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Found 42 results

  1. I know mk7.5 exhaust tips have been discussed endlessly but in one of those threads I saw a picture with the tips removed. I quite like the look. So question is has anyone removed the tips permanently? Seems to give a more subtle look than the chrome. I don't know if they'll corrode or cause the diffuser to melt. Anyone tried it?
  2. Hi there, So I have a 2019 R which is ofcourse post GPF filter. I would like to modify the exhaust in any way to make is sound a little louder. I originally thought of a res delete but as far as I am aware the 2019+ models with the GPF filter do not have a resonator from factory. Am I right in saying this? Also if that is the case and there is no resonator to delete what are the other options to get a bit more sound? Or is the only option to get a new exhaust system fitted altogether. Thanks for any help, Joe.
  3. Had my new Golf R for almost 2 weeks now, after a disastrous delivery and almost wanting to send the car back because the one they dropped off was missing the keyless and also had no reversing camera fitted which is now standard I believe, but I could not wait or be without a car so I accepted it. Since then I have been struggling to love it, I came from a Scirocco R so not much of a step up to be honest, in some ways it feels 'cheaper' A couple of questions I have is does the thing really require running in? I've put some CM wheels Pretorias on but at motorway speed and 80mph+ the vibration in the front seats is terrible like my wheels are not balanced even though they have been, how can I stop this ? Also I hate the soundaktor, but being a WLTP car it only pops on the overrun when in race mode on 'engine sound' selection, I have tried in individual to set it to eco but still be in race on the drive select but then it no longer pops on overrun, is this normal ?
  4. Just picked up my 2018 golf R and i would like to set the exhaust valves fully open in all modes. Any suggestions? i have OBDeleven pro on its way and it should be here in a few days.
  5. I purchased my black 7.5 R (2017 model) in Feb of this year and have had a stage 1 APR tune along with the new APR exhaust and what an improvement in performance as well as sound a little expensive but in this case you get what you pay for!
  6. Hello VWROC Can anyone help? I'm new to this forum so don't know if I'm doing this correct! I've got a post WLTP Mk7.5 'R' Estate on order and I need some advice on the exhaust system... I want pops and bangs on the override and downshifts I want DSG farts I want Akrapovic style tips (more subtle than horrible oval chrome tips) I don't want drone when town/city driving What should I do, where do I start?
  7. Morning everyone, Has anyone else had any luck getting any information from Akrapovic regarding ordering the exhaust as an aftermarket option? I have finally received a response from them saying the downpipe will be available to order in a couple of weeks time. I am more interested in the full system though!
  8. Has anyone managed to completely change the stock exhaust tips on their golf? I’m having a resonator delete kit fitted but just don’t like the stock chrome tips and how they fade into the bumper!! I’ve been looking at some milltek ones but have been told it’s near impossible to get them fabricated onto the original system. Anyone had any success with this??
  9. Ok I've had enough of one shiny pipe. Replaced oem exhaust with Scorpion downpipe with sports cat and scorpion cat back with resonator. Lovely burble with bass note, but sick of oem 'tail pipes'. Going to give this a go. 51mm in to twin 76mm out. Will update- bit of a punt but nothing else out there. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Car-exhaust-pipe-H-Model-Akrapovic-Carbon-Exhausts-Dual-End-Tips-for-BMW-BENZ-AUDI-VW/32912588706.html?spm=2114.search0204.3.17.22d8a061AB6vvu&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_1_10065_10068_10130_318_10547_319_10548_10696_10192_10190_10084_10083_10618_452_10307_10820_532_10301_10821_10303_5727311_204_10059_5727211_10884_10887_100031_320_10103,searchweb201603_60,ppcSwitch_0_ppcChannel&algo_expid=f124379e-0732-436e-880f-062909625cbf-2&algo_pvid=f124379e-0732-436e-880f-062909625cbf&priceBeautifyAB=0
  10. Hi everyone, I’ve taken interest in getting an Akrapovic Exhaust for my 2014 Mk7 Golf R and was wondering if it was possible for it to even to be installed on a prefacelift R. To my knowledge, the Mk7.5 R came with an Akrapovic Exhaust as an option so I was wondering if it could be fitted on my Mk7. Thanks
  11. Hello Just joined the forum saying hello... 2014 R with newly fitted Milltek Cat-Back Non Res Exhaust.. (see pic) previous cars include Evo 8, R33 GTR, Sapphire Cosworth, TT Supra, Pulsar GTiR Guv
  12. Ok so I have a Scirocco 2.0 TDI, yes TDI, I know this is more like an R club but guys, I need some advice or if someone ever managed to pull this of.. So I realy like the look of this quad exhaust system on scirocco, but the question is what do you do with the rear bumper to fit another pair of exhaust tips? Do you just cut out the hole? I made a picture so oyu can see what I mean.. The top one is mine, the bottom one is kinda what I want.. Oh, by the way the exhaust brand is FOX exhaust systems Thank you for your time guys!
  13. Placed an order 3 days before VW announced the changes to the R due to emissions, Iv been told it will only have 300 bhp instead of the 310 I ordered as well as a more restrictive exhaust due to a GPF filter been fitted, how could this effect my vehicle? Will it change the sound of the exhaust etc? I’m not at all happy and have been in touch with VW but there’s nothing they can do apparently.
