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Found 26 results

  1. Just starting a thread for my estate. Not going crazy as I'm quite happy with the power at the mo. Not sure if I'll really get to use the power it has now very often. I'm absolutely loving the car so far. It's so good to drive and seems to have limitless grip through the corners. It really doesn't feel like an estate. The spec I went for was the Oryx paint, Dynaudio, reverse cam, climate screen and black mirrors and bars. The standard tech on the car is great. I have some new wheels to go on once I ship them back from the states and I'd like to lower it little in the future. Sent from my S9 using Tapatalk
  2. Thought I’d start my own thread to avoid clogging up all the others on here! So 5th March my new PCH car arrived, an R estate in Tornado Red. Only extras I specced were the paint and Dynaudio upgrade; I didn’t want to go mad on a lease car but didn’t want plain white, and having had B&O on my S3 I had to have the premium audio option! Also to be honest I’m not a fan of the leather interior for the R and much prefer the look of the cloth/alcantara (and since having the car can honestly say these are the best seats I’ve ever been in!). I’d owned the S3 outright so it was almost top-spec give or take a couple of items. It was also quite highly-modified running suspension and brake upgrades, VWR intake and inlet bits, Milltek DP and MTM Cantronic unit (which was superb). As much as I wanted to spec Prets, I couldn’t justify the expense on the monthlies as I had all the kit from the S3 to swap over including a set of custom-finished REVO RV019s. So the car arrived on the standard, “unusual” shall we say Cadiz wheels... By the Wednesday, I’d had the wheels, intake setup, dog bone mount and DP swapped over and given it a good wash after its trundle down from Cardiff. The swirls and contamination in the paint of a brand new car are frankly horrific so I’m planning on a full correction then several coats of CC Platinum Paint and Oracle in the next week or so... The MTM unit wouldn’t work so it was either pay to recode it or sell it on and go for another option; that decision was made for me by the purchaser or our S3 offering a good price for it with the car. Likely to go for a SHARK STS with Stage 2 map. Next up was a set of carbon fibre mirror caps; not a fan of the satin chrome ones which to me belong only on an Audi S/RS and I wanted something to tie into the gloss black details. These were popped on in five minutes by Martyn at M.D. AUTOBAHN at Gatwick,can’t recommend him highly enough so anyone in the area look him up! And to bring me up to date, last Friday saw a set of VWR/Racingline springs go on. I very nearly went coilovers after road testing a C5 RS6 on KW V2s last autumn but wanting to keep costs down I opted for these. Not disappointed in the slightest - there is NO discernible compromise in ride quality, the damping is not affected by the shorter and stiffer springs but it sits much nicer and the handling is improved no end! I had Eibachs on my last two S3s and these springs I feel are better than them. Certainly the 8V sportback (so MQB still) was a lot crashier and harsh on them whereas this just feels perfect! Quick before and after but the car has settled a bit more since. Got to admit so far I fully love this thing - tech, seats and comfort all better than the S3 which suddenly feels a bit dated. The gearbox is excellent, with the 7th gear making a real difference to fuel economy and cruising, only thing it needs is the extra power and torque the S3 had. And this looks awesome! Can’t be a meaner looking estate around at the moment surely? For those of you interested I’ll keep this updated as I go. Already regretting just having it two years!
