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Found 89 results

  1. So, with the current details available to us, what are your current thoughts or intentions towards purchasing a MK8 Golf? Are you a dead cert to pick up a model at some point, undecided or disappointed on whats on offer? It would be good to see what the current general consensus is.
  2. I’ve acquired front (26mm) and rear (24mm) Whiteline anti roll bars for my Mk7 Golf R which I intend to use on spirited drives and many track days to come. My intentions are to dial out the understeer and make it more neutral so I can rotate when trail braking on turn in. I will have B16 PSS10s and also 034 MS top mounts (2.4 degrees negative camber). What I don’t want is a loose back end that induces snap oversteer. what settings should I set these to? They have 2 per bar front and rear. I’ve been told to setup wisely as I could destroy the balance that could end badly!
  3. Hey all! I figured I’d start a topic for my lovely OPF 2020 Golf R! This topic is mainly to showcase the journey of my Golf R and encourage other Lapiz blue owners to share theirs! I’d like to welcome and share: 1. Car modification journey 2. Road trips/ scenic photographs 3. Any other Lapiz blue R related stuff! I want to share my cars modification journey (it’s currently completely stock) and have many ideas for build. I also plan to take my car around Europe and vlog it for YouTube- I’ll be sharing the journey of that too! ALL LAPIZ BLUE MK7/7.5 OWNERS WELCOME! (Sorry to other colors haha, All Golf R’s are lovely regardless what colour but this one is for my Lapiz people!) My car Instagram: @AceGolfR 😎😁 Follow me & share your Lapiz! #shareyourlapiz
  4. All, I recently had the clutch replaced on my VW Golf R 2015, Xtreme Clutch, I have done just over 1000kms and it has started slipping again. The oil indicator light also came on at the same time. There are no visible sign of a leak. Are these related?
  5. Hello all, like many others, I have had some spare time on my hands, so I decided to install my Milltek cat back, to my Mk 7 estate r. However, on completion I was absolutely gutted that I had to remount the fake tips So I read the forums to see if anyone had found a bolt on tip, to replace the fakes without adjusting the rear diffuser. There was one thread that talked about some carbon tips from aliexpress but tbh they looked crap and were the wrong size and orientation. Anyway after a lot of searching I believe I found possible replacements in the Porsche Macan tips. Has anyone tried this? I’m keen for any thoughts before I spend money. as ever thanks in advance. Golf R Estate, BCS dp, Milltek catback Rick
  6. Burger Tuning is a US based company that specializes in advanced plug and play units. The company was formed in 2008 and has predominantly focused on the BMW market where we have had great success. Our units power the strongest OEM turbo BMW's and hold records across all the models. More can be viewed at our website www.burgertuning.com. We would like to introduce VWROC users to our latest offering and entry into the VAG Group market which we entered a year ago after two years of extensive development and testing. The Burger Tuning JB1 is a plug and play solution offering simple at home tuning without requiring ECU access to achieve power goals. These units are now available and a ready for order at http://burgertuning.com/vw_volkswagen_Group1_JB1_tuner.html with a retail price of $379 plus $35 for the optional data cable. The JB1 is a true plug and play tune offering safe and adjustable gains. It can be installed and removed in minutes. The unit ships with a base setting in map 1 that increases the boost by +4.8psi over stock that is safe to be used with 95RON and up. The typical power gains on the setting are 55hp and 70ft lb. With higher octane accompanied with bolt ons and octane we have seen gains of 85hp and 90ft lb in Map 1. All of this whilst keeping the engines stock fail safes in place. Install instructions: Install instructions can be found here: http://burgertuning.com/instructions/S1_VAG_EA888_G3.pdf User interface software: For users that have opted to purchase the optional BMS Data Cable you will need to download and install the Windows user interface at this link http://www.n54tech.com/flash_files/jb4_interface.zip For MAC there is a 3rd party interface that seems to be working well on the JB, it can be downloaded at the bottom of post 1 of this thread http://www.n54tech.com/forums/showthread.php?t=21742 Directions on how to connect and change firmware: Directions on installing the interface and connecting to your JB can be found here http://www.n54tech.com/forums/showpost.php?p=197021&postcount=1 Firmware is what runs the JB1 unit. As we release updates or new firmware versions this can be uploaded to your unit free of charge. A tutorial for software installation as well as map changing and settings can be viewed here: http://youtu.be/MjQjMWBVve4 Map selection: In order to change the map in the picture below under the logging tab you can pick the required map. Under status the unit must show connected. This is done by clicking file and selecting connect. Upon shipping the following maps are active: Map 0: Stock with complete pass through i.e. the JB1 does nothing Map 1: Optimized tuned map, this supports 91 octane at the base boost setting as well as bolt ons. Map 3: Map three allows the JB1 to be the methanol controller working as a fail safe cutting boost if lack of meth flow is detected. You will require a Coolingmist FSB to get this working. Map 6: User adjustable boost profile (see below) Active on units that ship 30.09.2015 and after. If you have previously purchased your unit before reading this please email me [email protected] to receive a copy of the firmware. This map comes preset with low torque settings that are suitable for manual cars. Map 1 Boost settings: Below is a diagram of where the user adjustment is made for boost over stock circled in blue. Add in the value and click save. Map 6 boost setting: For map 6 you will need to connect to the unit and select map 6. If you have previously purchased your unit before reading this please email me [email protected] to receive a copy of the firmware. On units that ship from 30.09.2015 there is no need. If your unit has a exposed blue wire you will need to email. Below is where you enter the values for map 6 circled in orange. It works similar to map 1 so the value is the additional boost over stock. The unit can log boost the elevated boost on the two sensors, ECU boost as well as the rail pressure. The balance of the engine parameters and settings in the picture are exclusive to the yet to be released JB4 but it gives you a idea of what is to come. Users with boost gauges that are working off the OBD signal will only see stock boost. If you suspect you triggered a engine light by unplugging a sensor by not waiting for the car to go into sleep mode rather clear faults before a dealer visit. This thread can be used for support queries but its best to email me [email protected] and include model, fuel used and hardware on the car. Burger Tuning is a community based company so feel free to ask any questions you have on this thread as it will assist others too.