  14. So I have a 7.5 with the akrapovic and vagsport rea delete. Have had the flaps coded open for a few months now but the drone on long journeys is doing my head in lol. I’ve searched everywhere and watched all relevant videos but I can’t find a solid answer on how to code the flaps back to normal? Any help greatly appreciated, thanks
  15. Hi guys, I've owned my Mk7 R for around a month now and one of the things that has been bugging me is how blackened the two central in particular exhaust tips are, the outer ones are quite shiny still which only highlights this. I've tried cleaning them while cleaning the car but have had very little success. One of my concerns is that the previous owners never cleaned them and they are blackened beyond the point of return. Can any of you recommend any products or techniques that will get them nice and shiny again? TIA
  16. Now I know I’m in the minority as my R has 3 doors , and I prefer the Cadiz alloys (having sold the Black Pretorias it came with), and but does anyone else prefer the twin central exhausts as per Mk5 R32 or R 400 concept, to the 4 we currently get? I think 4 is 2 too many.
  17. Hey everyone, I've just joined the forum and this is my first post. I'm hoping some of you guys can help out by providing some guidance and solutions to my situation. The government introduced an additional flat rate tax (VED) that must be paid on cars registered after the 1st April 2017 of £310/year on cars "with a ‘list price’ (the published price before any discounts) of more than £40,000". They have also announced WLTP of which uses real-world performance to decide how much to charge on cars delivered after 1st September 2018. I've ordered myself a Golf R Hatchback of which is currently (with the existing NEDC based tax price) just under the £40,000 marker meaning I get to avoid the huge £310/year hike in running costs. However.. I really want some more optional extras! Currently the Golf R I ordered has: Deep Black Pearl (£575) 19" Black Pretorias (£995) Keyless Entry/Start (£375) Rear View Camera (£340) Akrapovic Exhaust System (£2975) Black Exterior Mirror Housing (£75) Rear 90% Tints (£95) Additional Extras I really want but push me over £40,000 marker: Panoramic Sunroof (£995) Dynaudio Sound (£550) Oettinger Roof Spoiler (£413) High Beam Assist (£150) I'm considering removing the exhaust system as it is the most expensive extra, adding all the other options I wanted and having it fitted after delivery. I have called a few dealers who all either had no idea the Akrapovic exhaust was an option or have no idea whether it would be plug and play install after delivery. If this can be done I can get the exhaust from this listing I found for the system for £2500 and have it fitted of which still should be under what VW wanted from factory. I want the exhaust to be able to work with the entertainment system as if it was from factory. What should I do? Has anyone tried this before? Any advise would be much appreciated! Thanks! Sources: https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-tax-rate-tables http://wltpfacts.eu/what-is-wltp-how-will-it-work/
  18. Hey guys, need some help from the super rains of the Golf R world! Wondering if anyone on here can help me - are there any differences in the tailpipes on the facelift cars (7.5) compared to the pre-facelift, APART from them being spot-welded instead of push fit? Just had these made, and of course they’re not right so it’s either sell them on or make these work. I’m hoping all the dimensions etc will be the same so I can simply pop the welds off and I’ll be sorted?
  19. Hello! I’m new to the forum, looking for some help with exhaust valves. Would anyone one in the Scottish Borders or Edinburgh area be able to code my valves permanently open? Any advice much appreciated. Shady
  20. Hi, I have a 7.5R and I’ve just went past 3K miles, I’ve noticed I’m starting to get more “pops and bangs” when I get on the throttle a bit and ease off but that’s only in the cabin, I wish the car was a bit more aggressive sounding outside, I’ve been looking at Remus systems and as good as they look on video the price is making me struggle to commit to one. Has anyone got any experience with res deletes and what company is best to go through? I’ve been speaking to powerflow and they can make a custom exhaust (car back) with a res delete and a remap for £800. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  21. Hi, I've a 2016 Golf R Estate. I find it nice and quiet on a journey, but I'd love a little more bark on demand. An aftermarket valved exhaust sounds like a good idea, but would this be oem quiet on a journey? Also I have koni fsd's fitted. 14k on them so far - very nice.
  22. Need help to decide on a reasonably priced exhaust for the golf R I had a Milltek on my scirocco which I don’t fancy and I’ve thought about armytrix but can I justify spending so much on it!?
  23. Hi all, I’m new to golfs even though my missus has driven them for years ... bought my grey golf r 7.5 2 months ago.. apart from carbon fibre mirror covers and a set of gxr Matt black 19” alloys it’s still standard... rhinking of of a re-map and looking at unicorn or revo.. Forge induction kit next with an exhaust... can anyone give me pointers on the best exhaust please? The missus has a mk4 v6 4motion with miltech and it sounds great so I need an exhaust.... thanks for any advice
  24. Images of the Mk6 Powervalve Sport (Single rear silencer) with cat delete pipe Thanks for looking Nige
  25. One or two of the members wanted to listen to the new Rev III design Powervalve system, which features a greater deal of popping and burbling when free revving. In addition there is a larger amount of reverb on the overrun... Thanks for looking Nige
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