  3. Hello all, like many others, I have had some spare time on my hands, so I decided to install my Milltek cat back, to my Mk 7 estate r. However, on completion I was absolutely gutted that I had to remount the fake tips So I read the forums to see if anyone had found a bolt on tip, to replace the fakes without adjusting the rear diffuser. There was one thread that talked about some carbon tips from aliexpress but tbh they looked crap and were the wrong size and orientation. Anyway after a lot of searching I believe I found possible replacements in the Porsche Macan tips. Has anyone tried this? I’m keen for any thoughts before I spend money. as ever thanks in advance. Golf R Estate, BCS dp, Milltek catback Rick
  4. Ok I've had enough of one shiny pipe. Replaced oem exhaust with Scorpion downpipe with sports cat and scorpion cat back with resonator. Lovely burble with bass note, but sick of oem 'tail pipes'. Going to give this a go. 51mm in to twin 76mm out. Will update- bit of a punt but nothing else out there. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Car-exhaust-pipe-H-Model-Akrapovic-Carbon-Exhausts-Dual-End-Tips-for-BMW-BENZ-AUDI-VW/32912588706.html?spm=2114.search0204.3.17.22d8a061AB6vvu&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_1_10065_10068_10130_318_10547_319_10548_10696_10192_10190_10084_10083_10618_452_10307_10820_532_10301_10821_10303_5727311_204_10059_5727211_10884_10887_100031_320_10103,searchweb201603_60,ppcSwitch_0_ppcChannel&algo_expid=f124379e-0732-436e-880f-062909625cbf-2&algo_pvid=f124379e-0732-436e-880f-062909625cbf&priceBeautifyAB=0
  5. hey guys i am experiencing a vibration at speed 70+ to 77 Mph as mentioned on @Scanner thread who seems to have the same problem... as quoted "the car has on a few occasions had a strong vibration throughout the cabin when travelling at 70-85 mph. Seems to happen on very well surfaced roads and is less noticeable on rougher surfaces" but now as my plot thickens i feel it deserves its own thread. long story short is i have a 2019 estate DCC PAN ROOF current wheels fitted are a set of brand new RV019's with ps4's, i have attempted to balance the wheels 3 times my next step was to get road force balance but i didn't get a chance to, so decided to let VW have a look. below is an extract of the techs video report, can anyone give advice on what they think it may be, surely not all 4 of my wheels are not buckled i've probably only done 800 miles on them, does this look like a wheel bearing problem??
  6. New to the forum and Golf R ownership ( have to say I wish i`d brought one years ago ) and I`ve just had the OEM rear badge camera installed as was not installed from new. Factory spec had park pilot. No issues with the reverse camera and seems to be the high line version so very happy with that however when using for the front it just disables video rather then use the park pilot option. I still get audible prompt and a smaller version of the car but missing the guidelines. Is it possible to have both or have I had a wrong rear camera version installed ? Appreciate any advise - obviously a minor gripe with it being front but haven`t spent a fair amount to get installed I like to get fixed if possible.
  7. Hello VWROC Can anyone help? I'm new to this forum so don't know if I'm doing this correct! I've got a post WLTP Mk7.5 'R' Estate on order and I need some advice on the exhaust system... I want pops and bangs on the override and downshifts I want DSG farts I want Akrapovic style tips (more subtle than horrible oval chrome tips) I don't want drone when town/city driving What should I do, where do I start?
  8. This has probably been covered before, but i'm looking for advice on Strut braces for the golf R estate. Have looked all over the internet and can't really find anything that relates to the Estate / Variant version of the Mk7 Golf R. Has anyone got any advice or dealings with companies in the UK that could help out. I don't want to spend mega money but would like something to make the car handle a bit better and the chassis to respond a little better. I have had ST springs fitted to the car which have helped plant the car a little more but am looking for an improvement in rigidity. Any help or advice would be most welcome
  9. Hi All, just purchased 2017 Mk7 estate in white and subsequently joined in the fun here at vwroc. Looking forward to fun in the R, after chopping a 3litre A-line A6 Quattro. One test-drive is all all it took to get me smitten,lol
  10. So picked up my MK7 R Estate today. Put the deposit down a couple days before going offshore. So it’s been a long 3 weeks away! Absolutley base spec. But to be fair it’s fairly well equipped as standard. 65 plate Tornado Red, 8k miles full history. Couole of quick pics. Needs a good clean - hopefully tomorrow will be dry. No real plans mod wise. May change wheels eventually and springs maybe. Thanks for looking.
