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Found 5 results

  1. Recently collected my 7.5 R in Deep Pearl Black with 19" Pretorias. Thought i'd share the matching car mats with you all as I am so happy with them! Ordered from: https://www.carmats2u.co.uk/ Order details: Carpet Type: Premier Super Luxury Right or Left Hand Drive: Right Manual or Automatic: Automatic Logo Front Mats: Both Front Mats Boot Liner Offer: No thanks Is the car a convertible?: No Add Bumper Protector: No Thanks Main Colour: Black Edge: Black / Silver Twin Edge Stitching: White
  2. Just finished doing my steering wheel and guys i need your opinion this took me about 2 hours, and i got this wrap from Eastdetailing.com
  3. Hello folks, just joined this forum and I am new into the Golf R ownership club! I recently bought a used - 30k miles - Golf R Estate M7.5 and although I saw the interior quirks when checking the car I decided to go ahead with the purchase anyway. The stuff that I am talking about is the amount of scratch marks than can be seen on the inside of the rear interior boot trim panel is beyond imagination. These even extend to both sides of the C pillars! I mean, I don’t know what the previous owner was doing, but he must have been transferring large sharp objects constantly banging at
  4. Hi Guys, I'm looking for a decent pair of waterproof front seat covers for the mk7r.. I know this has beed discussed before but I've looked at some old threads and they seem to go in circles or just give examples of custom jobs. So any decent recommendations? just need something to stop the seats getting soaked when we're in and out of the car wearing wetsuits during the winter.. Thanks, Dan
  5. Before I go back to my dealer I'm just posting here to see if anybody is experiencing similar issues to me with regards to the heater system and its inconsistency? Some days I can have my temperature set at something as low as 16 or 17 degrees and it pumps out really hot air as if the temp is on full. I can get to work turn off the car and when I get in it in the evening, the same temperature setting will pump cool air out (As it should at this kind of temp!)...but other times it pumps out hot air again... It's really annoying especially on long journeys where I have to keep cranking u
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