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Found 12 results

  1. Hi All, Buying a new Golf R (deposit down, still need to view it), first time every buying a performance car so would really appreciate so guidance! The car is a 2019 Golf R in Indium Grey, 19" Prets, DCC & Progressive steering. Car has covered 18k miles with 2 previous owners, it will be used approved from VW (2yr warranty) and is costing £28.5k. Is this a good buy? I plan on selling it after a year and a half, how much depreciation will I be looking at? Is there any questions I should ask or anything to be warned about please? I want to get a back box delete at some point later as because it has a PPF it sounds quieter and is only 300bhp instead of 310, will this reduction in bhp be THAT noticeable? Also want to get the alloys sprayed black as they look nicer with the grey. Any help or suggestions would be great folks! Thank you
  2. Hi all, I have recently purchased a Remus backbox to fit to my MK7 golf R. I purchased it from the Facebook golf owners group as an exhaust that would fit on my 64 plate R. I sent it to a garage to get fitted and they have told me that it will not fit onto my car as the place where they would cut the original exhaust would not fit in the Remus backbox and even if it did it wouldn’t work due to the original have flat spots? Here is the pictures of the exhaust below. Would anyone be able to help? Have I brought the wrong exhaust for my car? Or do I need the full system for it to fit? Thanks.
  3. Hi All, New around here, recently picked up my 2014 Golf R 5dr DSG. The drive select mode button flashes when pressed but doesn’t bring up anything on any of the screens? I have tried disconnecting the battery for over an hour and resetting the head unit by holding power for 15 seconds, also reset the factory settings on head unit with no luck. Does anyone have any ideas? Or any idea how much they’d charge me at a main dealer to look? Thanks, Joe
  4. Hi All, Long time listener, first time caller. I have fitted a VW OEM highline reversing camera to my MK 7.5, and cannot for the life of me get the video to work. My vehicle already has park pilot assist fitted (not the auto park, just front and back sensors etc, the regular one, with wheel alignment on the screen for swing). I have got the badge to activate using the rear reverse signal cable in the trunk lid, and powered using slot (18?) in the fuse box, all good, i hit reverse, the camera opens. great. However, no video appears. I have wired the video signal cable into the headunit in the glove box into slots 5 and 10 (or 6 and 12 i cant remember). Now, the CAN wires in the CANBUS unit under the steering wheel was my issue. I already have wires into the slots I am meant to use for the two different coloured can cables. So, on the advice of the ebay seller, I spliced the cables into these cables. But I still get no video. I also read that I should not activate low camera in the 5F menu, I should use adaption and activate a few settings in there instead, otherwise it wont detect the steering wheel position etc. However, no matter what I do, no video. Also if I don't activate lowline camera in 5F, the park pilot doesnt even show a black screen, it just shows the regular cameraless park pilot menu. Does anyone have a better guide, or can explain like im 5, how to get this to work? I am assuming that the reason the camera video signal does not activate is either my bad coding, or that the CAN wiring is bad? I have looked for days, but cannot find anyone who has had this issue other than me. I am pretty confident that the unit is good, as it was a sealed VW part and undamaged. Thanks all!
  5. Hiya What with all the snow, rain and drizzle recently, there's been quite a build up of standing water on my R. I haven't used it that much either but yesterday took it to the shops. Opened the boot to put my shopping in and heard the usual water sloshing around and start to drip down the sides of the boot seal ... however, also noticed it dripping down from the roof above the back seat head rests / parcel shelf, on to the actual shelf itself?!?! Felt the fabric of the inside roof and it was sopping wet, as was the removal parcel shelf. It was too dark to really see anything, so I'm not sure if the water has somehow got behind the physically roof fabric or if it had flowed down from the outside of the open boot, to the inside but surely that's not normal either way?? I'm going to do some more investigating ... might spray the back end with a hose and see if any water comes in but has this ever happened to anyone else? T
  6. So I ran over a huge rock or some type of garden stone left in the middle of the road. Went straight under the car and collided with the bottom just past the right side wheel. On the photo you can see it’s knocked the plastic off and seems to have hit the metal there that’s it’s quite badly damaged. Now I don’t know if I’m paranoid but the ride seems a little shakier when cruising or maybe it’s just in my head but really I just to know if this is something serious or not. Sad day for the new R ;(
  7. Hi everyone, i have a very strange knocking noise coming from the front of my car when i am lighly feathering the accelerator (around 1500 revs) and it also happens when the car is slowing down from a low speed. I have taken it to VW this morning for a general health check in which they said they can hear the noise but can't see what it would be and that it requires further inspection. The car is a 2016 Mk7 R with 19000 miles on it so not enough for long term wear and tear. I have a video of the noise but i cannot attach it to the post so if anyone would like to hear the noise if it would help them determine what it is i can email it or send it in some other way to you directly... Any help would be grately appreciated!
  8. I read somewhere there is a negative effect by removing the snow grate . Think it was to do with water getting in the airbox with it removed. Any suggestions ?
  9. I'm a new member of VWROC and the proud owner of a 2017 Golf R Mark 7 but I'm struggling a bit with all the technology. The user manual is too long and too complicated and is further complicated by lots of functions that I don't have. Has anyone written, or does anyone know where to find, something like an "Idiot's Guide" listing the main Golf R Mark 7 functions and how to use them. Here's hoping... Thanks Mike
  10. Hi all Wondering if you could help a newbie with a problem; I have this pressure washer: http://www.argos.co.uk/product/1577941 Not the best in the world but does the job and I am after a decent snow foam lance to fit it. Looking at them, Nilfisk seems to have multiple adpators and I have no idea which fits this one? https://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Dautomotive&field-keywords=snow+foam+lance+nilfisk&rh=n%3A248877031%2Ck%3Asnow+foam+lance+nilfisk Anyone have any recommendations? or at least know which lance would fit this washer? Many thanks Tom
  11. Greetings, just purchased a 2015 white R, very happy chap. I take it you have to upgrade the head unit so that android auto works ? Said unit doesn't have sat nav. Any help greatly appreciated.
  12. hi, I've been looking around for insurance for my golf r (awaiting delivery) but can't seem to get a reasonably priced quote all them seem to be 30K (yeah your probably as shocked as I am). I'm 19 will be 20 in 3 months with an at fault claim about 2-3 months ago resulting in my car being written off (you will all be classing my as an idiot young driver I know).ive come to this forum to see if anyone knows of any insurers who may give a reasonable price? Most of yous will be saying why are you getting a golf r after a crash? the car had been specced up and was being built a prepared before the crash so I don't really have much choice but to go ahead and keep the car. hope you guys will be able to help.
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