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Found 17 results

  1. Hi, Im looking to remap my R 7.5 to stage 1. The car has a few mods including a chameleon grey wrap but its time for more power. What is the best stage 1 map out there for the price? I don't mind buying an air intake or downpipes etc. as long as the I can feel a decent upgrade in power/torque.
  2. Washed the car today and took some pics The car is a MY2015 build 3door DSG with optional extras 19 pretoria moonroof vienna leather high beam assist discovery pro el.mirror package rear back up camera cruise control (no ACC ) driving mode select (yeah thats is a option here 😕 ) some inside after dodo juice wax Had the car for 40 days now ,drives perfect. Only one problem with the paint is on the driver side ,the cap that cover the key hole is a little off with the paint but VW will change it
  3. If anybody out there is interested revo have fairly recently updated their stage 2 ecu tune. The headline power figure is the same at 401 ps, but the torque had increased 20 to 401 lbs ft. However as we all know it is what lies underneath the curve which counts and in this case the tune is considerably improved. Still testing it out but now feels like stage 2 plus, and I had no complaints about my previous tune from about two years ago. This was when they started to offer a specific 99/100 ron tune. Had to do a 160 mile round-trip but worth it. Used Volkscraft Exeter who were excellent. The TCU stage 2 tune has not been updated from a couple of years ago. Cheers Bob Ps you don't pay for the upgrade other than the installer's time. Mine came to about 130 quid and Matt was very thorough doing before and after testing. Mine took a bit longer than usual as he had no previous data for my car.
  4. Got a Set of gloss silver Revo RV019's on the way for my White R, not got them yet, But can I use the oem vw wheel bolts with them..?
  5. I've been researching into various stage 1 maps. I previously ran a tuning box on my old diesel A3, and whilst that gave a good performance boost, I'm more leaning towards a proper map this time. I'm not totally decided upon it, but thought I would get some feedback from the rest of the community. I will probably be looking into doing this in due time, once the cars factory warranty expires.... (plus time needed to save up for it) I'm not fussed really in taking it any further than a stage 1 map... I know from reading the forums that there are several reputable companies out there including REVO, APR, JF Automotive etc, but I'm also aware that sometimes the tuner simply uploads the generic supplied map to the car without any dyno checking/tweaking at all, where as at other sites they thoroughly check the car before/after and "tweak" that baseline generic map to your cars engine.. The two I'm looking at (based on my readings on various forums/websites etc) are either the REVO Stage 1 or JF Automotive Stage 1.. Both appear not to be "chasing figures" as it were, but seem to concentrate more on driveability from what reviews I've read. I've been in touch with JF Automotive and they mentioned that they check the car over fully before dynoing, then "tweak" their generic map to the cars engine.. I can't find too many reviews on here for JF Automotive maps though - does anyone have one and if so what do they think of it? My local REVO dealers are either VASMotion or MDM-Technik - what are peoples experience with them? Or if anyone has had both REVO and JFA maps - does anyone have any comparison info? I'm not in any hurry to make a decision, just looking to be as informed as possible really. PS - and before anyone suggests Rick at Unicorn development - he is the other end of the country from me so not really an option...
  6. So in August I traded my Manual 7R in for a DSG one (65 plate with 23k on clock), I bought the DSG for many reasons but mainly due to wanting to take it to Stage 1. After doing lots of research now I am slightly hesitant Would turbo failure be less likely on a car which has more miles problem free? I understand there is an issue with balancing but would this have become apparent earlier or are turbos still just as likely to blow on high miles - This goes for after going stage 1 too? I currently have 722H £1-2k is hefty (for me) so on one hand I'm thinking leave it but on the other I know there are many people out there running tunes with no issues whatsoever! A DSG map is definitely on there cards though without a doubt. ** PS apologies I know the turbo failure topic has been beaten to death 9 billion times **
  7. Folks, keen to hear from those who have gone from Revo Stage 1 to 2 - have you been happy with it? Are you full fat with cooler? Did you get the TCU tune too? What about the lower torque mount? My plan is to go stage 2 next year but undecided between just a second hand DP and map or going the whole hog. I'm wanting to stick with Revo due to the local support near me. TIA
  8. Hi guys, Im wondering who offers the best package in regards to going stage 3. Assuming I already had all the hardwhere installed for stage2. Downpipe intercooler ect. Who can offer the most competitive package for stage3. Including fitting of all parts and mapping. So a Turbo , HPFP and the tcu ecu maps to coincide with this and whatever else may be needed. Any information is appreciated! Kind regards Hassan
  9. Hi everyone, first of all, greets to everyone. I am a proud owner of the golf R 2017 DSG, currently running on Cadiz 18'' with Bridgestone tyres 225/40. I installed winter tyres Dunlop winter sport 5 on them and planning to keep this setup only for winter time. planning to buy Michelin pilot sport tyre with revo wheels but have doubts about the size. what are your opinions, to go for 18 or 19 inch? car has dcc on it also. roads in croatia are not always best so my doubt is that 19 would look nicer but i would loose comfort i have with the 18. thanks for the help, ante
  10. Evening Rolfers! This is my first post so be gentle.. Much as this incredible car doesn't need more power, I can't stop looking at the increased gained from the Revo stage 1 remap.. (I'm sure I'm not the only one) Two of my previous cars have been remapped and I've never had any problems, but they've only led to minimal bhp increase against slightly higher torque increase. My concern with the Revo map is due to the gains, what are the knock on effects likely to be in 12 months time, because I could really do without blowing the car up! I'm intrigued to know your thoughts on the risks and gains from this.. Thank you! Dan
  11. Any idea when it is? Seem to remember they usually do a Black Friday sale or am I getting mixed up? fancy stage 2 and dsg remap but obviously the sale would save a few hundred pounds so may be worth waiting for a wee bit.
