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Found 22 results

  1. Hi all, New to the forum! Apologies if this has been placed into the wrong section. Appreciate there's already some posts about this topic but seeing some conflicting info online. I've just purchased a 2018 Golf R (Registered in June 2018). Reg checks online state it's the TSI 310 model. (Not sure how accurate my sources are though as to whether all 2018 are just listed as 310? - Does anyone have any accurate sources?) I've read some conflicting info that GPF was released in 2019 onwards, but also seeing people suggest GPF cars were delivered from June 18 onwards so some 2018 cars may have it? Would I be correct in saying that since it's the 310 model, it doesn't have it? I don't have the car yet as the dealer is getting a ghost immobiliser and some other bits fitted before I get the car so can't check it until I do. Thanks
  2. Apologies if this is already well discussed somewhere... I did search, but didn't turn up much. Hi All, brand new member of the Mk7.5 R club here 👋 (Estate). I need to replace my brake discs and pads soonish and I am looking for up-to-date recommendations (road use only). I've seen mixed reviews on the prevalent aftermarket names you see kicking about, MTEC, TORAX, etc... and the options are overwhelming. My car is already modified and has non-OE discs, and I would assume pads. The discs are a c hook style with black centers and I'm struggling to pinpoint the brand without getting the wheels off and looking for branding. I just haven't had the time (or the weather) to jack the car up and take a look. I have considered just replacing with OE parts, as I'm sure they'd be plenty good enough. But the car is making more power, and the brakes on there at the mo do seem pretty good. It's been a while since I've dabbled in performance brakes, and generally feeling a bit clueless as to what is considered good these days, especially for these cars. Ideally the setup would lean towards budget, without sacrificing the performance too much. Please let me know what you recommend! 🤓
  3. Hi folks, I’ve recently bought a pair of RS3 8V 8pot calipers and TTRS 8S discs that I want to install to my mk7.5 R. My main problems are these: 1. I have a fresh set of PS5s that I want to reuse. Their measurements are 225/40/18. 2. I’m lowered on Bilstein B14s with 12mm spacers on the fronts. Although they don’t cause rubbing, it’s close to flush so I wouldn’t want to push the wheels further out. The current OEM wheels are 7.5j 3. I’ve spoken to Killer Brakes who say that the setup will fit with 18” wheels with a whopping ET38 offset. After some research it looks like this, in combination with 18” 8-8.5j wheels (most aftermarket 18s are this width) will likely push the wheels out further than the fenders and cause considerable poke (by my calculations, haven’t seen any actual pics of this exact setup). Is there a way I can reuse my 225/40/18 tyres with these brakes without an aggressive offset that causes them to poke out? I’ve heard about the fender screw mod but I don’t know if this will help as the wheels might poke out beyond the fender anyway. Thanks in advance
  4. Hello, please advise if it is possible to source akrapovic exhaust for my golf r mk7.5. I am struggling to find reliable information. thanks. zain
  5. Hey I’ve been experiencing an issue with my DSG for the past couple weeks which I’m hoping someone is able to shed some light on. I currently own a Golf R MK7.5 (2019+ GPF). I’m experiencing a sporadic issue with the new DQ381 in which when I’m driving normally, within “Normal” or “Eco” and I come to a complete stop, I’ve noticed when the gears are changing down from 2 into 1, I hear this clunking noise and in addition to this I get the car moving forwards and backwards. It feels as the car is confused as in which gear to go into or whether it should set off. As the car then slowly starts to move forwards and backwards (similar to how you catch the biting point on a manual clutch and adjust to either set off or not) I am greeted with the following error message... I’ve had the local garage run the car for a quick diagnostics to check what could be causing this and it came back with the following error: Not entirely sure as to what could be causing this issue so I’m hoping someone would be able to shed some light on this? its worth noting that when the error code pops up, when you proceed to restart the car, the fault code disappears and normal driving can be resumed. When I’m emergency mode, the car completely misses gears and only goes into the following gears 2,4,6. Best bet would be to take it to VW to get it checked out, however I’m just curious to know if any other users have had similar issues with the DQ381 gearbox.
  6. Hi guys, stuck between getting a mk7.5 outright with prets for around 28k. Or leasing a mk8 9+23 10k miles for 370pm. I only intend to keep it 2 years either way, just no sure which one to do! The mk8 will be black with standard spec, whereas the mk7.5 will be pre opf and with prets, but the mk8 is faster! Not sure how the sound compares in the stock exhaust. What are your thoughts, mk7.5 outright or mk8 lease?
