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Found 1 result

  1. Hello VW R fans and owners! Our company, Interstate, is working directly with Jost Capito and the team at Volkswagen R GmbH. You may or may not know that Volkswagen R is actually a separate company to the main Volkswagen brand and we are looking to build a group that has an ongoing involvement and voice that is heard within the brand. Rather than blanket bomb a tonne of Volkswagen owners as is often the case with 'market research', Jost and the team would like us to talk directly to current VW R owners about their VW R, the experience with Volkswagen and most importantly the VW R brand - how it is currently and where we could take it in the future. So, what do we need? 10 x UK based VW R owners 10 x USA based VW R owners Your time, more specifically about 30 minutes of your time - either in person, if you are local to London or Los Angeles or over Skype / a call. What will we do? Ask you some questions, your opinion on various VW R things and get to know you a bit better. What do you get? Remuneration for your time (£/$). Ongoing involvement as part of a development in the VW R Brand. Your voice and comments heard by the senior team at Volkswagen R GmbH. How do you do it? Contact me, Ken at [email protected] and we can arrange a time to chat with the awesome team at Interstate UK or LA. Your data will not be used for marketing spam or passed on anywhere outside of VW R GmbH. Many thanks to the team at VWROC.com for allowing us to talk to you guys direct. Ken
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