  12. my local Revo dealers, wondered if anyone had used them before and cared to share their experience? thanks
  13. Hey all, I wanted to do a quick review of the Revo Stage 1 map I got recently. I have already done 100 miles on the car already since the map. Bit of a story first: I have a history of modifying cars. I have changed pretty much everything on all my previous cars and when I decided this Golf R was the one I wouldn't mess with, I kept my word for a few months until now. I absolutely LOVE the Golf R in standard form. I love how the DSG works and how comfy and refined the car is so when my local Revo dealer contacted me direct I was a bit hesitant. I didn't want to ruin the ride etc on the Golf R. My last car, a 420bhp Focus RS, had 3 maps and I was never satisfied with them. They are were generic maps and the last one I had made a loud knocking noise when on boost. I suspect it was because of our weak fuel in Northern Ireland. Anyways, the Revo dealer got to me and assured me it would be all ok. Talking to them and private mailing some members on here asking about advice on the map. So, about the stage one map, I took advantage of their Black Friday sales and also got a good deal on top of that too. The map is just simply awesome! The Golf R, although in standard form was awesome, is brutally fast and brings me back to the days when I had the RS. It is faster with the amazing grip. But it is exactly what I wanted. It is fast yet everything else is the same..the DSG doesn't hesitate, none of the points change because it wasn't a DSG tune, it is still extremely usable and still the refined car when you are taking it easy on the motorway or in town. So good that my wife doesn't know I've remapped the car. It is only until you boot it that's when you notice. It's so smooth and just pulls and pulls. The revs just go to the other side really fast! All in all- Wow it is definitely worth the upgrade. Another reason why I didn't want a tuning box is because you couldn't adjust the timing/fueling etc. Plus a few people told me not to haha. Sorry for the essay but I am sure there are other people like me wanting to know or there is something holding them back. Just go do it!!! Here are some random snaps: VW Golf R Revo by Eric C., on Flickr VW Golf R Revo by Eric C., on Flickr VW Golf R Revo by Eric C., on Flickr VW Golf R Revo by Eric C., on Flickr VW Golf R Revo by Eric C., on Flickr
  14. Probably asked a million times already but I am going to get a stage 1 remap done but can't decide on revo or apr!! Anyone help tip my opinion to one side??
  15. Installed the Revo Intake today... well.....its loud. Constant dumping noise now. Dont know if i like it or not... make your own minds up..
  16. Anyone got the revo intake? Much difference in performance/noise/economy? Hard to fit? Thanks
  17. I see a thread all too often in pretty every forum I've been a member of. Tuning box vs Remap or Remap n Tuning box vs Warranty. Lets be clear, if either is found out to have caused engine failure your warranty will be void. It maybe easier to unplug a tuning box but the likelihood of a tuning box causing issues in the first place are higher. Anyway, my point in this thread will be to log any issues by any member from either a remap or tuning box. This will be to include any engine fault codes, be it causing the car to go in limp mode or the hidden codes only shown when checked. Posts also welcome to users with a BOX or MAP whom Haven't had issues. Sample format for fault post: est Build week: 46 Map/Box: Box Company: DTUK Gearbox: DSG Issues: Car went into limp mode after 10 mins of spirited driving etc etc... Fixed under warranty: NO ^^ this was just an example it was in no way a dig at DTUK... Sample format for current box/mapped users post: est Build week: 46 Map/Box: Box Company: DTUK Gearbox: DSG Mileage ran with mod: 11K no issues. I think the likelihood of catastrophic failure these days are unlikely, this may put some minds at rest for opting for a remap or a tuning box. Thanks Adam. CURRENT TOTALS ISSUES FOUND : 0 Breakdown BOX Car Count : 0 MAP Car Count : 0 NO ISSUES FOUND : 2 Breakdown BOX Car Count: 1 Total Mod'd Mileage: 2,500 MAP Car Count: 1 Total Mod'd Mileage: 4,700
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