  7. Hey guys, first day here. purchased a 2019 Golf R 6 speed back in august. LOVE the car. found a Cobb access port in the glovebox and found out it was already stage 1 on 91 flashed, even though the dealer claimed it was 100% stock and never touched. few questions leading to this: my clutch does not slip at all and never has. It’s got about 63k on the odometer. Think it’s aftermarket?? second, I now have a resonator delete, full IE intake and aluminum inlet pipe. Cobb turbo blanket as well. (Along with a bunch of other non-performance upgrades.) what do you guys think I would make for WHP? Shot in the dark even, I just do not have a dyno local. thanks for reading!! Can’t wait to hear from y’all. edits: grammar
  8. Hey guys, been on the forum as a browser for a while but thought I'd upload some pics of my Golf. Spec as follows; 2017 (67) plate 3 door Manual DCC digital dash All black half alcatara seats 19" Spielberg wheels Rear windows all tinted Wanted a manual for so long and spent forever hunting this spec, although I wasn't too sure about the spielberg wheels in the beginning but I think they're starting to grow on me! Have taken off all surface contaminants with meguiars wash plus, clay barred the whole car and applied some meguiars liquid spray wax just before winter. Looking to have detailed soon or possibly have a go with the machine polisher myself as there are some swirls from previous owner Any suggestions for upgrades welcome as I want to change a few things without coming away from the oem look..
  9. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • FOR SALE
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    *** UPDATE *** Advert will be closed for offers on Sunday 24th January 11:59pm 2021. -------------------- I have owned and LOVED this car for about 6 months. It's in Immaculate condition inside and out and evidently cared for. I've recently turned 40 so naturally, I'm looking for something more sporty, less doors, bigger engine, yadda yadda. About 4 months ago, it had; + Revo Stage 1 GPF Remap + Revo Carbon Air Intake (Full Kit) + Revo (Alcon) Big Brake System + Finished off with the unmistakable Akrapovich Titanium Exhaust System. This was acquired brand new at the time, so only 4 months old. Full ceramic 2yr paint coating 3 months ago. MIchellin Pilot Sport only a few hundred miles on them. 12,000 miles covered. Full VW Service History. Had new spark plugs and oil change with the remap at Votex, Cheshire. Having oil change and Haldex oil change next week. Really reluctant to part with but will await the right buyer. Never dyno'd, never tracked. Absolutely cherished. As this is an ad in a forum, you'll already know all about this car. You'll already know that a Revo Stage 1 will extract the best out of the EA888 engine safely. You'll also be able to work out how much has been spent on Revo Hardware to complement the remap and know that the Akrapovich Titanium Exhaust is rarer than rocking horse poop. No optional extras, but as you will know, they have a lot of kit as standard. I have all the original parts that the Revo ones replaced as well as the original Exhaust. NOTE I've been asked many times if I'd sell the Akrapovich separately. Reluctantly, I would, but it think it would be a tragedy as this is a rare setup and would devalue the car. Open to offers, maybe even a part-ex up to the value of £7k


    Oswestry, Shropshire - GB

  10. Hey all! I figured I’d start a topic for my lovely OPF 2020 Golf R! This topic is mainly to showcase the journey of my Golf R and encourage other Lapiz blue owners to share theirs! I’d like to welcome and share: 1. Car modification journey 2. Road trips/ scenic photographs 3. Any other Lapiz blue R related stuff! I want to share my cars modification journey (it’s currently completely stock) and have many ideas for build. I also plan to take my car around Europe and vlog it for YouTube- I’ll be sharing the journey of that too! ALL LAPIZ BLUE MK7/7.5 OWNERS WELCOME! (Sorry to other colors haha, All Golf R’s are lovely regardless what colour but this one is for my Lapiz people!) My car Instagram: @AceGolfR 😎😁 Follow me & share your Lapiz! #shareyourlapiz
  11. Sorry if this is already somewhere on a chat, but my old chap has just received his new Mk7,5 R estate and there's no storage bins under the front seats!!! Phoned the dealer because they came standard on the Mk7. Dealer said "I've checked the brochure and they are not listed as standard or an option so VW obviously don't do them any more." Can anyone confirm? Is this a cost cutting exercise by VW? They are super useful drawers - can they be taken from a Mk7 and retro-fitted?
  12. So I was looking at ways to get a little more sound out of my MK7.5 without the over priced back boxes out there. I heard that the res delete was a good way to go but when I spoke to Regal they told me that no you can’t do a Res Delete but some GPF delete and you will need a remap afterwards. any of you guys have more info on this? who can do this and how much?
  13. Hello all, my first post on the forum. Just wondering: Which are the ‘best’ lowering springs for ride comfort? The car won’t be getting track use so I’m just looking to reduce the arch gap, without breaking my back 😂. With that in mind, I’m looking at a 20mm drop. Which spacers are best, that don’t cause rub? Should also note; - I won’t be changing the dampers on the car. - I’m running the 18inch Pretoria’s. As opposed to the 19’s or the Cadiz.
  14. Morning everyone, Has anyone else had any luck getting any information from Akrapovic regarding ordering the exhaust as an aftermarket option? I have finally received a response from them saying the downpipe will be available to order in a couple of weeks time. I am more interested in the full system though!
