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Found 36 results

  1. Hi don’t know if I’m being stupid I have a golf r mk7.5 I want new wheels can I run 19inch by 10inch wide
  2. Hi Guys, Looking to get some black coated discs from MTEC but they cant confirm when they have stock of this coating (but I cannot wait long). I cant find other discs with coating for the same cost. £270 for c-hook front and rear. Has anybody has any success just painting the non coated disc? Ive heard Hammerite could work, but if it wont last long then not very good. Any help is great Cheers
  3. Hey it’s simple if you want a change and your wheels are in as new condition then let me know. I have Cadiz 18” that been on the car. They don’t about 4k miles and have 0 damage. if you have Pretoria’s link me up we could do a deal
  4. Hello VW community, I am the proud new owner of a 2019 VW Golf R, 6 Speed Manual in Atlanta, Georgia. Having been an Audi customer the past 18years (S3, RS3), I needed something new and an R with a manual gearbox seemed like the right choice for a fun daily and a car that would have an ocean of aftermarket options. After having spent a ridiculous amount of time researching I am in need of help as I can not find the information I need. 1) VW North America clearly states that my car has 288hp. Not on a single site (Milltek, AWE, APR etc) have I seen this model mentioned. The car has been out for almost 2 years - what am I missing? https://www.vw.com/models/golf-r/section/overview/ I am seeing 300hp and 310hp everywhere which are the Euro models. This has made it very difficult in finding options to enhance my Golf 2) I can not find any info whether this car has OPF/GPF or not. Does anyone know whether the US cars have been exempt from that non sense? 3) My research shows that exhaust upgrades do not mess with warranty. Can someone confirm this? 4) is this an international site? I mostly see Brits so wanted to confirm :) Thanks for your help. I have attached a pic! She is in dire need of an exhaust and exterior carbon options
  5. hi all, for some years now I've had a weird intermittent grinding sound I've noticed coming from maybe gearbox or engine? when you have it in drive stationary then put it in sport it gets more noticeable/louder you can here it from in the car and outside. the problem is intermittent and happens every so often was quiet for a few months now noticed it's back. ive been back and forth with dealership a few times I've warned them about it a year after I bought it in 2017 went for a drive with tech and he said can't hear it that much, went back months later and luckily got them to hear it they had it for the day and checked it and said when they serviced they can't hear it now which was true for some time but as I said its back! any ideas on what it could be or if any1 else has had a similar issue???
  6. Hello everybody. I’m new to the site. I’ve had my MK7 Golf R Estate since April 2019. I had a MK6 GTD before that. Let’s see everyone’s motors! Cheers Ellis
  7. I think it's time to set up a thread for my Golf. I did this on MiniTorque a few years ago with my R53 Cooper S and all of a sudden it went like a bat out of hell and I spent thousands. That's what I plan on doing again, but on a better car, and this time, with more displacement, 4wd and a turbo. More potential for sure. Picked up the car mid-April. I was looking around and originally was planning on getting DSG, and in the Lapiz blue. Went to Leicester to test drive theirs, but when I arrived, I was told it had sold. Great customer service. Anyway, back in Northampton we have a Parkway dealer. I test drove their Black 14 plate Golf R, fully specced apart from Pro Nav (bummer) and fell in love. Torquey, comfortable and full of gadgets. Everything I was lacking in the Cooper S (a shelled out tin can with bucket seats). I left a deposit and picked it up the following weekend. I quickly got bored with the power. It just wasn't aggressive enough. Felt quick initially but the inertia of power quickly faded away. I was in communication with Will @ VRS Northampton (handy for me, only about 7 miles away) over email for a while, before I booked in for an APR Stage 1 Low Output map. This transformed the car - how it should have been from factory. The turbo has a noticeably more satisfying note, the car pulls significantly harder and hits 1xx with ease. But, I have to go all out, or nothing at all, so this is only the beginning. The clutch is slipping intermittently, so a quick call to Will to purchase their daddy of Paddle clutches. This should be fitted this week, along with VWR springs (coilovers are 100% in the pipeline, but not a necessity just yet). Then the fun really begins. Stay tuned. CURRENT SPEC (15/06/16) - APR Stage 1 Low Output - Sachs Performance Clutch 4 Paddle Sintered - Carbon Mirror Caps - VWR Lowering Springs - Team Dynamic Pro Race 1.2 18" w/ Pilot Cup 2's
  8. Lads. Need help with the alloys of my new Golf R. Currently with silver Pretoria’s but maybe rather have them black? Side mirrors currently silver? Keep it change? thanks
  9. Developed this noise after getting an apr Downpipe and custom miltec exhaust fitted. Made it both on stage 1 and stage 2+ tune. Had people tell me it’s just the wastegate but figured I’d ask other R owners. Thoughts?
