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  1. Apologies if this is already well discussed somewhere... I did search, but didn't turn up much. Hi All, brand new member of the Mk7.5 R club here 👋 (Estate). I need to replace my brake discs and pads soonish and I am looking for up-to-date recommendations (road use only). I've seen mixed reviews on the prevalent aftermarket names you see kicking about, MTEC, TORAX, etc... and the options are overwhelming. My car is already modified and has non-OE discs, and I would assume pads. The discs are a c hook style with black centers and I'm struggling to pinpoint the brand without getting the wheels off and looking for branding. I just haven't had the time (or the weather) to jack the car up and take a look. I have considered just replacing with OE parts, as I'm sure they'd be plenty good enough. But the car is making more power, and the brakes on there at the mo do seem pretty good. It's been a while since I've dabbled in performance brakes, and generally feeling a bit clueless as to what is considered good these days, especially for these cars. Ideally the setup would lean towards budget, without sacrificing the performance too much. Please let me know what you recommend! 🤓
  2. Hello, I have a stock Seat León Cupra 2017 which is almost identical to the VW golf gti performance in terms of parts. As there is not much information of how to add a little bit camber with stock suspensión of the cupra i was hopping to find the answer in this forum. I am not going crazy with It. Just ad some camber to increase front grip. (-1.5) Also what alignament do you recomend (toe and camber front and rear) Thank you!
  3. Ok I've had enough of one shiny pipe. Replaced oem exhaust with Scorpion downpipe with sports cat and scorpion cat back with resonator. Lovely burble with bass note, but sick of oem 'tail pipes'. Going to give this a go. 51mm in to twin 76mm out. Will update- bit of a punt but nothing else out there. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Car-exhaust-pipe-H-Model-Akrapovic-Carbon-Exhausts-Dual-End-Tips-for-BMW-BENZ-AUDI-VW/32912588706.html?spm=2114.search0204.3.17.22d8a061AB6vvu&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_1_10065_10068_10130_318_10547_319_10548_10696_10192_10190_10084_10083_10618_452_10307_10820_532_10301_10821_10303_5727311_204_10059_5727211_10884_10887_100031_320_10103,searchweb201603_60,ppcSwitch_0_ppcChannel&algo_expid=f124379e-0732-436e-880f-062909625cbf-2&algo_pvid=f124379e-0732-436e-880f-062909625cbf&priceBeautifyAB=0
  4. Hello, i own a VW 2015 GOLF R MK7 and just recently got it back from a propshaft issue (The propshaft donut snapped and shredded my heatsheild 🙂 ) Today whilst i was driving it having a bit of fun, I noticed this knocking sound when i started to accelerate. The sound got faster and louder the quicker the car went. When driving 'normally' there is no noise at all? Only when you give it some beans. I have not launched the car either, the only thing i'm putting it down to is my area does have alot of speed bumps which i take my time over. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Bam
  5. I’ve just bought a 2nd hand golf r. Had it checked over by an independent vw specialist. My rear drivers side shock is leaking and he has recommended that I replace both rears. Doing a bit of a search through this site I have noticed that rear shock rattle is fairly common and some say to replace the shocks with bilstein b4 shocks. My car doesn’t have a rattle from the rear of it but I am having issues with what sounds like a faulty rear bearing. The bearings examined normally so replacing the shocks is a stepwise approach into trying to solve this other noise issue. I plan to replace the shocks, get 4 wheel alignment done, rotate Tyres and or replace the Tyres and failing this I’ll potentially replace the bearings. Looking for the bilstein ones, I can’t seem to find them for my model. Does anyone know if they are compatible? it is a 2914 5 door hatch r with dsg and does not have the dynamic chassis control. Thanks in advance for your help.
