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Found 16 results

  1. Hi all, Been amending the V1 of this and trawling through the common questions and comments and built out the below. For any new purchasers who have experience of buying a new car it's a checklist / reminder. For any people who have never bought a new car don't be intimidated. It's a guideline for you to follow in the days before and on the day. We all go somewhat scatty on the day and forget things, this is here to help you but not put you off. It's a list of things to check based on hundreds of different forum members experiences over many cars, not an indication that your pride and joy will be ruined when you collect it. Chances are it will be just perfect. If there's anything you don't understand, fire away, this forum is filled with people ready to help. But most of all enjoy the car, it's in a class of its own.... A. Things to do / have before you go to collect. Check main insurance and GAP insurance Take CD(s) and 30-pin to lightening converter / USB cable when collecting and SD card (if Nav Pro fitted) Dealer to detail or not to detail – confirm in writing if not, send/deliver “Do NOT WASH†signs. If they do wash and polish it creating swirls, ensure whatever solution is in writing. Also consider leaving protective shipping material in place, risk either way, could mask damage, dealer could damage removing, individual choice. Ask for stickers not to be placed on rear window Do you want the presentation cover on the car? The one that says "Off to my new home". It's dragged on and off cars and dumped on the floor, grit collector for sure. Pack a USB phone cable to take with you. You don't get one with the car. Review the Quick Questions thread for answers ïŠ Purchase more additional items than you should of or wanted to – Optional Purchase some decent Detailing products - Optional On the day.: 1. Confirm price (service plan is correct) 2. Make sure that you check the number plate is correct 3. Make sure the old car is part ex'd and V5C is signed 4. Confirm Paint protection / Wheel protection insurance is in place 5. Ensure your insurance cuts in as dealers cuts out, possibly best to have it swap next day, it's been noted excess on dealer insurance is exceptionally high. B. Items to be delivered: 1. 3/5 door car 2. Manual/DSG 3. Correct Colour 4. R logo on front brake calipers 5. Two keys (Make sure keys have the Chrome Logo R tops. and both open and start the car) 6. English manuals.Check you have all the booklets in the leather wallet, 5 of them. 7. V5C Document and 12 Month Tax :Tax now online: https://vehicleenquiry.service.gov.uk 8. iPod / USB lead 9. Locking wheel nut and tools in the boot 10. Service plan (ask about service intervals, confirm exactly what plan it`s on, service time depends also on driving style) 11. Tank of Fuel ( Amount varies per deal done but is it as agreed) Confirm it will be 98/99 Ron 12. Set of mats – VW, standard non rubber type, no logos comes with car. 13. C. Quality control: 1. Check delivery mileage and reset if dealership hasn't already (hold mileage reset button for 30 seconds) 2. Check the oil, water and other fluids and that they are not left at shipping levels 3. Look very carefully for any small dents or chips. Crouch low and look along the sides of the vehicle. Check paint quality. Check that the bumper colour matches the bodywork in direct bright sunlight when viewed side on or from the rear quarter. Ask for the car to be in a dry brightly lit area, easier to see swirls / light scratching. A. Check Doors are OK and all edges are unscratched / chipped B. Check Lower edge front spoiler not scraped, plus lower edges of side skirts, this can occur loading / unloading. C. Check Door mirrors are fitted correctly, compare the lower edges both sides on the mounting point between the door and mount, should be nearly seamless with the seal. 4. Make sure dealer has filled in and stamped the PDI part of the service book and service book is in the car. 5. Check panel alignment on all panels including boot hatch, ensure gap around panels is uniform and matches opposite one, as best possible. Alignment differences can indicate badly fitted panel or panel removed for repair, if tailgate alignment is incorrect it can cause additional issues with it opening and closing. 6. Test full, half beam, indicators, fog lights, hazard warning and interior lights 7. Test rear lights and make sure all 4 sections are working, check cornering lights activate 8. Check tyres for damage, pressures and the spare in the boot, check alloys for scratching / curbing. 9. Check the transport blocks have been removed from the suspension springs. “C “shaped plastic caps – must be taken out. http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?6978296-Quick-Guide-to-Remove-Strut-Pucks 10. Check the bolt caps are fitted, locking wheel nut key in the car and centre badges have been fitted on the wheels. 11. Insert SD card into NavPro to check it detects it. Discover comes with an SD card loaded with maps, ensure its there and works.. Nav Pro has maps loaded internally on the SSD. 12. Check windows operate as expected. (listen for squeaks or grinding) 13. Check quality of interior fittings - seat coverings, door trims and handles. Options. 1. Check your options are added, take the list from the first order with you. 2. Get the dealer to show you how they work, particularly Dynamic light Assist, Lane Assist and ACC settings and AutoHold. (most questions on forum) 3. Get dealer to connect your phone up. 4. Get Dealer to set up your nearside mirror to drop when reversing to your settings and leave selector on L or it wont dip when reversing. 5. Test heated screen works. 6. If fitted Test Voice control. 7. Check that Maps are the latest version, updates are May and November www.navigation.com/vw-en Latest version as of 17/12/16 VO39598OOQQO157 ECE 2017 8. Check that DAB radio continues to function when rear heated screen is on – replacement window needed if not, rear filaments are DAB Aerial. Note if you place items on rear shelf they may damage filaments and cause this issue. 9. All “R†badges fitted, front, rear, sides or removed if Debadge requested. 10. Tinted Glass added to rear windows if ordered. 11. 5 Door only – Side Airbags fitted if ordered. 12. Dynaudio (Sub in the spare wheel and marking on tweeters located in the pillars) 13. Check Headlight washers work. 14. 15. Before you drive off the forecourt ensure any issues found as above are agreed, IN WRITING, how and when it will be fixed. Get whoever is handling it to email you at least. Final suggestion is to take a friend with you, doesn't have to be a car nut/mechanic, just someone to help you work through the list and help check lights are working. Good luck with your new beast..............
  2. Hi All, Buying a new Golf R (deposit down, still need to view it), first time every buying a performance car so would really appreciate so guidance! The car is a 2019 Golf R in Indium Grey, 19" Prets, DCC & Progressive steering. Car has covered 18k miles with 2 previous owners, it will be used approved from VW (2yr warranty) and is costing £28.5k. Is this a good buy? I plan on selling it after a year and a half, how much depreciation will I be looking at? Is there any questions I should ask or anything to be warned about please? I want to get a back box delete at some point later as because it has a PPF it sounds quieter and is only 300bhp instead of 310, will this reduction in bhp be THAT noticeable? Also want to get the alloys sprayed black as they look nicer with the grey. Any help or suggestions would be great folks! Thank you
  3. Hello everybody. I’m new to the site. I’ve had my MK7 Golf R Estate since April 2019. I had a MK6 GTD before that. Let’s see everyone’s motors! Cheers Ellis
  4. Vaggie

