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Found 12 results

  1. Hi Everybody! New Golf R Mk7.5 owner here, picking up my new pride and joy on my birthday of all days 21st December can't wait. I've attached a little pic of her to this post. Had a Polo Gti back in 2015 but also had a string of BMW's but decided to move away from the brand following poor residuals and the abundance of arrogant E9x 335d owners claiming a million Bhp off of one remap and the M4 elite who only insult other people's car choices. Looking forward to the Golf R I was very impressed with it on the test drive having driven it back to back against a 2017 Audi RS3 I have to say the Golf was 10k cheaper and decidely as much fun to drive and handled just as well. I have seen a Revo package that claims to give 500bhp without breaking/voiding warranty if anybody else is running it on here would love to pick your brains about it. I am really looking forward to this project as the car will still be a daily driver as well. Really looking forward to the coming year hopefully if you guys do meet and greets will see a few of you about. All the best, Nick
  2. Hi all, New 7.5 R wagon/estate/variant owner from Sydney, Australia here! Picked up my Lapiz Blue 7.5 R Wolfsburg wagon around 2 months ago as I need a bigger family car than my previous Audi S3 sedan. Previous to the S3 I had a MK6 R. Looking forward to learning heaps from you guys and also contributing. Here is a pic of the car after tint and ceramic pro being applied!
  3. Evening All! My name is James from York. I'm new to the forum and have owned a Manual 14 Plate R since last September. I intend to create a thread detailing the progress I make with modifying my R. I will also be reaching out for advice! I look forward to reading more posts and getting to know a few people 😊 James
  4. JaySS

    The New Guy

    Hi All, Brand new in here to day, the Name is Johnny. From Ireland, here to listen and learn also a prospective Golf R owner so looking to learn more about the do's and don't's. Love cars, use to be more into them when I was younger and had time. **Shrugs shoulders** Looking forward to the chat and bants. J
  5. Hey Guys n Gals, New member to the forum. Had been a member of the Audi-Sport.net forum for about 7 years. Just purchased my Golf R Mk7 in Deep Black. Have been in Audi's most of my driving life but decided for a change. Car will be delivered to me in the next 8 days and cannot wait!!! Look forward to chatting with fellow owners.
  6. I bought this car about a month ago, had a GTI before which was great but this is awesome, love it's well thought out i you know what I mean, great car. This is my first post so I hope this is in the right place.
  7. Hey Guys n Gals, New member to the forum. Had been a member of the Audi-Sport.net forum for about 7 years. Just purchased my Golf R Mk7 in Deep Black. Have been in Audi's most of my driving life but decided for a change. Car will be delivered to me in the next 8 days and cannot wait!!! Look forward to chatting with fellow owners.
  8. Guyver

    long time lurker

    Hi guys, currently looking for a golf r, looking at the usual vw main site, auto trader etc... anyone have any other websites they can recommend..? Also can anyone recommend a tracker? or some extra form of security as i am from west Yorkshire and these things are known to get nabbed... hope to be in one soon! coming from a f10 535d
  9. … albeit in Variant/Estate/Wagon form. Kids and dogs, you know! Just a thank you for all I've already been able to "steal" from your informative and pleasant style on these forums. I look forward to contributing once I complete my order and receive my: R Estate Limestone Grey DCC Nav 18" Cadiz (17" Dijon for winter) Cloth seats Pano roof Dynaudio Sound System Might start with some options & negotiation questions before that! FYI. I'm based in Luxembourg, Europe. Previously/currently Audi A4 Avant TFSI Quattro S (200 bhp, S-Line) & Audi A1 owner. Over and out.
  10. Hi All, I thought I ought to say hi! After probably two years looking at cars of various types I decided that a Golf R really made the most sense for me, as a car that does everything I don't think you can do better. I currently drive a modified mk1 Octavia vRS which really is a great all-rounder but it's getting to that age when a couple of things are starting to play up and I'm at an age where I can look at something newer/nicer. So I've ordered myself a Golf R estate, I keep changing my mind on colour, the original order was for Tornado Red but then I changed to White, now I keep seeing other sexy colours and thinking I like those more, I think it's probably just a case of "grass is greener" + excitement about getting the car - I'm sad that you can't get the estate with 90% tints but I think window shades or professional tints will fix that easily enough. The custom seems to be to share the spec so here goes: * Golf R Estate, White [at the moment] * Panoramic Roof * Vienna Leather * Reversing Camera * Dynaudio I went for the 18" wheels because parking/navigating on my road normally means mounting the curb, a bit of extra rubber over the 19" is useful here. I also went for a couple of accessories - the dog guard and the boot-lip protection both in aid of trying to keep the car nice for the future I put the order in a couple of weeks ago but haven't yet had any information regarding tracking/build weeks. The dealer told me it'd be a couple of weeks before they had that info and I was looking at an October-ish (Maybe November!) date. I think I've read every review and watched every video on youtube regarding stock Golf R's - so for now I'll keep myself busy by hanging out here on the forums!
  11. Hey all picked up my new R start of the week and have had two short trips in her and *loving* the experience so far. Been slammed at work all week so only getting out for a longer drive with the younglings and missus for the first time today. Looking forward to the craic in here and getting some gen too...I've been a longtime Audi user but switched after their diabolical service trying to source an S3. Glad I did! Cheers
  12. Hi all I'm thinking about buying a golf. I've been on the hunt for a new car and seen a few type r's and 4 golf r's so far but I'm already swaying towards the golf altho I had to rule the civic out as my lanky legs just don't fit lol. I'm just wondering what to look out for altho these cars are not long out so can't see there being any issues really. I'm also curious what specs are out there. I'm wanting dsg, leather, sunroof and a good entertainment system. Are all stereos in the golf the same or are there sum better than others?? Any help would be much appreciated Sean
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