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Found 16 results

  1. TYRES This is just an idea to help All Members, but especially those buying and running their own R. I have no axe to grind, or preferences or links to anywhere. I am open to this being thought rubbish, or not being a good idea . My concern is to help fellow enthusiasts to avoid any unnecessary Overpaying when buying new tyres. I know it will need development & refinement after comments, and updating. I will undertake to periodically update in view of comments and new information. TYRES, vital and an awkward subject at best, a frequently asked question, and a big expense too. Many ownwers want the Best All round Tyre, or Quietest, or Best Wet road grip, or Dry Grippiest, or Track Tyre, or whatever....then there is the whole discussion over Summer vs All Season vs Winter Tyres. This question will be relevant if you live where winter temperatures stay below 7 degrees between October and March, and ice , rain and snow is frequently encountered. Individual investigations are the best solution here, but summer tyres because of their tread and compound will offer little grip and traction in snow, ice and slush and braking performance is hugely reduced in low temperatures on wet surfaces. The best All Season tyres sacrifice a little Winter (snow) performance and extreme Summer performance too. These can be a great option, especially for the UK climate, dispensing with the need for two sets of tyres. I think we’ll all agree that there can often be a big difference in the price you have to pay - maybe over £100 per set or more for the same tyres from the same source just a different Offer Week. There can be a big price difference between Main Dealer and Tyre Specialist. A Big difference between a planned replacement and emergency/ urgent purchase. It should only be in a real emergency that you are compelled to pay Top Dollar for a Tyre ( and even then it’s worth trying to barter a lower price). My idea is for a readily Available Thread on here for All Members to use to help find the best Prices for their preferred Tyres easily and quickly. So if doing on a carefully planned basis you can wait for the mega deals, maybe even buy tyres on line and have fitted later by local known Fitting specialist.. Please remember to check that everything is included: Fitting, Balancing, Valves and Disposal of old tyres. And if you are concerned about buying old stock, make sure to check the date the Tyre was manufactured, as shown on the tyre wall, prior to fitting. Also when fitting 4 new tyres it is often worth getting a full Wheel Alignment done too, (Hunter Alignment well regarded and recommended). to help get new rubber off to the best start and prevent premature/uneven wear. OR if more urgent find the best price for buying online and local fitting in next few days, Many Tyre Suppliers claim to price match, so be prepared to test this out. OR getting a specialist price and using this for Price Matching purposes. with another specialist or Dealer. I’ve done this and saved decent £ and time. AND I’m aware that not everyone enjoys spending time going to a Tyre Centre and waiting around while the job gets done.. time Costs.. Some Tyre Specialsts, eg. Kwik-Fit offer mobile fitting so at home or at work may be possible. If able to be flexible eg. Able to have done at home early morning to late evening then charge for this can be just around £10. (I bought 2 tyres from Kwik-Fit online and had at home figment. The fitter was a great car enthusiast, went the extra mile with mine and Massively appreciated working undercover in our Garage, plied with Coffee & biscuits). REMEMBER this Advice when fitting from @blower - To avoid damage by the fitter - before I get new tyres I painstakingly remove all the wheel weights b4 my trip to the tyre fitters.....did this b4 putting PS4S tyres all round on my pret's. (I remove each wheel, one by one - then use a plastic trim removal tool to prize the weights off. Best done when the wheels are cold as the adhesive on the tape is hard and is more likely to come off in one go with the weights. Clean up any residue with isopropyl alcohol /rubbing alcohol). I also accompany this with 'each wheel costs over £1000 so be careful please'......the owner then comes out and does the job, handling the wheels as if they a baby. BEST FAVOURED TYRES - just pulled from posts and chat on here; Michelin Pilot Sport 4S (19”) or Pilot Sport 4 (18”). Nb. MPS4S available in 18” size too, from Jan 2021. Goodyear Eagle F1 Supersport GoodyeearEagle Assymetrico 5 Pirelli P Zero Dunlop Sport Maxx RT2 and less so, Continental Contact Sport 5/6 Bridgestone S001. New Bridgestone Potenza Sport now May 21. Also some owners have given good feedback about All Season Tyres, eg. “Michelin Cross- Climate” when Full Winter Tread Tyres are not needed. @Penguin reports much satisfaction from Michelin Cross Climate+ which gives excellent performance at lower temperatures and snow. When to Change? In order to ensure best tyre performance, and being R drivers/owners, we may choose to ignore minimum tread guidance of 1.6mm etc and opt instead to change our Summer Tyres before or at 3mm tread depth and Winter Tyres before or at 4mm. Below this depth performance can dramatically deteriorate. When you change Tyres In an ideal world change four at once. Next best a new pair. Best guidance from Tyre Manufacturers and Suppliers May be contrary to many. (Me for one! with thanks to @Gavras and @Booth11 for updating , modifying knowledge and understanding). New Tyres should go on the Rear axle. Always have the tyres with most tread to the rear. If not, the vehicle Rear is suceptible to sudden aquaplaning, loss of grip, traction and control which may result in a sudden, unexpected spin. Further Guidance and just about everything you might ever want or need to know about Best Tyres, Summer, Winter or All Season / Cross Climate - check out Tyre Reviews on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/user/TyreReviews An Essential reference and information source, imho. If you have time, take a look, at both YT Videos and the hard Text online. TYRE SPECIALISTS, nationals only.... blackcircles.com kwik-fit.com atseuromastr.co.uk national.co.uk Asda.com Costo.com (look out for periodic £100 Off Bargain Offers) Formula One Autocentre. f1autocentres.co.uk Tyreleader.co.uk Also Independent Specialists; Camskill, Whitehaven for great deals. Camskill.co.uk And McConechys - various locations, McConechys.co.uk oponeo.co.uk. For online deals. Also look at Tyre Manufacturer’s site for and Discount Deals obtainable in addition to discounted prices from Tyre Specialists. Look out too for Cahback codes/vouchers on Cashback websites. It can all help keep your spend to a minimum. There will sadly, still be occasions in which a puncture or damage will mean no alternative to being “over a barrel” and having to pay out in full. Discount Code sites also worth a look. I guess the bottom line is the Buyer, at point of purchase, should be happy with the price they are paying. Comments and Views very welcome, please. I’m done for now. I will make efforts to keep this Original Postupdated in view of comments, new info, deals etc. So please feel free to add your latest bargain find, deal or tip. Drive safely on good tyres in the meantime, remember, any money you save by selective buying can be well spent on super unleaded, detailing products, routine maintenance, an oil change or Haldex service!