  10. What power you putting out and what have you had done so far? Also wether or not you’ll be doing anything else anytime soon, Remember to post pics of bhp figures and your car 💪
  11. Hi everyone, i have a very strange knocking noise coming from the front of my car when i am lighly feathering the accelerator (around 1500 revs) and it also happens when the car is slowing down from a low speed. I have taken it to VW this morning for a general health check in which they said they can hear the noise but can't see what it would be and that it requires further inspection. The car is a 2016 Mk7 R with 19000 miles on it so not enough for long term wear and tear. I have a video of the noise but i cannot attach it to the post so if anyone would like to hear the noise if it would help them determine what it is i can email it or send it in some other way to you directly... Any help would be grately appreciated!
  12. Hi guys, New to the forum and I have had my (totaly stock) Golf R for just under a month. Looking at making my first mods. I’m adding a Racingline Filter to the stock filter box and having a Res deleted. I have a Manual so I’m unsure as to what difference it will make to the sound? My question is, will I see a noticeable difference in the sound of the car? Also will it add a few more pops and bangs? I know the DSG it makes a big difference but not sure what the difference on a manual will be. Thanks.
  13. Hello, I have recently taken delivery of my new Golf R, in Lapiz Blue - love the car, even tops my previous S4's, however I am looking for some guidance on tyre pressures. I am on Potenza S001 - 225 40 R18 (92Y) 's and the pillar plate shows a recommended pressure of 41 psi which seems high. Can anyone provide some thoughts on the optimal pressure ? Thanks.
  14. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone on here would be able to give some advice regarding the maintenance and or repairability of a mk7 golf leather steering wheel. I am the current owner of a mk7 golf r and my steering wheel is beginning to show marks and fade and I'm really struggling to bare with them. Hence the reason for starting this topic. I am aware of leather cleaning kits but it would be nice to get other peoples experiences before going ahead with any purchases. Any help or advice is much appreciated!!
  15. Hi everyone, have my mk7r a wet week and I’m getting pretty serious static shocks of the body work. Anyone have this problem? Mainly happens after I’ve taken it a drive. Never had this happen on my mk6GTD or any previous cars. Anything take this away?
  16. Introduction Good Evening Fellow R owners. I have just created an account after trawling through these forums for a few weeks. I have read through plenty of users posts and I'm amazed by what different people have managed to do to their cars! I'm looking for some guidance as to what modifications to do to my R. I will hopefully become a regular member of the forum 👌 Modifying my R I have a 2014 Manual MK7R and I'm looking into modifications but can't decide on what to go with. I have had my car since Sep 17 and haven't made any modifications to it yet. I would like my car to be faster throughout the rev range, to be more visually aggressive/appealing and to be louder whilst maintaining half decent MPG (for the power of the R). Stage 1/2 - APR or REVO? After reading user posts I'm edging towards APR. My previous car was mapped by REVO but I've heard better things about APR. Is there any pertinent information I should know before deciding this? -Stage 1 or 2? Ideally I would like to go to Stage 1 first and then potentially upgrade to Stage 2. With REVO you can just pay the difference between stages, is this the case with APR? Hardware Upgrades -Although they aren't required, is it recommended to upgrade any components for Stage 1? (IE a clutch uograde for manual transmission) -Short Clutch Stop? Are they worth it? Which would you buy? -Short shifter? Are they worth it? Which would you buy? -Uprated clutch? Is this recommended for even Stage 1? If so, which would you buy? -New intercooler? Which to buy? -New air intake system? Which to buy? Making my car louder -Would a res delete and turbo muffler delete be enough or do I need to either get a downpipe or whole new exhaust system? Are there any recommendations of which of these to get and where from? Visual Appearance -I'm going to get my rear windows 95% or 100% tinted. Could anybody recommend a shade to use or where to get these done? -Is there any modification I could make which would greatly enhance my car visually? Im considering Brembo drilled brake discs and red callipers. THANK YOU for taking the time to read my post! I apologise for how long it is. I would greatly appreciate any advice given. Please feel free to add photos below. I'm from near York and I'm also in Suffolk quite a lot. Any recommendations taking into account my location would be much appreciated. James 😊
  17. Evening All! My name is James from York. I'm new to the forum and have owned a Manual 14 Plate R since last September. I intend to create a thread detailing the progress I make with modifying my R. I will also be reaching out for advice! I look forward to reading more posts and getting to know a few people 😊 James
  18. Need help to decide on a reasonably priced exhaust for the golf R I had a Milltek on my scirocco which I don’t fancy and I’ve thought about armytrix but can I justify spending so much on it!?
