start back in the UK…. 416 miles gave an average of 29 MPG - that includes some derestricted autobahn.... however ... on circuit.... 8.6 MPG: Few sums showed about £290 fuel (98) all in. Two onboard laps: https://youtu.be/VB9je5qnic8 https://youtu.be/haVzGiKMTJg Few photos: Pretty busy: Interesting Breakie: Well located accommodation on the half lap entrance: But overall a great car for a trip like that - really comfortable - DynAudio and Apply Play made the journey enjoyable.. I feel that the APR Stage One tune has transformed the car for me - feels like it ‘should’. Feels nicely torquey (oddly) and has so much more urgency over how it initially felt (I’ve had the car since January). Really happy with the engine performance (in this first 1000 miles of the Map). Now thinking a TCU tune (due to the reasons above) / Cup 2s / Clubsport discs and pads (or similar).. would increase my enjoyment. A great few days.... thanks for reading.
  6. I purchased my black 7.5 R (2017 model) in Feb of this year and have had a stage 1 APR tune along with the new APR exhaust and what an improvement in performance as well as sound a little expensive but in this case you get what you pay for!
  7. So in August I traded my Manual 7R in for a DSG one (65 plate with 23k on clock), I bought the DSG for many reasons but mainly due to wanting to take it to Stage 1. After doing lots of research now I am slightly hesitant Would turbo failure be less likely on a car which has more miles problem free? I understand there is an issue with balancing but would this have become apparent earlier or are turbos still just as likely to blow on high miles - This goes for after going stage 1 too? I currently have 722H £1-2k is hefty (for me) so on one hand I'm thinking leave it but on the other I know there are many people out there running tunes with no issues whatsoever! A DSG map is definitely on there cards though without a doubt. ** PS apologies I know the turbo failure topic has been beaten to death 9 billion times **
  8. Hi guys, Im wondering who offers the best package in regards to going stage 3. Assuming I already had all the hardwhere installed for stage2. Downpipe intercooler ect. Who can offer the most competitive package for stage3. Including fitting of all parts and mapping. So a Turbo , HPFP and the tcu ecu maps to coincide with this and whatever else may be needed. Any information is appreciated! Kind regards Hassan
  9. Looking into getting a short shifter as I’ve heard many wonderful things about them but seems to be 3 top ones, anyone got any of the below and if so which do you prefer?? APR https://www.awesomegti.com/shop-by-car/audi/a3-8l/apr-adjustable-short-shifter-kit-6-speed-manual/ Racingline https://www.awesomegti.com/shop-by-brand/racingline-performance/racingline-short-shifter-6-speed-including-sideshift/ Forge https://www.awesomegti.com/shop-by-brand/forge/forge-adjustable-quick-shifter-for-vag-6-speed-models/ I think I may be leaning towards the Racingline 🤔
  10. Introduction Good Evening Fellow R owners. I have just created an account after trawling through these forums for a few weeks. I have read through plenty of users posts and I'm amazed by what different people have managed to do to their cars! I'm looking for some guidance as to what modifications to do to my R. I will hopefully become a regular member of the forum 👌 Modifying my R I have a 2014 Manual MK7R and I'm looking into modifications but can't decide on what to go with. I have had my car since Sep 17 and haven't made any modifications to it yet. I would like my car to be faster throughout the rev range, to be more visually aggressive/appealing and to be louder whilst maintaining half decent MPG (for the power of the R). Stage 1/2 - APR or REVO? After reading user posts I'm edging towards APR. My previous car was mapped by REVO but I've heard better things about APR. Is there any pertinent information I should know before deciding this? -Stage 1 or 2? Ideally I would like to go to Stage 1 first and then potentially upgrade to Stage 2. With REVO you can just pay the difference between stages, is this the case with APR? Hardware Upgrades -Although they aren't required, is it recommended to upgrade any components for Stage 1? (IE a clutch uograde for manual transmission) -Short Clutch Stop? Are they worth it? Which would you buy? -Short shifter? Are they worth it? Which would you buy? -Uprated clutch? Is this recommended for even Stage 1? If so, which would you buy? -New intercooler? Which to buy? -New air intake system? Which to buy? Making my car louder -Would a res delete and turbo muffler delete be enough or do I need to either get a downpipe or whole new exhaust system? Are there any recommendations of which of these to get and where from? Visual Appearance -I'm going to get my rear windows 95% or 100% tinted. Could anybody recommend a shade to use or where to get these done? -Is there any modification I could make which would greatly enhance my car visually? Im considering Brembo drilled brake discs and red callipers. THANK YOU for taking the time to read my post! I apologise for how long it is. I would greatly appreciate any advice given. Please feel free to add photos below. I'm from near York and I'm also in Suffolk quite a lot. Any recommendations taking into account my location would be much appreciated. James 😊
  11. Thought it might be best to have a home where I can put all the videos in 1 place for anyone who's considering the stage 3 kit offered by APR. All feedback is welcome positive and negative: Golf R Audi S3 Golf GTI
  12. Had the opportunity to drive this monster last week! What a car! https://youtu.be/fufvnzP2FlA
  13. My Australian Gold R 7.5 about once a week or so would run the fans after engine switch off ,after time in traffic or spirited driving. Oil temps ran 100-109C. Since getting an APR Stage 1 tune, I have noticed that the oil temp sits between 96 and 100C and takes longer to get there. Since the tune the fans have never switched on after shut down. Yet they work during driving and if also if the A/C is on. I can here the pump circulating coolant after switch off. Is this unusual? Why would the tune bring about the change? Car only has 1600 miles on it and running perfect. TIA Rob.
