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Found 15 results

  1. Hi guys. Looking for recommendations on bigger calipers for the Golf R. Not for track at all or even the best possible performance. Purely the best looking for size against price? For example either new or used that fits directly on to a standard set up (with minimal aditional work) I know the TTRS are well used but the size isnt as impressive. Can something be fitted without requiring a whole brake kit upgrade? Looks & Cost are the priority. I currently run EBC Yellowstuff pads and MTEC C-Hook Discs all around. Cheers for any help 👍
  2. Apologies if this is already well discussed somewhere... I did search, but didn't turn up much. Hi All, brand new member of the Mk7.5 R club here 👋 (Estate). I need to replace my brake discs and pads soonish and I am looking for up-to-date recommendations (road use only). I've seen mixed reviews on the prevalent aftermarket names you see kicking about, MTEC, TORAX, etc... and the options are overwhelming. My car is already modified and has non-OE discs, and I would assume pads. The discs are a c hook style with black centers and I'm struggling to pinpoint the brand without getting the wheels off and looking for branding. I just haven't had the time (or the weather) to jack the car up and take a look. I have considered just replacing with OE parts, as I'm sure they'd be plenty good enough. But the car is making more power, and the brakes on there at the mo do seem pretty good. It's been a while since I've dabbled in performance brakes, and generally feeling a bit clueless as to what is considered good these days, especially for these cars. Ideally the setup would lean towards budget, without sacrificing the performance too much. Please let me know what you recommend! 🤓
  3. Hi, I'd be keen for your thoughts. I have a Golf R Mk7.5 estate GPF (sleeper) that currently has a Forge inlet, K&N filter, uprated NGK spark plugs / coils and DIY opened inlets on the grille along with a custom DSG and TSU tune from DMS Automotive. Stock was 309 BHP and 450 Nm of Torque at the flywheel. After tune, I'm now getting 378 BHP and 550 Nm of Torque at the flywheel. Next step in April is the replace anti roll bars and shocks with H&R roll bars and coil overs, SuperPro bushes, Wagner Intercooler, BCS down pipe with sports cat and update the ECU tune. Whilst I'm doing all this and with the expected power and torque increases, I've decided to upgrade the front brakes. I've already got braided lines and Ferodo pads and VBT J hooked disks. Now I want to go for a Big Brake Kit and was looking at the 362mm two piece floating rotors and cannot decide if I go with 4-pot Brembos for Aston Martin or go for 380mm two piece floating rotors with 6pot calipers from AP racing. The car will be running the 18" Cadiz for now with spacers (keeping to the sleeper theme) and will not be tracked. However, it is driven quite hard or very hard most of the time. Any thoughts and logic between 4pot and 6pot would be greatly appreciated. Cheers AD
  4. Hi Guys. Rather than painting my rusty discs that have already done 20k miles, thought I would replace with new brake disc and pads. It's my daily driver so needs to last bit longer, therefore road pads would be needed. I prefer non-OEM, due to rust problem. Discs built with better rust protection would be nice. Not got a massive budget, so please look after my wallet. What front and rear package would you recommend? Thanks
  5. Hi everyone, May already be a post on it but, What colours have folks gone for on their calipers? I'm thinking the golden orange 350z caliper colours would like nice with Limestone Grey. Thoughts??
  6. Hi all - I'm Planning on fitting new discs and pads this weekend (delivery of parts permitting!), whilst I'm at it I was going to give the alloys/wheel arches a good clean and rotate the tyres - is this still a thing people actually do in this day and age? A quick google search suggests various rotation patterns depending on whether a vehicle is front/rear/All-wheel drive - I am assuming that any cross-over pattern would be irrelevant if the tyres are directional? (PS4's all round - they have "OUTSIDE" stamped on the sidewall) - therefore just leaving a simple front-to-back rotation as my only option? Any other niggly jobs anybody would suggest whilst I have all the wheels off and the weather on my side?? Cheers
  7. Discount code "EARLY" Just bought myself a set of Brembo rear pads from Euro car parts £23.25 inc delivery.
  8. been looking at changing my front discs and as much as id love a BBK, i have no intention of going near a track so dont really think i need to splash out £1600-£1800 at least. ive been thinking of getting a set of clubsport discs but browsed the mtec website and found these. https://www.mtecbrakes.com/2-piece-brake-discs/seat-leon-345mm-front-discs-mtec7009-349-99/seat-leon-345mm-front-discs-mtec7009.html these are for a leon or earlier s3/r and after looking at dimension on replacement discs for those earlier cars (on the nitrac wwebsite) from what i can make out all the dimensions are the same as our standard discs except they are 345mm rather than 340mm. does anyone know if these would fit straight on to an R? TIA Sam
  9. Ive got a 7.5 stock R, the brakes overheat after maybe 5 minutes of fast road driving on B roads and not even Heavy braking (public road obviously so never at the limit) The pedal gets soft and loses feeling and requires more pressure for the same braking just in case im describing it wrong lol. Do i need better discs or just better pads? what is the weakest point in the stock setup as i find it pretty poor that the brakes arent really up to much being sold as a performance car.