  19. My pcp on the Golf R is coming to an end but I am still very undecided what to buy next. There's a few issues I'm finding, insurance for similar cars seem to be far more expensive and also the 40k list price Tax issue, id really like to avoid paying £500 road tax. These are the options I have considered, all options based on a 4 year PCP 10k miles and 4k deposit. RS3 - £520 pm high tax S4 - £450 pm high tax 140i shadow edition - £350 pm S3 - £380 pm 435d - £420pm high tax. C43 AMG £680 pm high tax I currently pay 380 pm on the Golf and roughly 170 pm on fuel, whilst I have no issues paying more I want to make a sensible-ish decision. If im paying 500 pm on a car, 300 on fuel, 500 on tax and 2 grand on insurance the monthly bill would be more than my mortgage. My insurance currently costs me £450 per year, I'm 26. Out of the above options the cheapest to insure is the S4 at only 650. The S3 is over double my Golf R and the RS3 is quadruple. I was tempted to go for a fully loaded S3 but it's not worth the insurance premium jump. I've not added the A45 due to not being able to order from new and the new varient will probably be 50k. I'm really not interested in sticking with vw, had a bad experience this time round and want to get away from them. Anyone have any suggestions ??
  20. bradley391


    Hey all, My 7.5R should be arriving in around 10 days... Excited is an understatement! However, I want to get a tracker fitted to the car! The VW dealer can fit one for me and it's around £450 - Vodaphone Protect & Connect 6 Cat6 Tracker. I know nothing about these things and after some advise/recommendations for anyone who has a tracker? Should I go with the VW option or is there better /cheaper options out there? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  21. Hi everyone, New to this forum but I've spent the last few weeks reading threads and looking at different topics... Great forum! Anyway I'm super excited to say I've ordered a new Golf MK7.5 R hatchback 5 door DSG and delivery is due early/mid March so it will be rocking an 18 plate! Looking forward to getting more involved with the forum once she arrives!
  22. Evening everyone! So today I took my pride and joy out in the snow, I wasted no time doing so, my neighbor's all thought i was mad, but I had a strong believing my motor would be fine. The following YouTube link is a short clip of me having some fun in my manual R I'd love to see more videos like mine if anyone else has some!
  23. hey guys i was just wanting to know if anyone has tried the toyosport downpipe and if it is any good?
  24. connzo1221

    New to this

    Hey guys just wanted to introduce myself, i have had my R for six months and love it
  25. Custom mapping (dyno) done on the Golf by Unicorn Motor Developments in Stockport. Car was running an email style map (Celtic tuning stage 1) when I got it and with the scorpion catted downpipe, TT inlet hose the car made a baseline run of 340HP / 390lb I asked Rick for following from the car: - Remove deadspot from the go pedal - More aggressive throttle mapping in all modes - NO pops and bangs - ECO mode to be running stock VW map with stock boost, just modified for the hardware changes which don't really effect running, ideal for motorway cruises as it will return around 40mpg - Race mode to be all out - Make the torque curve flatter, so the car does not feel as flat up top. The results as above, just from the custom mapping, a good 30-40HP gain after 5000rpm and gains beginning from 3500rpm. Too drive its an improvement for sure, its smoother and now the car is enjoyable to rev out, before it felt a little too manic around 3000rpm, which meant the car felt really flat beyond 4000rpm and doing a kickdown at say 70mph the car picked up but was a little flat. Now doing a kick down and it feels absolutely bonkers and just flies off down the road, the power in the top-end is night and day improvement. Also the MPG now seems greatly improved when driving it hard which is also a bonus. Below is a quick LC run, launch control is now so easy and feels so gentle on the car. I also noticed my front wheels spinning at Pod on Sunday, was told to check the Haldex filter (none service item) and it was as expected gunked up, so all cleaned and now as you can see in below video the car just hooks up with just a chirp of the wheels and no bogging. I ran a [email protected] without LC at the Pod before this custom mapping. Rick the tuner, who runs a stage 1 on his car which made 359/360 on same dyno said his runs [email protected] with LC at Pod. He says a none LC run should now net me around an [email protected] and an LC run will be around 11.5s in the quarter mile and around 120mph terminal. It feels silly quick and I've never owned a car that was so fast for so little horsepower, its uncanny how quick this thing is. One very happy customer, such a shame the Pod has closed now until next year, was hoping to bag some 11's
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