  14. Howdy folks, My name is Sam and I am a proud owner of a one of a kind Black Golf 7R, DSG with 5 Doors. I have named her Raven (I have my reasons ) Bit of background: I upgraded from a Mk5 GTI that was running a Stage 2+ Tune from R-Tech. My previous build thread (picture heavy) can be found here: http://www.mk5golfgti.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic,92146.0.html I test drove a 7R at the start of 2016 and had my heart set on one ever since. However, I was too picky and wanted the exact specification I had in mind. Luckily I soon found the previous owner and have closely followed the development of this car from stock. I finally took ownership at the end of 2016. And needless to say...what a machine... To put things into perspective 2011 GT-R R35: 523HP, 451LBFT, 1740KG 2014 Raven: 550HP, 556LBFT, 1401KG In her base form, she's a top spec Japanese Import 7R (2014 model). Factory spec includes: - 5 Door DSG in DBP - DCC (now swapped with VWR Coilies) - Discover Nav Pro with Reverse Camera - Sunroof - Keyless Entry - Black Leather interior with fully electric driver's seat adjustment - Lane Assist, Light Assist and all the other trimmings such as ACC etc I do not have the mods list compiled - its' a big list.. so for now, enjoy some pictures. Feel free to follow my Insta @sam.7r for recent updates. LOADS of changes have been made since I've taken ownership and there are plenty more in the pipeline. So stay tuned.. Most of the changes I've made are related to suspension, chassis, wheels, audio and some performance. There's few cosmetic bits too. I will continue to update this thread as and when I can.. Latest Dyno Plot from March 2017: The day I bought her: Few months later in 2017: Here is Raven's spec list: Turbo Technics Hybrid V1 Turbo with uprated compressor wheel (non IS38) APR Uprated DSG Clutch Pack MRC Custom Stage 3 ECU Remap (with pops, bangs and crackles) 😬 APR Stage 3 DSG Remap (to complement their uprated Clutchpacks) Wagner Tuning Competition Intercooler Scorpion Decat Downpipe VWR Racingline 'Cup Edition' Resonated Cat Back (Non Valved) with Titanium Quad Cannons VWR Racingline R600 Air Intake Autotech HPFP Turbo Technics Large Bore Intake Hose and Bell Mouth Revo Turbo Muffler Delete GFB DV+ Fluidampr Crank Pulley and ARP bolt Uprated MAF and MAP Sensor VWR Racingline Catch Can Oil Management System VWR Racingline Washer Bottle Relocation Kit with Billet Filler Cap Millers Nanodrive CFS NT+ 5W40 Oil NGK R7437-9 Race Plugs Latest Revision (K) Coilpacks Racingline Tracksport Coilovers (2 way adjustable with 12 way rebound adjustment, dropped to perfection) Racingline 6 Pot Aluminium Monobloc Front BBK running 360x32mm 2 piece slotted discs (with directional cooling) Racingline 2 piece 310x22mm vented rear slotted discs Oettinger Front Splitter (Custom Fit) Oettinger Rear Spoiler (Body Colour) Oettinger Rear Boot Trim (Custom Paint) SRS Tec Wide Front Wings SuperPro Alloy Lower Control Arms, extended 95K version SuperPro Full Front and Rear Bush Kit H&R ARBs Front and Rear 27/25mm SuperPro ARB Drop Links Front and Rear SuperPro Full Engine Mount Set (Dogbone, Engine and Gearbox) Neuspeed RSe 102 Lightweight Alloys, 19x8.5 ET+45, 9kg each wrapped in Michelin PS4s (Custom Shadow Chrome Paint) Custom Door, Interior and Rear Footwell LED lighting by EMTuning Full body Paint Protection Film (PPF) coverage - Suntek Ultra film Badgeskins for Engine Cover, and all exterior R badges/blades. Custom Carbon Fibre Steering Wheels (Yellow/Black Raven Theme) Black Aluminium DSG Pedal Extensions Philips Diamond Bright Turning Side Lights (H7) Racingline Billet Coolant Cap Racingline Billet Oil Dipstick Racingline Billet Engine Oil Filter Housing Racingline Billet Engine Oil Filler Cap Audio Setup: OEM Discover Nav Pro Head Unit Audison Bit Ten D - Digital Signal Interface Processor JL Audio HD750/1 Class D 750 Watts Mono Amplifier JL Audio HO112W6V3 600 Watts Subwoofer in High Output Enclosure Focal ES165K - Elite K2 Power Series 120 Watts 6.5" Component Speakers, Front and Rear JL Audio HD600/4 - 600 Watts 4 Channel Amplifier Dynamat Coating on doors Stinger OFC Cables Engine build + bigger blower planned for future so watch this space.. Thanks for looking!
