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Found 3 results

  1. There's some really good home security information in various threads around the forum. I thought it might be useful to try to keep it all in one place. Admins/mods: if you think this is a waste of time or it's already been done feel free to delete this. 😄 I'll start with a question based on the recent discussion about replacing door locks with anti-snap versions. My front and back doors have three-point deadbolts which engage when you twist the handle anti-clockwise. You then have to turn the key to lock everything in place. I don't know if the cylinders in the lock are snap-proof. I suspect they're not. My question is: if I replace the cylinder with a snap-proof version will it have any effect on the deadbolt mechanism or is that completely separate from the cylinder? Thanks.
  2. Hi folks.. My R is on order and have decided to get it ceramic coated when it arrives. I've been OCD with my current GTD for 3 years and it bugs me the amount of light swirls I've managed to accumulate. The black sections of my diamond cut wheels have got a lot more fine scratches than I'd like.. Initially I was going to get a detailer to ceramic coat my wheels, but given the service they offer to correct the paint prior to coating the whole car I'm sold. I have a DA polisher - but wouldn't be brave enough to get stuck in polishing it myself so soon after getting it. I do love waxing my car - but will happily forgo it for the long term protection. I've learnt from the mistakes I've made with my GTD.. I would have used a sponge for washing the wheels (don't worry - I use a wool mitt for the rest of the car) - but will get a wo-wo mitt instead, have ordered a soft brush too which should minimize the touch on the surface. Getting to my query.. the bulk of the advise out there seems to be that once ceramic coated not to put any other product on top. Obvs wax is out the window. Is C2 liquid crystal (diluted) something I could use on top of ceramic as it's non-organic?
  3. Hi, I only have a secure off road, outdoor parking space. Does anyone have any experience of these and which brands to go for/avoid ?
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