  10. Well aware of the need for spacers with these wheels but concerned that the kits I'm looking at won't even fit within the wheel due to the internal diameter. What kits have people managed to fit in the Cadiz please? Would be great to see pictures too! Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi Guys, I know this is a heavily debated topic, but I am thinking of upgrading my brake pads from the stocks... From what I have seen the two options I am deciding between are the Ferodo DS2500 and the EBC Yellow stuff? Has anyone tried both these pads and could offer any advice? Any other options people could recommend? Cheers! (I am running drilled discs by the way, so aggressive pads should not be a problem)
  12. Hi Guys, I know this is a heavily debated topic, but I am thinking of upgrading my brake pads from the stocks... From what I have seen the two options I am deciding between are the Ferodo DS2500 and the EBC Yellow stuff? Has anyone tried both these pads and could offer any advice? Any other options people could recommend? Cheers! (I am running drilled discs by the way, so aggressive pads should not be a problem)
  13. Good Morning; Newbie here, w/ a 2013 R we purchased new back in August of that year down home in Pensacola, FL. We're on our third trip across the US in it, and love all the fantastically twisty mountain back roads that take us west from Florida to the Lake Tahoe area. So we've put about 36000 miles on her. On the way out here to California last month, we hit a pot-hole in Arkansas, and got the Las Vegas Light Show (ESC, ABS, Steering, Low-Tire warnings and cautions). Brand new Pirellis all around, laser-alignment, and full servicing completed in Pine Bluff at the Jaguar/Range Rover/VW dealership there. We've been here in N. CA, and just the other day, got the same light show. Took it to a reputable service shop, and we noticed brake rotors were getting rutted and lipped, and the pads were starting to look thin. I didn't like that, and thought in addition to troubleshooting the lights, to address the 36000 miles worth of brake wear. Had the rotors turned (approx. 0.032" per face) and new brake pads put in, $450. Returned in the late afternoon, took the car, and went out for a test. Good news is that it would EVENTUALLY stop. Bad news, had to pump the brakes to get feel in the pedal, and she had the stopping urgency of an old automatic F250 farm truck with drum brakes. When I finally got back to the in-laws, I could get the idle to surge up and down while in neutral. Plus I got a brief flash of the above mentioned light show. So I surmised I had a vacuum leak, amongst a burgeoning of confidence-sapping problems with our beloved R. Took it back the next day, and after discussing with the mech, they ostensibly checked for a vacuum leak. When I went to pick it up again in the evening, the mech related that they couldn't find a leak, but that they bled the brakes "some more", and did not replace any wheel sensors because they couldn't replicate the light show. *sigh*. Brakes still mushy (well, at best they will not rip my face off like they could before this fiasco), too easy to get into the ABS chatter, and the idle surge remains (although somewhat abated). Sorry for the long-winded post, but when I get up in a few hours, I've got to find some good shops in the area (Sacramento), discuss this with them, and decide which one will get my hundreds or thousands of what's remaining of our dollars to quickly get this resolved. We hope to drive back east through the Sierras and the Rockies to spend Christmas with my parents in Kansas this week. Appreciate any advice or experience! Thanks, Rodrigo
  14. I recently applied a big brake kit to my Mk7 Golf R. The brakes work GREAT but the pads seem to squeak a little bit. I do some in-town driving but was wondering if anyone has/had this problem and if there different pad options that resolve this issue.
  15. Evening all. I'm a little bit stuck on something that I hope someone can help me out on. Here's the thing, I really like the look of this kit: http://www.ecstuning.com/Volkswagen-Golf_V--2.0T/ES7370/ I really don't like the price though! So I decided to build my own kit. I've got the calipers, I've found the pads, fittings and lines I'll need but I'm not sure I've got a set of discs. I was thinking of using these as they're virtually the same dimensions as the ones in the Stage 5 kit: http://www.mtecbrakes.com/brake-discs/mercedes/m-class-1998/ml63-w164-10-06-amg.html I'm aware that the centre bore is slightly different but the stud pattern should match up and the thickness and offset of the disc should be OK, but can anyone confirm that for me?
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