  15. Hey Guys, I used to have a mk6 golf GTI, got it to stage 2 with an APR downpipe. I recently sold the car thinking my mods would fit. luckily my p3 gauge fit but my intake did not. my question is, Would my downpipe still fit considering now there is a driveshaft in the way.
  16. Hi guys, I'm brand new as a member but i've been reading VWROC for some time now! I currently have a MK7 GTI in pearl black... It's a lovely car... But it was time for an upgRade! I placed an order for a 3door DSG R in Limestone Grey Metallic with a few other extras - should get here for the end of the year (just in time for the salt and snow! ) I was wondering what performance and exterior modifications you guys have made? My plan is: - ECS tuning drilled & slotted 2-piece, semi-floating brake rotors - VWR lowing springs - 10/15mm wheel spacers - 19" VWR 360 alloy wheels (machine finished) - APR stage 1 re-map (after running in period) - VWR 600 air intake kit - UK number/license plate holder not to be fitted! - specifically asked the dealer not to have the unsightly black mount fitted to the front bumper as I'll be using a private plate and velcro fixings. - Gloss black VW badges with LSG inserts - Gloss black front headlight eyelids - Gloss black 3M roof wrap - Gloss black 3M front lip wrap (middle section in line with the grill) - Gloss black 3M wrap continuation of front ducts - Carbon fibre front canards (as below) Below are some images of my current car, and images that have given me ideas for the new R - please let me know what you think and share your pictures! Cheers! Chris https://www.instagram.com/p/BH9JbXKjvtu/ my car https://www.instagram.com/p/BlpheN8jJdu/ my car again https://www.instagram.com/p/BKglPejfbM/ gloss black wraps, eyelids and canards http://www.racingline-performance.com/r360-alloy-wheel potential new wheels in machined finish https://goo.gl/images/0H59t9 LSG with no front number/ license plate https://www.ecstuning.com/News/Volkswagen_MK7_Golf_R_GTI_ECS_2_Piece_Rotors_010516/ES2972827/ ECS brakes not sure how to upload images directly... that would be a lot easier!
  17. Hi guys, No doubt this has been asked a lot but wanted some advice from owners who have remapped their R's and are on PCP finance. Is there any knock on effect to the PCP finance agreement? I've heard all matter of stories about VW demanding all outstanding payments or seizing the vehicle?! Any truth to these?! I suspect the ECU warranty will be void and servicing may be tricky if VW's system flags up the remap but is there any way of detecting the modification if the ECU is flashed back to stock? Any suggestions or help would be appreciated, wealth of knowledge out there I'm sure! Looking at APR Stage 1 (High output) with the DSG upgrade.
  18. Hi guys, Newbie here, I'm just looking for some advice for what needs to be kept a close eye on after tuning my R to stage 1? I'm about to put an APR stage 1 engine map and an exhaust system. What are the things that i need to keep a look out for and what are the things that needs to be maintained to keep the engine and everything else healthy? Thanks in advance guys!
  19. Probably asked a million times already but I am going to get a stage 1 remap done but can't decide on revo or apr!! Anyone help tip my opinion to one side??
  20. Morning, Just to make you aware that the APR 20% sale ends today, we have a few slots available should you wish to come down today and have your vehicles power unleashed. Our details: 3 Kimpton Road Sutton Surrey SM3 9QL 02086434313
  21. I see a thread all too often in pretty every forum I've been a member of. Tuning box vs Remap or Remap n Tuning box vs Warranty. Lets be clear, if either is found out to have caused engine failure your warranty will be void. It maybe easier to unplug a tuning box but the likelihood of a tuning box causing issues in the first place are higher. Anyway, my point in this thread will be to log any issues by any member from either a remap or tuning box. This will be to include any engine fault codes, be it causing the car to go in limp mode or the hidden codes only shown when checked. Posts also welcome to users with a BOX or MAP whom Haven't had issues. Sample format for fault post: est Build week: 46 Map/Box: Box Company: DTUK Gearbox: DSG Issues: Car went into limp mode after 10 mins of spirited driving etc etc... Fixed under warranty: NO ^^ this was just an example it was in no way a dig at DTUK... Sample format for current box/mapped users post: est Build week: 46 Map/Box: Box Company: DTUK Gearbox: DSG Mileage ran with mod: 11K no issues. I think the likelihood of catastrophic failure these days are unlikely, this may put some minds at rest for opting for a remap or a tuning box. Thanks Adam. CURRENT TOTALS ISSUES FOUND : 0 Breakdown BOX Car Count : 0 MAP Car Count : 0 NO ISSUES FOUND : 2 Breakdown BOX Car Count: 1 Total Mod'd Mileage: 2,500 MAP Car Count: 1 Total Mod'd Mileage: 4,700
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