    golf r lovin it

    hi guys, i am a new nearly 50 year old and just purchased my 2019 golf r. apparently it matters so here are my specs: 2019 Golf R Panaramic sunroof, carbon nappa leather, dsg, 4 motion,big screeen etc, etc. im not expecting a reply, but 1 would be great. l need some advice on some parts and bits? if anyone could help that would be great.
  5. Hello Just joined the forum saying hello... 2014 R with newly fitted Milltek Cat-Back Non Res Exhaust.. (see pic) previous cars include Evo 8, R33 GTR, Sapphire Cosworth, TT Supra, Pulsar GTiR Guv
  6. J1mmith


    Hello Guys Lovely to finally be part of the family!! I picked up my 66 Plate R a week ago and its been incredible so far! (Too many smiles from the DSG)! Just wanted to know where is the best place to get a res delete from? and how much work does it take to install it? Thank you in advance! J1
  7. Bought a 2018 Golf R here in the US a little over a month ago. Walking out to the car in the parking lot the other day, I noticed something very odd. It appears I got the car from the dealer with one mis-matched tire. Three of the tires are the correct Continental tires, but one is a Pirelli P-Zero. Not sure how this happened other than a tech at the factory grabbing the wrong tire. Anyone else come across this?
  8. connzo1221

    New to this

    Hey guys just wanted to introduce myself, i have had my R for six months and love it
  9. Hello Everyone, im currently looking into purchasing a Mk7 R Manual in the new year and I wasn’t just curious as I’m a big fan of nice loud exhausts since owning my Mk4 r32 and i was just looking for some recommendations on what exhausts you would recommend for the best noise (pops and bangs) look forward to seeing your suggestions - J1mmith
  10. Hi All, New to the forum but not to owning VW's. I've just placed an order for my 2nd Golf R which should arrive in December. Spec- Deep Black 3dr Prets DynAudio Decided to drop the Vienna leather as it worked out to be an extra £40 a month and the standard black race cloth looks pretty decent. But.. I feel I may of made a mistake haha, what do you all reckon??? Im going to space the front and rear prets on this one and maybe drop it slightly with a set of Eibach springs. Cool, JJ
  11. Heaton

    New R Owner

    Hi. First golf and R ordered today and collect on Tuesday. Cannot wait after doing the test drive today. Got myself a mk7 R DSG and been reading up on here. Great forum folks.
  12. BHM17


    HI, just joined,only found out about this site today,had my golf R for 6 months now pure white manual, 2 door 2014,traded my mk5 GT diesel for it,still getting used to the extra petrol station visits,but the car is certainly worth it..
  13. Hi all 👋 Just a new member on here, thought I would say hello and introduce myself a bit. The long and short of it is about 5wks ago I sold my old civic type r and the misses traded in her vw beattle and we bought a year old golf R Estate , and I know there will be a few eyes rolled at that. Trust me I know the hatch is sexier on the eye but it was the sensible option due to the fact wee have a little year old bambino and there will no doubt be more in the future. But let's be honest there's not many cars for under 60k, that can fit your weekly big shop , a suitcase and a pram in the boot and still have the same 0-60 time as a Lamborghini Diablo 5.7 V12 😁. I am rabbiting on here abit, anyway the worst think about it is i never even got the chance to road test the car before purchase, and before it was available to collect at the dealership I had to return to work ( work away out of UK). That was 3wks ago and I am not due home for another 2wks. I have honestly read every single golf r estate review google has to offer ..... at least 27 times! I honestly can not wait to get home and drive it I am like a kid a Christmas. I've read a lot of good posts on here about advice and parts and recommeded tuners, remaps etc . And what places to avoid like the plague so thanks for that 👍 😎 .
  14. Hello All, Very excited to take delivery of a 2015 MKVII R tomorrow. I have been looking for a while to find one at the right price and found a Black one with DSG, DCC, NAV, Fender with only 12k on the clock. Coming from an E46 328ci sports package, Infiniti G37x and retaining an MKV Golf 2.5 for my work ride. Looking forward to something very different and very quick. Cheers,
  15. Hi, Had my eye on this forum for a while, helped me choose my car- I've gone for a DSG Lapis MK7 Golf R, with the Pretorias, the big nav and the toasty bum pack. Test drove a MK6 before deciding on this one, and while the 6 was awesome, the 7 just feels to be in a different class altogether (just my opinion, don't mean to offend any 6 owners!) And Launch Control made me giggle like a girly girl! Dan
  16. GarethR


    Hi all I am new to the forum and I am from SA. looking to get as much knowledge about the MK7R as possible. Greetings All.
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