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Found 4 results

  1. Looking for some wisdom on this... Few months back I had Eibach pro springs put on my MK7 R (25k milage 65 plate) and Ill be honest, I wasn't educated enough to know that some if not all the bolts should be swapped for new ones and potentially top mounts/bearings also. I have a clicking noise from the left and after diagnostics I'm looking at the cause being either the suspension bolts whether it be too tight or stretched bolts or needing a new top mounts and bearings... My question is: If i go about changing the bolts first to see if this helps can I simply start from the top and work my way down swapping bolt for bolt and maybe putting some grease on them before installing to prevent seizing (torqued to specified values) or do I need to be careful of the suspension dropping from removing bolts? Also If I should go about removing the suspension unit to change the top mounts/bearings is this a tricky task, if so I might look to bring it to a indie (I don't have many tools) Currently looking for bolts online but not sure if to go down OEM route or elsware, any guidance is appreciated.
  2. I’m on the verge of purchasing Eibach Pro Springs for my 7R but I don’t think I like the idea of spacers 😔 Atheistically they look great but I can’t help but think of the negative aspects regarding the mechanics of the car. Has anyone lowered their car with Prets on, without spacers? Preferably on Eibach’s but I’ll take any examples. Picture would be appreciated!
  3. Please can someone put my troubled mind at ease... Just put my Cadiz wheels back on for the winter. Imagine my surprise when I noticed that the nearside rear wheel arch gap is about 15mm bigger than the opposite side! The car looks positively lopsided! Fronts look fine. Had Eibach Pro springs fitted 2 months ago. Will they just settle or should I be heading to the garage asap?
  4. I'm interested in fitting Eibach Pro-kit springs to the OE DCC dampers. For the Scirocco R (pre 2014), there are two options: E10-85-021-05-22 Axle load front axle to [kg] 1090 kg E10-85-021-01-22 Axle load front axle to [kg] 1050 kg I wanted to find out which where the correct springs to go for? I have a 2012 Scirocco R, DSG. Thanks in advance!
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