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Found 12 results

  1. This is the brand new 76.0mm Golf R Mk7/7.5 Downpipe from BCS Powervalve... Following on from the demand for ultimate flow we have developed this with clients looking at up to 600 bhp in mind. Featuring the oversized 100 cell cat with an open area equivalent to an 93.0mm open pipe and the brand new 76.0mm 'Softflex' specifically developed with flow in mind having a genuine 76.0mm I.D. unlike previous 76.0mm flexis which only offer a 69,0mm I.D. To further compliment the downpipe both the catted and cat delete pipes will now be supplied with the 1200 degree titanium thermal wrap to enhance power further, and the 200 cell lambda mini cat. Thanks for looking Nige
  2. Hi, Im looking to remap my R 7.5 to stage 1. The car has a few mods including a chameleon grey wrap but its time for more power. What is the best stage 1 map out there for the price? I don't mind buying an air intake or downpipes etc. as long as the I can feel a decent upgrade in power/torque.
  3. Hi guys, Been looking around different tuners and MRC Tuning has caught my eyes as I’ve heard a lot of good reviews. I’ve got 67 plate Golf R MK7.5 and looking to go stage 1. Has anyone recently got their car tuned there and what was the price if you don’t mind me asking? How does it drive now compared to stock? Appreciate those who reply in advance. Take care VW gang! Ray
  4. Hi all, I have recently purchased a Remus backbox to fit to my MK7 golf R. I purchased it from the Facebook golf owners group as an exhaust that would fit on my 64 plate R. I sent it to a garage to get fitted and they have told me that it will not fit onto my car as the place where they would cut the original exhaust would not fit in the Remus backbox and even if it did it wouldn’t work due to the original have flat spots? Here is the pictures of the exhaust below. Would anyone be able to help? Have I brought the wrong exhaust for my car? Or do I need the full system for it to fit? Thanks.
  5. I didn't realise they would do this, car does look OTT and noisy exhaust just asking for it I guess, will probably screw up his future attempts to get insurance as well. SYP is South Yorkshire Police operational support Be Warned
  6. Has anyone done any mods to their Mk 7 or 7.5 R that they regret?...Just curious
  7. What are your opinions of the Top 5 Mods for the Mk 7 and Mk 7.5 Golf R?...I'm curious to read peoples opinions..I have some idea..but want to hear yours first..Let us know...
  8. Hi folks, Has anyone replaced their air filter to K&N one and if so is there much difference? Is it worth buying one? Thanks
  9. Good evening VWROC, Having recently taken ownership of my beloved G7R DSG I already have the urge to make this completely stock (if you can call a 300bhp Golf stock) Golf into something I can call my own. I have a couple ideas of what I'd like to start with but would love to hear from the guys and gals in the know and learn from your experiences, good and bad! Below I will list a few potential mods I have thought of and you all can add your opinions! - TripleRCompsites Lip Kit (Good looking Kit, even better looking price!) - S2T Paddle Shifter extensions (Pricey, read great things about them though. Great review and install thread by @Booth11. Let's hope this group buy request comes through!) - Noise... I'd love the car to sound a little louder and angrier? (Does that sound immature?) so far I've had a quick look at the Powervalve Downpipe and Cat that @nige bcs suggested to another user on another thread. Would this be enough? -Lows, a decent set of coilovers to drop the car just enough to make it just as functional but coupled with the TripleRComposites Lip Kit a lot more aggressive. -Try me! I love getting inspiration from looking at other like-minded individuals cars! Suggest things! Horsepower wise the end goal is to have the car running a safe and healthy 400bhp... ish. This is a goal for the life of the car but I'm more focused on the above ideas but if you have any advice on this long term goal, throw it in the comments! Many thanks in advance! Grey
  10. Hi Guys, I'm looking for a decent pair of waterproof front seat covers for the mk7r.. I know this has beed discussed before but I've looked at some old threads and they seem to go in circles or just give examples of custom jobs. So any decent recommendations? just need something to stop the seats getting soaked when we're in and out of the car wearing wetsuits during the winter.. Thanks, Dan
  11. Hello all, I'm new to the site, just want some advice on some modifications I'm planning, I've just purchased a 16 plate golf r dsg, and even though I'm really impressed with its performance etc, the need to modify has grown lol looking at getting a full miltek (non valved) including decat and down pipe vw racing r600 intake and induction hose pipe kit and then the stage one remap has anyone had these mods done? And are they effective? Not going to fork out 2k+ on something everyone says is poo! Someone help a brother out
  12. what would it be? In my case, I'm a boring 31 year old solicitor and this is my only car, therefore I can't go bananas, get it slammed and skirted, or turn it into a chavmobile. I also don't want to void my warranty or get anything that will reduce the value if I give it back in 4 years (PCP). Hit me!
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