  7. Hello guys, im new here, i wanna introduce my car, I bought him a month ago. It's all stock on car, only thing is that I change my wheels from 19'' Spielberg to 19'' Pretorias, and put DSG paddle, also for sure I'm gonna put new exhaust system like milltek or akrapovic but step by step. Any suggestion from you guys which changes I should make ? Here is one pic of my car
  8. Hi all, just got a 2020 Golf R and after some simple instructions on how to activate launch control!?
  9. So I'm deciding whether to buy a 2015 MK7 Golf R white for £17,400 with 29k miles (private) OR 'Approved Used' 2015 Lapiz Blue MK7 Golf R for £19,100 with 12k miles. The approved used one is from a dealer so it comes with 12 months warranty which I would've bought (extended warranty for a year) so it saves me ~£630. All the other MK7 Golf Rs I can see for sale are around £18,000 for 2015 with 30-40k mileage and £19,000 for 2016 models with roughly the same mileage. I will be selling the car in a years time so I'm not too sure which one to go for? This might be a dumb Q but does mileage outweigh the reg/production year even if the car is lower mileage than the 2016 higher mileage? I will probably do max 7000 miles in the year. Also, if the Used Approved ones are ex-demos should I avoid them?? Been looking for quite a while so would appreciate your suggestions- many thanks!
  10. Hi all have had a rear differential oil leak and have noticed it’s from this small hole in the rear diff was wondering if it’s a breather hole for the rear diff but was wondering if there should be a pipe or something there to stop the oil from coming out
  11. Hi, recently purchased a mk6 golf r and I had noticed a small oil leak on my drive coming from the rear diff, upon further inspection I have found it’s not from either the diff drain plug or the haldex plug. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. I hit a Pheasant yesterday and it's dented and creased my bonnet so I thought that I'd hop on here and see if any one has one for sale? My car is 2014 and Lapiz blue. The rest of the car is fine it's just the bonnet that I'm looking for. If anyone knows anyone breaking a car and has one that would be awesome.
  13. 2015 MK7 Golf R Wolfsburg Edition. Had it for a few months now.
  14. So, as I have written on here before. My gearbox works fine but epc and engine light are on with fault code “Lost communication to TCM”. This is very unlikely an actual problem as the gearbox works perfectly fine. Anyways, could any of you recommend anyone who could code the gearbox in for me or Could any of you (living around the Manchester, West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire region) Code it in for me. If you know prices of anyone leave them on here. Thank you.
  15. Hey guys, completely new to this. I have a 2015 7R currently running a custom Racingline stage 1 map and a Res delete, I wanna go that extra bit louder with the decat now. Been scouring online for days about all this talk about stage 2 which I really don’t want, I’m happy with the power - I just want the noise. I spoke to my tuner who is urging me to get stage 2 for £500 and then intakes etc which I really don’t want, he isn’t really giving me the option to “alter” my current map to support the decat. What can I do to get around this? Are their any other reputable companies that could alter my map for a decent price? If not I’m looking into just getting a custom backbox delete to make things simpler, but I’m not 100% on the sound. Any recommendations/suggestions? Thank you!!
  16. I've have a (2012 Volkswagen Golf R 4 Cylinders F 2.0L MFI Turbo DOHC)(MK6 Golf R) that I've been having some serious clutch issues with. It's Stage 2+ with a turbo-back exhaust, upgraded Powercore intake, Haldex controller, and custom tune (350hp). With this much power, the original owner put in a FX400 8-puck ceramic clutch kit and lightweight flywheel (single mass).I had the misfortune of the slave cylinder failing 7 months ago, which got fluid on the clutch disk and caused it to slip. After contacting CM and following their guidelines, the clutch was cleaned and the flywheel was resurfaced. I prayed this was the end of the clutch issues (since clutch slips in VWs are something way too common for me ) but a week ago I had a slip in 6th, then 5th, and finally 4th.I've read online that the FX400 only lasts 20k miles on average. I daily my Golf R and seldom get the chance to track it. Though I'm sure this is one of the most common threads seen on this forum, I wanted to ask for suggestions on a new clutch kit and flywheel. I want to have something that's reliable and good for a daily driver while still being fun and performance-based. I'd say I'm on a tight budget, but I'm willing to put out the extra penny for something that is quality and won't fail.Thanks for the help guys
  17. Hi there, So I have a 2019 R which is ofcourse post GPF filter. I would like to modify the exhaust in any way to make is sound a little louder. I originally thought of a res delete but as far as I am aware the 2019+ models with the GPF filter do not have a resonator from factory. Am I right in saying this? Also if that is the case and there is no resonator to delete what are the other options to get a bit more sound? Or is the only option to get a new exhaust system fitted altogether. Thanks for any help, Joe.