  2. Hi, I'm looking for recommendations for a good tyre fitter. Obvious concern is my Prets getting damaged so want to avoid that I'm based near Loughborough so ideally looking for something close(ish) if possible but also happy to travel for someone good. Any recommendations would be welcome. Thanks in advance.
  3. I still have the stock Potenza S001s on my 2017 R (18" Cadiz - covered about 5.3K miles) but do not get much in the way of steering feel/feedback. I wondered if changing the tyres would improve this or would it be down to bushes, camber angles, etc. I also find the Potenzas noisy and lacking in the fuel economy department. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I've just become the very proud owner of a 2017 Mk7 Golf R. It's currently wearing a set of 18" Cadiz alloys, but I would like to swap them out for a set of 19" Pretorias. I would appreciate any advice on the following: Make of Pretorias replicas recommended? Which tyres to buy (best for track days?) Any offset required to maximise track performance
  5. Tyre dressing is a regular discussion point amongst detailing enthusiasts. There are loads around but surprisingly few of them are very good. If they look good, are easy to apply etc, they tend to be lacking in longevity. And some of them are prone to slinging. If anyone is looking for very good tyre dressing that gives a really superb finish, is extremely long lasting too, easy to apply and no sling - this one is well worth a look - Hi Shine Long Life Tyre Dressing https://www.achemshop.co.uk/product/hi-shine/ I've been using it for quite a while from when it was called Quarts Tyre Dressing. Quarts is no longer around but the same product is now available direct from the supplier 'achem' under the name Hi Shine. Previously I've tried all sorts in a search for a dressing that combines a great finish with superior longevity. But, as said, if they delivered on one aspect, they disappointed on the other. So I kept returning to trusty Meguiars Endurance gel which is good but not very long lasting - 2 weeks absolute tops. Then Hi Shine came onto my radar. It's a solvent based formula, containing silicone, but thinner than most other silicone dressings, so it applies very easily - goes on more like a water based gel, but with the lovely finish and repellency you get with silicone formulas. And it lasts and lasts and lasts - product info states durability is 2-3 weeks but I would say more like up to 4 weeks, which is good for a tyre dressing. And no sling at all. Despite its slightly misleading name, it's actually incredibly versatile in terms of finish and can be anything from matt/satin - satin - gloss depending on how you apply it and how many coats you put on. For a matt finish, give a thorough wipe over after each application. For a satin finish, give a light wipe over each application, and for a shine, skip the wipe down altogether. Whatever finish you prefer one coat gives a great finish, two coats even better. I apply it using a foam pad and then wipe down lightly afterwards with an old microfibre, as I prefer a satin finish opposed to hi-shine. Usually I do two coats, time permitting. Here's how it looks: On Golf R On previous GTI And even nearly 5 weeks after application, on a very dirty car, the dressing (though diminishing) is still evident, despite the wheels being subject to some very muddy sites and conditions achem do quite a few other car products too and I have also used their Snow Storm snow foam which was very good. My preferred one is still Valet Pro Advanced but the achem one did a good job. Got pics of it on a car if anyone wants to see what it looks like. Anyway, what are other people's go-to tyre dressings?
  6. Hey all - just had my first service at nearly 1 year/15 000 km, rotated tyres front to back and checking the tread they look pretty evenly worn in to out etc. Tyres are Continental CSC5 235/35/19 inch on my 2018/MY19 Golf R wagon. I don't race it or overly flog it every single minute - largely sensible schlepping to work and back in traffic with occasional longer freeway/country trips. They seem to grip quite well, corner consistently at pretty high speed though they drone a bit on our notorious coarse-chip Aussie roads at times. But the tread-wear indicators show only about 4-5 mm to go (being generous) and makes me wonder what average tyre life is like for these tyres? Fellow R owners on here got any experience with the likely Km life you have got out of this particular model tyre?