  11. My first post on here, I have had my R estate for just over a year now and absolutely love it. Hoping you estate owners can help me shed some light on how to remove the diffuser on the rear bumper of the Golf R Estate. I was in a bad mood and accidentally reversed my R into a wall (making my mood even better) and the diffuser took the brunt of the pain. I have got a replacement part from VW and just need to fit it now. I have stuck my head under the car and there seems to be a few bolts underneath, but now i've got the part it also looks like there might be some bolts behind the reflectors that are in the diffuser, can anyone confirm? also does anyone have any tips for removing the reflectors, and can you advise on how they are fixed on (clips or adhesive)? Want to get this sorted this weekend and any tips would be appreciated. Thanks James
  12. Hi all, New 7.5 R wagon/estate/variant owner from Sydney, Australia here! Picked up my Lapiz Blue 7.5 R Wolfsburg wagon around 2 months ago as I need a bigger family car than my previous Audi S3 sedan. Previous to the S3 I had a MK6 R. Looking forward to learning heaps from you guys and also contributing. Here is a pic of the car after tint and ceramic pro being applied!
  13. Hey guys, need some help from the super rains of the Golf R world! Wondering if anyone on here can help me - are there any differences in the tailpipes on the facelift cars (7.5) compared to the pre-facelift, APART from them being spot-welded instead of push fit? Just had these made, and of course they’re not right so it’s either sell them on or make these work. I’m hoping all the dimensions etc will be the same so I can simply pop the welds off and I’ll be sorted?
  14. Hi all I picked up my new golf R estate on Friday 26/05. It is Indium Grey with optional Dynaudio sound, DCC and rear airbags. VW Coulsdon were absolutely terrible to deal with, but the car is a real joy to drive. At the moment it is on standard Cadiz which I am not a fan of, but will have second set for winter/summer use. Maybe 18" Pretoria's? Funny thing is I had two non car people complementing the wheels. Oh well... I've spent 5 hours today washing it, polishing and waxing, so it was right time to take few photos of it... First impressions: It is loud. It pops and bangs sometimes, quite cool. The engine note is not as good in flat 6 Subaru I used to own, but still good. I love all the driving modes, they do transform the car a lot. Fuel economy is reasonable. I get 25 mpg on mixed use. Low 30's on a run with lighter foot. I can imagine mid to high 30's is possible in Eco mode which I really dislike. Times of mid 50's from my Skoda Octavia VRS diesel are gone... Boot space is massive, which I need and reason to go for estate. Dynaudio IMHO is the best value optional equipment you can get. I had it on a Passat and loved it then since the upgrade on R. What I am slightly disappointed with is seat base is a bit short for me. I am 6'4" so maybe I have myself to blame for being so tall. Also Active Info Display while being a cool gadget, the level of it's customisation is a bit poor. Anyway, thanks for reading and please see some photos. Bart
  15. Just bought one of the above from my local VW dealer and noticed I have a space saver spare wheel but no toolkit on top of this with jack / wrench etc? Is this correct or should I being telling them to include one when I pick it up on Wednesday?
  16. Hi, I have two Border Collies, one of whom is very enthusiastic. I've been looking around and so far I've manage to find a much cheaper alternative to the VW Dog guard at £100 vs the £260 or so that VW wanted for theirs. However for boot liners, think all round, not just a mat on the floor, I've only found one company that can do a proper cover called The Hatchbag Company. They are a tad on the expensive side, approx £200 by time you've specified everything. Anyone have any tested alternatives?