  6. You will need: 5 and 8mm hex keys. Lint free rags. Cotten buds. Torx 10 (need to confirm) . 10mm socket. Flat blade screw driver. Syringe (or use a freezer bag with a hose if you dont have one). Containers to catch old fluid. Haldex fluid g-060175-a2. 1. Raise car. 2. Unclip harness from haldex unit by pushing 2x clips out. 3. Unclip pump connector using screwdriver and lots of patience (difficult access). 4. Remove sump filler plug with 5mm hex. 5. Remove sump plug with 8mm hex. 6. Catch old fluid. 7. Install sump plug. 8. Remove two bolts securing pump with 10mm socket. 9. Pull pump by wiggling it. 10. Catch old crud. 11. Remove gauze from pump with torx 10. 12. Clean pump and gauze using rags, cotton buds and water. 13. Install gauze on pump. 14. Clean haldex innards. 15. Install pump. 16.Fill sump with syringe until it spills out. 17. Install sump plug. 18. Go for a blap. 19. Check level. 20. Sleep well.
  7. Hi all, im looking at modifying my exhaust and I would like to get a decat (want it very loud) but I keep hearing I won’t pass my MOT is there lots of garages which will pass it if I look in the right places? or will I struggle getting it through it’s MOT? Thanks in advance 😊
  8. I’ve acquired front (26mm) and rear (24mm) Whiteline anti roll bars for my Mk7 Golf R which I intend to use on spirited drives and many track days to come. My intentions are to dial out the understeer and make it more neutral so I can rotate when trail braking on turn in. I will have B16 PSS10s and also 034 MS top mounts (2.4 degrees negative camber). What I don’t want is a loose back end that induces snap oversteer. what settings should I set these to? They have 2 per bar front and rear. I’ve been told to setup wisely as I could destroy the balance that could end badly!
  9. All, I recently had the clutch replaced on my VW Golf R 2015, Xtreme Clutch, I have done just over 1000kms and it has started slipping again. The oil indicator light also came on at the same time. There are no visible sign of a leak. Are these related?
  10. Noticed recently that my late 2015 R paint has started to ‘peel’ or clear coat has failed especially around the lower bumper OEM splitter section I also noticed a small spot on the upper bumper and roof where there is a transparent circle like the clear coat has lifted. Has anyone experienced this? Any tips are appreciated - I can live with the splitter issue as it’s not really visible unless you get close to it but I really do not want it to happen on the main body 😔
  11. Hi everyone reading, I would like to ask did anyone retrofited Wireless charger/ Coupling Antena from Mk 7.5 ? I have all the parts Correct ashtray with hole for the charger and the charger. Does someone know where to connect the cables ? The OEM numbers : 5G1863391K - Ashtray with hole for the charger 5NA980611 - Wireless charger / Coupling Antena Thanks for your help..
  12. So I'm deciding whether to buy a 2015 MK7 Golf R white for £17,400 with 29k miles (private) OR 'Approved Used' 2015 Lapiz Blue MK7 Golf R for £19,100 with 12k miles. The approved used one is from a dealer so it comes with 12 months warranty which I would've bought (extended warranty for a year) so it saves me ~£630. All the other MK7 Golf Rs I can see for sale are around £18,000 for 2015 with 30-40k mileage and £19,000 for 2016 models with roughly the same mileage. I will be selling the car in a years time so I'm not too sure which one to go for? This might be a dumb Q but does mileage outweigh the reg/production year even if the car is lower mileage than the 2016 higher mileage? I will probably do max 7000 miles in the year. Also, if the Used Approved ones are ex-demos should I avoid them?? Been looking for quite a while so would appreciate your suggestions- many thanks!
  13. KittyKatt

    Hello there

    Hello there, I've just become a proud owner of my first VW Golf (MK7 GT TDI), looking forward to many years of happy motoring and tweaking.
  14. I hit a Pheasant yesterday and it's dented and creased my bonnet so I thought that I'd hop on here and see if any one has one for sale? My car is 2014 and Lapiz blue. The rest of the car is fine it's just the bonnet that I'm looking for. If anyone knows anyone breaking a car and has one that would be awesome.
  15. 2015 MK7 Golf R Wolfsburg Edition. Had it for a few months now.
  16. Hi guys, New to the forum and I have had my (totaly stock) Golf R for just under a month. Looking at making my first mods. I’m adding a Racingline Filter to the stock filter box and having a Res deleted. I have a Manual so I’m unsure as to what difference it will make to the sound? My question is, will I see a noticeable difference in the sound of the car? Also will it add a few more pops and bangs? I know the DSG it makes a big difference but not sure what the difference on a manual will be. Thanks.
