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Found 7 results

  1. Hello guys hope all is well, Few days ago changed my mk7 tail lights out for genuine mk7.5 lights (breakers) used this harness from Aliexpress here and the outside lights work fully however the inside tail light do not work, indicator and reverse work however the main tail light does not also the indicators do not sweep 2 wires didn't come pinned and a wiring diagram included (in the pictures on the link) with the adapter however I can't figure out where they go if anyone has any experience with this also if anyone knows which coding is needed would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  2. Hello Can someone help me to find a place/store to buy a original akrapovic exhaust system for my 2018 Golf R 7.5?. I have been trying to find one but no success, I really want it but my Golf R is the American version so we didn’t got them. please help thanks
  3. Hi guys thanks for such a warm welcome you really made me feel at home already. So basically i have a single pretoria alloy. Its in almost mint condition. I came across it as when i bought my golf r, it was perfect sold as A+ grade. After a couple of weeks i had what i thought was a puncture but couldn't find it when looking at my tyres. When looking super super close i found the tiniest of flat spot on my alloy its so small it was hard to see even when the tyre was marked with the location. So anyway VW sent me out a brand new alloy to replace that one they were so brilliant about it i have to say and i was surprised when they just sent me other a new alloy like that. When i got my new tyres on this weekend i found out the problem was they tyre and the fact some tyre shop ripped the hell out of the bead if the tyre http://imgur.com/a/mmucdLZ So anyway now i have a nice alloy in amazing condition. I was hoping someone could help me with what it was worth so i can decide if i was to sell it on or and i must stress i am hugely tempted and make a clock out of it for my wall so it matched my car. Any help or input would be most excellent Thanks
  4. hi all, for some years now I've had a weird intermittent grinding sound I've noticed coming from maybe gearbox or engine? when you have it in drive stationary then put it in sport it gets more noticeable/louder you can here it from in the car and outside. the problem is intermittent and happens every so often was quiet for a few months now noticed it's back. ive been back and forth with dealership a few times I've warned them about it a year after I bought it in 2017 went for a drive with tech and he said can't hear it that much, went back months later and luckily got them to hear it they had it for the day and checked it and said when they serviced they can't hear it now which was true for some time but as I said its back! any ideas on what it could be or if any1 else has had a similar issue???
  5. Hi everyone, i have a very strange knocking noise coming from the front of my car when i am lighly feathering the accelerator (around 1500 revs) and it also happens when the car is slowing down from a low speed. I have taken it to VW this morning for a general health check in which they said they can hear the noise but can't see what it would be and that it requires further inspection. The car is a 2016 Mk7 R with 19000 miles on it so not enough for long term wear and tear. I have a video of the noise but i cannot attach it to the post so if anyone would like to hear the noise if it would help them determine what it is i can email it or send it in some other way to you directly... Any help would be grately appreciated!
  6. Good Morning; Newbie here, w/ a 2013 R we purchased new back in August of that year down home in Pensacola, FL. We're on our third trip across the US in it, and love all the fantastically twisty mountain back roads that take us west from Florida to the Lake Tahoe area. So we've put about 36000 miles on her. On the way out here to California last month, we hit a pot-hole in Arkansas, and got the Las Vegas Light Show (ESC, ABS, Steering, Low-Tire warnings and cautions). Brand new Pirellis all around, laser-alignment, and full servicing completed in Pine Bluff at the Jaguar/Range Rover/VW dealership there. We've been here in N. CA, and just the other day, got the same light show. Took it to a reputable service shop, and we noticed brake rotors were getting rutted and lipped, and the pads were starting to look thin. I didn't like that, and thought in addition to troubleshooting the lights, to address the 36000 miles worth of brake wear. Had the rotors turned (approx. 0.032" per face) and new brake pads put in, $450. Returned in the late afternoon, took the car, and went out for a test. Good news is that it would EVENTUALLY stop. Bad news, had to pump the brakes to get feel in the pedal, and she had the stopping urgency of an old automatic F250 farm truck with drum brakes. When I finally got back to the in-laws, I could get the idle to surge up and down while in neutral. Plus I got a brief flash of the above mentioned light show. So I surmised I had a vacuum leak, amongst a burgeoning of confidence-sapping problems with our beloved R. Took it back the next day, and after discussing with the mech, they ostensibly checked for a vacuum leak. When I went to pick it up again in the evening, the mech related that they couldn't find a leak, but that they bled the brakes "some more", and did not replace any wheel sensors because they couldn't replicate the light show. *sigh*. Brakes still mushy (well, at best they will not rip my face off like they could before this fiasco), too easy to get into the ABS chatter, and the idle surge remains (although somewhat abated). Sorry for the long-winded post, but when I get up in a few hours, I've got to find some good shops in the area (Sacramento), discuss this with them, and decide which one will get my hundreds or thousands of what's remaining of our dollars to quickly get this resolved. We hope to drive back east through the Sierras and the Rockies to spend Christmas with my parents in Kansas this week. Appreciate any advice or experience! Thanks, Rodrigo
  7. Hi all.... had a very productive day today......... Changed oil(1800 miles done running in) also added the JB1 Box of tricks running standard map .........car is now even more bonkers and need to be careful on damp slippy roads lol.... any way i need a little help here i have done a few vcds mods....sounkikator turned down a bit. got the option to turn DRL's off in menu on MIB but i cannot seem to get the rain closing working although it now shows in the MIB menu ?/ .... pretty sure I've done everything correctly anybody been successful with this ?? Also inner brake lights mod didn't work for me ?/ Any help would be appreciated Cheers Swifty
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