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Found 7 results

  1. Hello. I'm currently running Revo Stage 1 with a panel filter (snow grate removed), turbo pipe and muffler delete. Is going to stage 2 worth it? Who here has been stage 1 then moved on to stage 2 with Revo with GPF? Interested to hear the pro's and con's.
  2. This is the brand new 76.0mm Golf R Mk7/7.5 Downpipe from BCS Powervalve... Following on from the demand for ultimate flow we have developed this with clients looking at up to 600 bhp in mind. Featuring the oversized 100 cell cat with an open area equivalent to an 93.0mm open pipe and the brand new 76.0mm 'Softflex' specifically developed with flow in mind having a genuine 76.0mm I.D. unlike previous 76.0mm flexis which only offer a 69,0mm I.D. To further compliment the downpipe both the catted and cat delete pipes will now be supplied with the 1200 degree titanium therma
  3. Hello VWROC, I'm Chris, originally from the UK, but based in Melbourne, Australia. My first post here, apologies for the length. I've spent a little bit of time on the forum over the last few months, picking up tips and reading this section mostly. I thought I'd start a thread and get amongst the community. Also quite nice to document the journey I've had with the car so far... Back in July last year, I took delivery of this, a late 2015 delivery Wolfsburg edition R, in Limestone Grey. They released a limited number of these over here, in hatch and wagon f
  4. Hi Guys, Recently had stage 2 ECU / TCU carried out with all the supporting hardware to suit. I've now noticed that at low RPM (1800-2300 or so) and low-medium throttle, there is a distinct whistle noise coming from the Turbo/Engine bay. This noise calms down as the engine and oil gets up to temp? I have owned the car for 2 and half years, going from bone stock - stage 1 - stage 2. The turbo / intake / car overall made all sorts of different noises when going from stock to stage 1. But this has only come on recently. Car pulls fine and doesn't seem to be acting weird a
  5. Anybody recommend a good and not extortionate detailer in the West Midland area? Im looking to get my 7R machine polished to remove swirls and marring from previous owner, I'd love to have it ceramic coated but right now thats not an option for me so a stage 1/2 (more likely 2) is all I'm looking for. Thanks.
  6. Folks, keen to hear from those who have gone from Revo Stage 1 to 2 - have you been happy with it? Are you full fat with cooler? Did you get the TCU tune too? What about the lower torque mount? My plan is to go stage 2 next year but undecided between just a second hand DP and map or going the whole hog. I'm wanting to stick with Revo due to the local support near me. TIA
  7. Was wondering if anyone on here has had a stage 1 map done by United motorsport? If so, how is it? What power did you get. Cheers
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