  18. Hi guys, New to the forum and I have had my (totaly stock) Golf R for just under a month. Looking at making my first mods. I’m adding a Racingline Filter to the stock filter box and having a Res deleted. I have a Manual so I’m unsure as to what difference it will make to the sound? My question is, will I see a noticeable difference in the sound of the car? Also will it add a few more pops and bangs? I know the DSG it makes a big difference but not sure what the difference on a manual will be. Thanks.
  19. Dyno shoot out and diagnostics day. 8th June 2019 Area 52 Autosport Unit 2 Park Court Park Lane Business Park Park Lane Kirkby-in-Ashfield NG17 9GW Hi all, I’m organising a Dyno day at the above. 3 runs per car ( unless they spot something untoward ). All cars run with Det Cans to monitor for engine knock and Wideband Lamda (to monitor for Air Fuel ratios. Laminated graphs supplied to you displaying Power V Torque and Boost V AFR where applicable. All runs carried out by highly acclaimed race car tuner Jason Cooper and his team, utilising there Dyno Dynamics 4WD Dyno. Cost for the day is £50 per car, tea coffee biscuits and sandwiches included. There is a limited spaces of max 15 cars and minimum requirement of 10 cars. I would require £20 deposit PayPal [email protected], please reference as Dyno day and mark as friends and family please, to secure your place, the rest to be paid in cash on the day. Pm me if you require further information. Should be a great day.... Jase is very knowledgeable in all areas of motorsport and will probably talk you to death on the subject 👍 Regards 😎
  20. Morning everyone, Has anyone else had any luck getting any information from Akrapovic regarding ordering the exhaust as an aftermarket option? I have finally received a response from them saying the downpipe will be available to order in a couple of weeks time. I am more interested in the full system though!
  21. I know what the standard understanding is that if you remap a newish car you invalidate the original manufacturer's warranty but I am struggling to find absolute proof of this so would be grateful if somebody could point me in the right direction. I have recently bought an 18 plate Golf R which is largely great but has had some teething problems, (mainly due to a large bolt fastening the front offside wishbone on to the chassis being very loose). I have read the VW warranty (https://www.volkswagen.co.uk/owners/warranty/new-car/terms-and-conditions) several times and can see that it says "Items which are excluded from warranty cover include but are not limited to: Components, equipment or software (Chip tuning) which are not part of the vehicle at the point of original manufacture (unapproved modifications." I can not see anywhere that it says the whole car is not covered by warranty if it has undergone 'chip tuning.' Can anybody tell me what I have missed?
  22. Hi im looking to buy a white MK6 golf r it has to have DSG and fairly low mileage. Will pay good money for the rite one so if any of you guys are thinking of selling let me know. Thanks
  23. Bought my golf r in late october with 23k on it. Mods so far: R600 intake Sachs sintered uprated clutch CAS res delete Powdercoated exhaust tips gloss black BBS VZ 18"
  24. Hello everyone, After recent topics and discussions that I saw on the forum, I think it would be great to get a meet organised, booked and in the diary for 2019. With Christmas coming up, I'm sure a lot of you will be working and/or have ran out of annual leave. Now here comes the difficult part, where to hold it and when to do it. I know as a forum we have people from all over the UK, so I'm thinking of somewhere maybe Midlands area maybe Derby/Nottingham, accessible to motorway routes, giving you guys and girls the best routes without being massively far away. In terms of the meet itself, I'd be apt to have this on a weekend morning, so it doesn't take too much out of peoples day, and it's a lame excuse to grab some breakfast and to have a natter. So the general plan would be, to meet up at a Toby Carvery or the like, meet for say 9.30/10.00 am - have a natter prior to going in to getting some food, then back out after a hearty breakfast for another chat, then away we go. Who would be up for this? Obviously we have a bit of time before it, so it gives enough notice to clear diaries and the like. Answers on a postcard, dependent on the outcome, there will be updates.
  25. So I own a 7R and have driven a S3, both felt pretty similar to drive but the Audi steering feeling a bit vague IMO Has anyone driven the Cupra 300? If so how does the driving feel compared to the S3 & R? I have only seen 2 on the road in person. I know they are all virtually the same car underneather and just tarted up but would be interesting to hear about the driving feel, I’m sure I can remember reading the seat has sharper handling. The interior on the seat though 🤢🤢😂 but I suppose you get what you pay for... For me the S3 saloon exterior is king but I prefer the Golf interior layout far more but it’s without question that the Audi is the better quality interior.
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