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Found 5 results

  1. I have a Golf mk7 2013 with bi-xenon headlights(no matrix), i replaced right headlights. Everything works well except for the main headlight beam. Any idea what it can be.
  2. Hello All, Having owned my R for just over a month, I've noticed I have been getting condensation built up in my headlights...not something id expect from otherwise what seems a well built car. My car has just gone 3 years old and 25k miles, but I cannot understand why I am having this issue. Has anyone else noticed this? Anyone ever resolved it? I've seen a couple people posting on here regarding this, but they were all pre facelift cars and the theme was it was a pre facelift headlight issue... I have it booked in for a Haldex Service & brake fluid change next month, I will mention it to the dealers. Not the end of the world but not the nicest of sights lol.
  3. Hi everyone, recently got a Mk7 R and decided to get some stone chips filled in on the bonnet. I suspect they have sprayed something on the bonnet to clean it beforehand and some has gone onto the headlights. It look like it has dried in and seems to have ‘melted’ the plastic leaving lots of little marks that almost look like stone chips themselves but cannot be. I am awaiting reply from the repair shop. Does anyone have any idea how to clean or remove these marks? Thanks in advance. https://www.flickr.com/photos/193374756@N07/? (Images in link)
  4. <This is going to be a gif heavy post> One of the important options I wanted to get on my FL estate was the true Dynamic Light Assist LED headlights. I had the Mercedes equivalent on my C-Class and they were brilliant (ha!). I couldn't find any info out there specifically on the performance of this option on the 7.5 Golf so had to hope that it was the equivalent of the option on the Passat (where there is a little info out there). And it is. They are the excellent. Maybe not as good as the Merc for corner tracking as they don't seem to have as wider angle for when you are following a car but still very good. I got the Lane Assist including Dynamic Light Assist option which was £630. I know when I originally ordered my car in February, you had to do some kind of dance with this option plus another ~£340 for the actual LED Dynamic lights. I'm not sure if they have sorted the confusion now and it is just the £630 option (£1225 Lane Assist Plus option) that is needed. I will try to not mix my terms as I'm originally Australian and we call them low and high beams whereas here in the UK is is main and full beams. Whereas the standard car comes with auto full beams which will dip them down to main beam when it detects a car, the Dynamic Light Assist will effectively just dip the small area where the car you are following or is oncoming is and keep the remainder of the full beam on. It can only do this for a certain window in front of the car so if you are following a bit closer to a car, you may find it will only keep full beam on the left side and main beam for behind the car and to the right. This activates when you are going around 30-40 mph or above. Firstly, the turn on sequence is pretty nifty. I haven't driven a standard car so I'm not sure if it does this; When following a car, when you switch from the normal main beam to full beam, it looks like this; To give you an idea of how much extra light you get on the sides of the road with Dynamic Light Assist, this shows me switching it off back down to normal main beam that you would be on when you are normally following someone. You can see the huge drop in light on both sides of the road. Here I am following a car with Dynamic Light Assist on with an oncoming car coming around the bend. You can see it go back to full beam each side of the car in front plus it track it around the bend and switch the left side down to main beam when the car is further around to the left. This is the one area where the Mercedes lights were better as it would have tracked that car all the way around and still would have been able to keep a sliver of full beam on the left. Still great though! Lastly, a very hard test with crests, dips and bends and it reacting to oncoming traffic. Probably not as good as manually anticipating traffic coming ahead and dipping your lights before it appears but still very quick. I haven't been flashed yet from someone thinking I was slow to react. I hope that has been helpful to anyone thinking on if they should get the option.
  5. Hi, Is anyone have any eperience how to increase the brightness of DRL? do I need to change bulb? I've tinted headlights smoke grey so DRL brightness slightly got compromised. Thanks
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