  15. Finally..... after being a long term lurker on this forum I can finally say I have bought a 67 reg Golf R facelift 7.5. The spec includes: Lapiz Blue DSG 5 Door upgraded 19” Spielberg’s upgraded entertatainment system (Dynaudio/CarPlay) winter pack Convienence pack I am picking the car up over the weekend from a specialist garage in Huddersfield which sells some very high performance vehicles. I’ve been told it has 3 years left on the service plan. Is this transferable? Regards
  16. Hi All, My 2015 R was involved in an accident and the down pipe has been damaged in the process, I've seen a couple of original spares for sale but they are of a 2017 Golf R. I was wondering if anyone has had experience with this before? Do you know if this would be a straight fit? are there and differences i the 2 models etc? Appreciate any help on this Thanks
  17. Ordered some Team heko wind deflectors for my 7.5 R, but they aren’t very dark/black would I be an idiot for spraying them gloss black to match the rest of the trim? Has anyone done this before? 🤔 Thanks
  18. Hey everyone, I've just joined the forum and this is my first post. I'm hoping some of you guys can help out by providing some guidance and solutions to my situation. The government introduced an additional flat rate tax (VED) that must be paid on cars registered after the 1st April 2017 of £310/year on cars "with a ‘list price’ (the published price before any discounts) of more than £40,000". They have also announced WLTP of which uses real-world performance to decide how much to charge on cars delivered after 1st September 2018. I've ordered myself a Golf R Hatchback of which is currently (with the existing NEDC based tax price) just under the £40,000 marker meaning I get to avoid the huge £310/year hike in running costs. However.. I really want some more optional extras! Currently the Golf R I ordered has: Deep Black Pearl (£575) 19" Black Pretorias (£995) Keyless Entry/Start (£375) Rear View Camera (£340) Akrapovic Exhaust System (£2975) Black Exterior Mirror Housing (£75) Rear 90% Tints (£95) Additional Extras I really want but push me over £40,000 marker: Panoramic Sunroof (£995) Dynaudio Sound (£550) Oettinger Roof Spoiler (£413) High Beam Assist (£150) I'm considering removing the exhaust system as it is the most expensive extra, adding all the other options I wanted and having it fitted after delivery. I have called a few dealers who all either had no idea the Akrapovic exhaust was an option or have no idea whether it would be plug and play install after delivery. If this can be done I can get the exhaust from this listing I found for the system for £2500 and have it fitted of which still should be under what VW wanted from factory. I want the exhaust to be able to work with the entertainment system as if it was from factory. What should I do? Has anyone tried this before? Any advise would be much appreciated! Thanks! Sources: https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-tax-rate-tables http://wltpfacts.eu/what-is-wltp-how-will-it-work/
  19. Hey All, Just noticed something the other day - my passenger side has a plastic 'shroud' under the seat - protecting the electronics from the passengers' feet. However my driver's side does not... As I had the plastic drawers previously, I'm unsure if this is normal or not? Can anyone else have a look for me please? MK7.5 - March 2018 Thanks! Dave
  20. So I'm lucky enough to have a few weeks off between jobs which has coincided nicely with buying the Golf. One thing I've been playing around with is what each drive mode actually does, including the settings in individual. I can't find an accurate list anywhere, and read conflicting information in particular about when the exhaust flaps are open. This is for a manual car. Race - no surprise the flaps are open, however when you turn off the ignition and restart, they are closed and you have to select Race again for them to open. Bit weird as when you open the selection screen, it's already selected. Individual - I thought initially that the flaps didn't open in this mode, and that the engine noise setting only affected the soundaktor. However, it seems that the flaps open when this is in Race as well - so Individual can be used to replicate Race but change things like the steering assist, and this would then seem to be the only difference. I'm not entirely sure what Drive does in Individual - I presume throttle response but don't notice much difference between the options? Again the flaps close when the ignition is turned off/on, and the mode needs to be re-selected for them to open again. Why is there not a description from VW as to what each option ACTUALLY does?!? I've also found I get high pitched pops when the flaps are closed, it doesn't sound that impressive and even a little strange. The exhaust seems to have got louder since I've had it, going from 3800 miles to 5200. Link to a (very amateur) vid below which I stitched together (I'll try and get one of the kids to do a proper one this weekend). https://youtu.be/_FpgbLkwFOI
  21. Hi guys anyone have any info on the akrapovic exhast for the 7.5 R Is if just a cat back or wholse system? I've heard reports of it being priced at around 3k
  22. Delivery times for the 7.5 FL Seems to be quite a bit of variation in what dealers are quoting for delivery times... I finally got my confirmed build date today (week of 24 April), having completed the order form at the local dealer's on 13 Feb. (This build date is about 2 weeks later than the dealer had originally indicated) Pleased to finally have a date on the tracker, so am now expecting delivery at the end of May (i.e. a total of 3.5 months). I guess it varies with spec to some extent. I see new member Richard_Nottm was recently quoted 16 weeks, which may not be too far out...
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