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Found 5 results

  1. Among failing wheel bearings and a couple of other little bugs I had my dealer look at my seats today. The passenger seat heats on 3 to roughly the same as the drivers on 1. Dealers told me as it still heats to 3 levels VW warranty would do nothing until it stops heating all together. The would not entertain it heating at a much lower level as an issue. Anybody else had similar issues?
  2. Has anybody noticed a difference in the heat of the front seats with the heaters on. Drivers seat on max burns backside, wondered how my son coped with his on max all the time. Swapped to the passenger seat and it was like the drivers seat on 1 when it was set to max. Wondering if it’s time for a trip to the stealers
  3. Hi all long time lurker infrequent poster. So so I managed to get a set of the above seats for a decent price. I have been been told several stories regarding the passenger occupancy sensor. As the seats dont don't come with airbags I can simply turn this function off with VCDS. Now do I need to retrofit a passenger occupancy sensor or can this be simply coded out? Any help much appreciated 👍🏻
  4. Hi folks, My Mrs has an Audi A3 which has pale grey seats.. I have used an upholstery cleaner in the past which has done a good job at cleaning marks, but it leaves tide marks on the seats. I was considering getting a titan wet/dry vac to pull out the damp after cleaning to see if it prevents tide marks; https://www.screwfix.com/p/titan-ttb350vac-1300w-16ltr-wet-dry-vacuum-cleaner-240v/36516 Anyone got any experience with tide marks on seats?
  5. Truth be told I wrote this post sometime ago as a few people off the forum and loads of random Golf/VAG/general car enthusiast are always asking me questions about my seats. Hence I thought the forum may appreciate my contribution, but never spell checked it so didn’t post incase the grammar police shot me down. If the car had come with Recaro option out the factory I would have no doubt ticked it off purely because they look better than any other seat and provide a level of comfort/support over a long drive that can not be matched. I’m sure there’s just as many people out there thinking the golf R seats are perfectly fine, and once my car actually arrived I really tried to keep telling myself that; trying to fight the temptation of taking brand new seats out of a brand new car. Now that it’s been done I’m so glad I followed through. No regrets. Before I could commit to changing these seats I had to be sure I wanted to own this car for more than just a few months. So my first upgrades involved a power increase, more noise (pleasant noise) and more traction via Michelin super sports (these tyres are honestly game changers!). This is where I knew the car was a keeper (until I can afford a tuned GTR, GT3RS or an F12) And this is where I found the stock seat hopeless at keeping me my body in once place when cornering very fast. My mind was made up. ANYWAYS ENOUGH BLABBER …HERES WAHAT EVERYONE WANTS TO SEE sorry in advance for being hopeless with a camera The seats are honest partly of that short list of mods that transform this car. The stock seats are pathetic in comparison: - The Recaro CS’s can be made to go lower to the ground which is nicer for a more involving seating position and if you are over 6ft like me, it’s essential! - The Recaro’s me in one place; before I would corner at high speeds or changing directions quickly (as the car is soo good at this with the Mich super sports) and I was sliding around my seat even with both hands on the steering. On the rare occasion I would have a passenger, they thought they were in a roller-coaster and couldn’t keep in one place. - I’ve gained rear passenger leg room as these seats are slimmer (not that anyone sits in the back of my car to be honest) - Substantial weight saving compared to the stock seats. And the weight saving in toward the front end of the car, so unlike removing a rear bench or spare wheel from the rear of the car, this has realistically helped the weight balance of the car. - So much more support! I drove 6 hours from midlands to Scotland with the stock seats and had to stop 4 times and was basically doing yoga style stretches at services. I did the same journey with the Recaro CS’s and only had to stop once (for fuel) and was back on road in 5 mins. The best bit is when I got to Scotland, my body didn’t feel like I had just drove for 6hours; fresh as a cucumber. It’s clear some human physiology/science has been put into the design of these seats.
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