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Found 7 results

  1. Hello All, Having owned my R for just over a month, I've noticed I have been getting condensation built up in my headlights...not something id expect from otherwise what seems a well built car. My car has just gone 3 years old and 25k miles, but I cannot understand why I am having this issue. Has anyone else noticed this? Anyone ever resolved it? I've seen a couple people posting on here regarding this, but they were all pre facelift cars and the theme was it was a pre facelift headlight issue... I have it booked in for a Haldex Service & brake fluid change next month, I will mention it to the dealers. Not the end of the world but not the nicest of sights lol.
  2. Morning everyone, Has anyone else had any luck getting any information from Akrapovic regarding ordering the exhaust as an aftermarket option? I have finally received a response from them saying the downpipe will be available to order in a couple of weeks time. I am more interested in the full system though!
  3. Had my new 7.5 delivered on thursday, drove it for the first time on Friday and got an amber warning that the Front Assist is disabled!! Can't clear the three faults that VCDS is showing, these being - Mileage: 234km-145mi Repair Order: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Address 13: Auto Dist. Reg (J428) Labels:| 3Q0-907-572.clb Part No SW: 5Q0 907 572 J HW: 3QF 907 572 Component: ACC BOSCH MQB H10 0654 Coding: 3300678159FFC728949C810580400600000000000000000000 Shop #: WSC 01357 011 00200 ASAM Dataset: EV_ACCBOSCHVW416 002006 ROD: EV_ACCBOSCHVW416.rod VCID: 3E754E5BA15F3DB6A3-806A 3 Faults Found: 0791 - Sensor for Automatic Distance Regulation; Incorrectly Positioned C1103 00 [009] - - Confirmed - Tested Since Memory Clear Freeze Frame: Fault Status: 00000001 Fault Priority: 4 Fault Frequency: 1 Reset counter: 4 Mileage: 33 km Date: 2017.12.08 Time: 10:14:06 Dynamic environmental data: 02 8D Control Module temperature: 31 °C Voltage terminal 15: 14.4 V Velocity_vehicle_reference: 23.11 m/s Longitudinal_acceleration_vehicle_reference: 0.05 m/s² Status_ACC_System: ACC_Off_MainSwitch_Off 0836 - Databus U1123 00 [008] - Received Error Message Intermittent - Confirmed - Tested Since Memory Clear Freeze Frame: Fault Status: 00000001 Fault Priority: 6 Fault Frequency: 92 Reset counter: 44 Mileage: 120 km Date: 2017.12.08 Time: 11:48:13 Dynamic environmental data: 02 8D Control Module temperature: 30 °C Voltage terminal 15: 12.6 V Velocity_vehicle_reference: 0.00 m/s Longitudinal_acceleration_vehicle_reference: -0.00 m/s² Status_ACC_System: ACC_Off_MainSwitch_Off 2068 - Databus U1123 00 [008] - Received Error Message Intermittent - Confirmed - Tested Since Memory Clear Freeze Frame: Fault Status: 00000001 Fault Priority: 6 Fault Frequency: 1 Reset counter: 45 Mileage: 224 km Date: 2017.12.08 Time: 15:05:52 Dynamic environmental data: 02 8D Control Module temperature: 29 °C Voltage terminal 15: 13.1 V Velocity_vehicle_reference: 0.00 m/s Longitudinal_acceleration_vehicle_reference: -0.00 m/s² Status_ACC_System: ACC_reversible_error ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The car is booked into my local Stealers on Monday, so will report back. I have had a look through the gap behind the VW badge and can't see anything dislodged. It hasn't had any snow, ice or dried spray build up on the sensor. Has anyone had a similar issue? Is it easy to gain access to behind the badge? Is there just the one sensor in the badge? I'd rather try resolve myself first as I've got some long journeys before Monday comes around. Any advice greatly welcome.
  4. So sitting at 979 miles last night i figured I was close enough to the magic 1k to see what launch control did. Having failed to find a quiet enough section of "Private road" *cough* to try it out on all I could do was go through the setup process to see what happened. I knew that on the later 7R you got a message "launch program active" at around 4k (or 3.5k, I don't want to restart that argument). So I was somewhat surprised to discover that my facelift displays that message and restricts the RPM at just 2.5k I'm fairly sure my process was normal - in race, traction off, stationary with foot on brakes. Any other 7.5R owners tried it yet?
  5. Evening all, is anybody with a 7R considering the 7.5R? Have you had a test drive in one? Probably too early for me to consider but I was curious if anyone had looked at one recently or made the change? Maybe there aren't enough changes from the 7? I'm not sure. The looks are really growing on me (I still love my 7R though!).
  6. Main questions: - where does the 10 hp power increase comes from? Bigger turbo , other hardware changes or they just fiddled with the ECU software? - the DSG 7 speed transmission is the same they employed in the RS3? - is tuning potential changed in any way or stage1, 2 and so on will make no virtual difference between prefacelift and postfacelift?
  7. I looked at the Golf R perhaps since launch and I went from "meh" to "I'll get one". I also evaluated other options: A45 AMG (way too unreliable, even I would've got it with a huge discount), M140i (not a proper M car, not so refined in ride quality, and it would keep me up in the nights because I didn't sell one of my kidneys to get the M2 ), Audi S3 (again big discount if I get it new but I tend to lean towards the reviews that always give the edge to the Golf R in terms of sharpness). Now if I get the Golf R I have couple of options: 1. Get one used. I can find one with low mileage (<30k km) pretty nice options, 3 years old, DSG, 5 doors, DCC for 30k euros. 2. Get the facelifted model. I got a quote from a German dealer with some pretty interesting discount for 39k (DSG, 5 doors, DCC, Active info display and some other options) The question is keep the 9k in my pocket and leave with less pops and crackles from the exhaust, one gear less, 10 hp less and one big display less. What you do? Do you think there will be a noticeable upgrade on the facelifted model (may a bit more oversteer to come closer to the Focus RS)?
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