  17. Hi guys I was looking at the Maxton Design set of splitters for the golf r estate (front, rear and sides and spoiler lip). First impressions on the site were that it looked pretty smart. (See pics) Ever so slightly inrease the cars looks without going ott. I have read one or two horror stories on here about them snapping off at above 60mph ect 😒 which lets be honest is absolutly no use on what effectively is a performance car 🤔 anyway i I was just wondering if anyone has had any positive reactions with them? Or should I just avoid? also open to any recommendations of splitters that are similar in style maybe just better quality while still not ott? thanks in advance 👍🏼
  18. Hi all, first post, hope it's in the right place. I have a 2016 R estate, and understand the 4 exhaust tips are a vw con as they're just tat bolted to the bumper, and there are no exhaust valves Iike on the hatch so overall a little disappointing. Anyway, as the twin backboxes appear to be of straight through, perforated tube type, do you think inserting a snug fitting piece of suitable exhaust tubing into the silencer (with a bolt etc to hold in place) would make a difference to the sound? I did this to my Honda vfr800 years ago andit totally changed (louder) the exhaust sound (mainly to he heard in traffic) until I bought an new removable baffle type. Car is leased (otherwise it'd be remapped and have I'd have changed the exhaust). Quite bored of the car after 7 months of ownership. Any ideas/advise? Cheers
  19. Recently de-chromed the pipes as Iv'e always thought they are too bling.
  20. Hi Guys, Never posted on here before but need some advice. I have a 2016 Golf R Estate and have seen a company on instagram advertising they have a system for the Estate that adds valves on a remote for switching. This is a feature i really would like as a milltek would be nice but bit loud in my estate at 5am... Its a company called JF Automotive in Maidstone and the brand is a german company called per4mance exhausts? I have read reviews on JF and they seem very good but never had reviews of this brand of exhaust? Any help would be great
  21. Hi All, I thought I ought to say hi! After probably two years looking at cars of various types I decided that a Golf R really made the most sense for me, as a car that does everything I don't think you can do better. I currently drive a modified mk1 Octavia vRS which really is a great all-rounder but it's getting to that age when a couple of things are starting to play up and I'm at an age where I can look at something newer/nicer. So I've ordered myself a Golf R estate, I keep changing my mind on colour, the original order was for Tornado Red but then I changed to White, now I keep seeing other sexy colours and thinking I like those more, I think it's probably just a case of "grass is greener" + excitement about getting the car - I'm sad that you can't get the estate with 90% tints but I think window shades or professional tints will fix that easily enough. The custom seems to be to share the spec so here goes: * Golf R Estate, White [at the moment] * Panoramic Roof * Vienna Leather * Reversing Camera * Dynaudio I went for the 18" wheels because parking/navigating on my road normally means mounting the curb, a bit of extra rubber over the 19" is useful here. I also went for a couple of accessories - the dog guard and the boot-lip protection both in aid of trying to keep the car nice for the future I put the order in a couple of weeks ago but haven't yet had any information regarding tracking/build weeks. The dealer told me it'd be a couple of weeks before they had that info and I was looking at an October-ish (Maybe November!) date. I think I've read every review and watched every video on youtube regarding stock Golf R's - so for now I'll keep myself busy by hanging out here on the forums!
  22. CheckCanopy

    New to VW

    Morning all, I've got a white Golf R estate on order which is due for delivery in September so I'll shortly be making a move from a sensible BMW oil burner back to petrol fun. My first VW and first automatic after 13 years of driving manuals I've had enough of the "laborious" act of clutch control in traffic. As the Golf 7R and R estate has been out for a while if anyone is selling off old parts for reasonable prices then I'd be interested. I've already got a DTUK FSR+ and I've got my eye on a set of blinds, boot liner, ST2 paddle shifters, roof bars etc basically anything that isn't permanent. I'll be intending to sell on my Golf stuff in 2 years time so I'm sure other people will be doing the same. Can't wait for the delivery and something to look forward to. Regards Gordy
  23. Hi folks, Martin from Glasgow signing in. I've been lurking on the forum over the last year, not quite sure if I fancied a Golf R or not, but I've finally taken the plunge and took advantage of one of the recent 24 months, 10k miles pa. lease deals available on the Golf R estate. I ran an M135i for 18 months in 2013/14 and whilst the performance was amazing, I wasn't keen on the rwd so I'm looking forward to experiencing the 4MOTION on the R. My build date is wk commencing 15th August and I think I'm correct in saying that I can expect the car to arrive at the dealer around 4 weeks later. Can anyone confirm that this sounds about right? I'll be flying down to Stansted and someone from the dealership will pick me up which is a bonus. Looking forward to the 5 and a half hour drive back home which will allow me to get to grips with the new car! Spec-wise, the only extras I'd have been interested in was the DSG, nav, heated seats and parking sensors but as these are all standard, I couldn't really ask for more. Colour-wise, I would have loved the grey but I don't think it was an option or if it was, there were none left. Whilst the lapiz blue is lovely, I've had a couple of clue cars before so it was between the white and the black. Chose the white in the end! The wait is killing me but I hope to take lots of pics and get some videos online once I take delivery. Cheers, Marty.