  17. New to the forum and Golf R ownership ( have to say I wish i`d brought one years ago ) and I`ve just had the OEM rear badge camera installed as was not installed from new. Factory spec had park pilot. No issues with the reverse camera and seems to be the high line version so very happy with that however when using for the front it just disables video rather then use the park pilot option. I still get audible prompt and a smaller version of the car but missing the guidelines. Is it possible to have both or have I had a wrong rear camera version installed ? Appreciate any advise - obviously a minor gripe with it being front but haven`t spent a fair amount to get installed I like to get fixed if possible.
  18. Hi, I've got a Golf R (66 plate) Mk7 upgraded to a 7.5. Virtual Cockpit and Sat Nav have been installed. I'm getting the below: 1) CORNERING LIGHT (AFS) error message 2) When applying the full beam headlight to flash, the blue logo appears on the virtual cockpit however the headlight beam does not occur. Has anyone else had this issue when upgrading.
  19. Morning everyone, Has anyone else had any luck getting any information from Akrapovic regarding ordering the exhaust as an aftermarket option? I have finally received a response from them saying the downpipe will be available to order in a couple of weeks time. I am more interested in the full system though!
  20. Hello everyone, After recent topics and discussions that I saw on the forum, I think it would be great to get a meet organised, booked and in the diary for 2019. With Christmas coming up, I'm sure a lot of you will be working and/or have ran out of annual leave. Now here comes the difficult part, where to hold it and when to do it. I know as a forum we have people from all over the UK, so I'm thinking of somewhere maybe Midlands area maybe Derby/Nottingham, accessible to motorway routes, giving you guys and girls the best routes without being massively far away. In terms of the meet itself, I'd be apt to have this on a weekend morning, so it doesn't take too much out of peoples day, and it's a lame excuse to grab some breakfast and to have a natter. So the general plan would be, to meet up at a Toby Carvery or the like, meet for say 9.30/10.00 am - have a natter prior to going in to getting some food, then back out after a hearty breakfast for another chat, then away we go. Who would be up for this? Obviously we have a bit of time before it, so it gives enough notice to clear diaries and the like. Answers on a postcard, dependent on the outcome, there will be updates.
  21. I have recently upgraded my 2015 R manual folding mirrors to original electric ones taken off a 2016 R. the mirrors and switch are all original parts, the install was pretty easy and I have successfully got the mirrors working (folding via switch, auto folding when car is locked, demister and reverse dipping etc) The upgraded ones include puddle lights which fail to turn on when folding in or out. I was wondering if anyone else has faced this issue before? I don't have puddle lights on the doors, just a red reflector at the bottom so would this be the cause of the issue or would it be something else? does anyone know the fuse number for the puddle lights?
  22. Hi All, My 2015 R was involved in an accident and the down pipe has been damaged in the process, I've seen a couple of original spares for sale but they are of a 2017 Golf R. I was wondering if anyone has had experience with this before? Do you know if this would be a straight fit? are there and differences i the 2 models etc? Appreciate any help on this Thanks
  23. Hi guys , im new to the forum. I have a mk7 golf r and i am currently running a jb4 with a resonator delete, vwr600 intake , silicone hose and turbo inlet elbow from racingline. I would like to get a downpipe next ,but im not sure as to which would be the best for not throwing any cel lights up. Do you need a sports cat such as the bcs 200cell cat or can you just purchase a a downpipe without the cat. Cheers for any help in advance.
  24. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone on here would be able to give some advice regarding the maintenance and or repairability of a mk7 golf leather steering wheel. I am the current owner of a mk7 golf r and my steering wheel is beginning to show marks and fade and I'm really struggling to bare with them. Hence the reason for starting this topic. I am aware of leather cleaning kits but it would be nice to get other peoples experiences before going ahead with any purchases. Any help or advice is much appreciated!!
  25. J1mmith


    Hello Guys Lovely to finally be part of the family!! I picked up my 66 Plate R a week ago and its been incredible so far! (Too many smiles from the DSG)! Just wanted to know where is the best place to get a res delete from? and how much work does it take to install it? Thank you in advance! J1
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