  24. Hello Chaps! New member based in Surrey, just ordered (leasing - central) a Golf R Estate, options Grey paint (make it even more of a Q-car) and Pano roof. Hopefully get it before Christmas, but still waiting for order confirmation. Question on getting shot of my old S-max tdi titanium 11 plate, what do people suggest in terms of getting good price, safe deal and less hassle? I haven't sold a car for a while since selling my purple highline VR6 four years ago which I had for over 10 years (had to get the sunroof on the R to bring back the memories... Rich
  25. Wind the clock back 30 years, and the recipe for a hot hatch was simple… Extra power, subtle body styling changes, a nice set of alloys, drop the suspension, fit some sports seats, and make sure it has three doors. Three door hatches are iconic, not just in the VW scene but also when it comes to fast Fords and other brands – the XR2, XR3 and even the hot Sierras all looked good with three doors. There’s a reason why three doors were always preferred, the body shells were stiffer than their five door counterparts giving better handling, three door cars were cheaper to make, and let’s be honest, they were better looking. How times have changed though. Thanks to modern production standards, the three door car no longer offers a major advantage in body stiffness, in fact, drive a modern 3-door back to back with a 5-door and you’d struggle to tell the difference. The same goes for modern estates too, traditionally estate cars used to suffer from a ‘boomy’ interior, not any more though, they’re as quiet now as a hatch. The estate still represents a small percentage of Golf sales. In January Volkswagen sold 3,922 hatchbacks versus just 380 estates. That’s a trend it obviously wants to change, and adding performance estate versions are a great way of doing just that. The unveiling of the Golf R Estate has been the catalyst of great discussion on our forums, but news this week from Volkswagen has confirmed that the GTD will be unveiled at Geneva in Estate form also, going on sale in the UK in April. Using the same 184 PS TDI engine as the GTD Hatch, it takes the Golf GTD Estate to 62 mph in just 7.9 seconds with the 2.0-litre unit delivering a maximum torque of 380 Nm yet also boasting a combined consumption figure of 64.2 mpg. So Volkswagen will have the R-Estate, and the GTD Estate. Does this mean they are buttering us up for a GTI Estate? Possibly, yes. Whether they create a GTI estate or not, the R and GTD variants pose as an interesting option for the car buyer, in that you can now have a car with the performance of the Hot Hatch, in a sensible, practical and understated body shell. It’s the understated part that appeals most to me, the Q-Car aspect that slips under the radar. It’ll appeal to the family man too. He’ll be able to justify the new GTD as a sensible diesel (64.2mph) with space for the kids and their clobber, but be able to have fun when he’s on his own. It has worked for sister brand Skoda for years. The Octavia vRS Estate being the thinking Dads wagon of choice, but now he can have a VW should he wish. The big question is of course; will these new Estates spell the end of the three door Golf? It has for the Focus and the Clio both of which are no longer available in three door form. So is the three door Golf on borrowed time, and will practicality be its executioner? Let’s hope not, it’s a nice option still to have. But what do you think?
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