  7. It seems like Goodyear are going all out to tackle the might of Michelin, who have been taking all the plaudits for performance summer tyres recently. They're releasing no less than 4 new tyres in short order. The Eagle F1 SuperSport comes in 3 tiers (Road, Track & Race focused), and the Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 completes the new range. SuperSport Details: https://paultan.org/2018/12/13/goodyear-eagle-f1-supersport-three-tier-uuhp-tyre/ Asymmetric 5: https://paultan.org/2018/12/07/goodyear-eagle-asymmetric-5-new-uhp-tyre-shown/ As a longtime Eagle F1 user, I can't wait to read the comparison reviews. 🤗
  8. Currently have a slow puncture so time to finally look at upgrading from the Bridgestone Potenza's (225/40/R18 Y). So far looking on Black Circles i've narrowed it down to the following: 1. Michelin Primacy 4 (Rolling Resistance: B, Wet Performance: A, Noise: 68dbs) - £110 2. Michelin Pilot Sport 4 (Rolling Resistance: C, Wet Performance: A, Noise: 71dbs) - £111 3. Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 (Rolling Resistance: C, Wet Performance: A, Noise: 67dbs) - £94 My budget cuts off at around £110 - 120 per tyre and I think I'm only upgrading the front 2 this time around (money reasons) Thoughts and experiences or suggestions would be very much appreciated!
  9. I'm looking for my winter tyres and wondered if anyone has had any experience of 19's Vredestein on their R ? There's a few threads about winter or not or all weather so this is not another on that subject, I am defo a fan and need them having used them on my last 6/7 cars. What I like to do is keep the same size and if poss speed rating so has not to involve the insurance company but obviously I don't intend doing 155mph on them. So I used Vredestein's on my A-class Merc grip in wet / snow fantastic BUT last year towards the end of the season I got eggs on 2 seperate tyres, because of this I decided not to use them this year but now I've got the R they do seem to be the only fitment available so I might have to. Or can anyone recommend any other makes WINTER only in the R fitment 235 35 R19 ?
  10. Alright guys, after some advise...coming up to renewing my tyres on my mk7R, currently have contisport contact 3 235/35/19 on now they're 165 quid a pop brilliant tyres like just wondering if anyone else has any recommendations for other brands that are just as good? Thanks
  11. Evening all, what's the cheapest place to pick the above tyres up right now for my 19" prets? I've only read good things about these tyres. Thank you 😀
  12. I've never purchased any alloys so this is a first for me and need some advice! Im looking to purchase the Momo Revenge alloys, should I look to get a tyre package with them or would it be cheaper for me to get them fitted separately? Any good website names/links are appreciated. cheers.
  13. Having just invested in a set of Nankang NS2R to fit my 18" Cadiz, I'm now wondering what track day wheels folk would recommend? The TD 1.2 seem popular and good value but the closest size to the Cadiz appears to be 18x8". Will 225's fit ok do you think? Thanks in advance!
  14. Hi all, My R is up to 16k so it's time to get some new tyres. I currently have the Bridgestone Potenza S001 and my car feels great, except if I push it too hard into a roundabout in the wet then it may catch me off guard by understeering a tad. What tyres do other people have here on their R? Has anyone had the Bridgesstone S001s before and changed to something better with more grip in the wet for instance? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated Will
  15. I'm thinking about getting shot of the OEM Potenzas as they've done about 14k miles now. Hard to say exactly how much as I run Winter tyres for 3-4 months a year but I'd guess 14k+ is about right and I tend to think, rightly or wrongly, that 15k is sort of the mark at which I need new rubber. Still well above minimum levels of tread but I started to notice a few traction control flashes this morning at junctions, on a damp road (hmm, hope it's not early signs of Haldex issues) which added to my feeling of time to change the tyres. Top rated tyres at a reasonable price seem to be the Pilot Sport 4 and PZero, Well, the Pilot Sport 4s is the absolute top but they are horrifically expensive for the extra performance. I was actually originally thinking of Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 as I've run the '2' version before on my previous car and been very pleased with the price/performance but reviews put them well behind the PS4 and PZero. Anyone here been running the PS4 (not playstation.....) on their R - what are your opinions? I'm a bit shy of Michelins as I ran PS3 on my previous car too and I really didn't think they were worth the extra money over the F1 Eagle 2's that replaced them. They only really excelled in the wet, dry was decent but road noise and economy were terrible on them. I know that the PS4 tyres are not an evolution of the PS3 but even so, the experience has put me off a bit.
  16. Morning folks, not posted on here for quite a while but the old girl's still going strong after her first birthday! Tyres.... I know there's a load of threads on this and it seems Pilot Super Sports are king, however I'm limited as to my options (long story if I explain why), SO.. I've whittled it down to Michelin Pilot Sport 4's and Dunlop Sport Maxx RT. I'm leaning towards the Michelins as they do seem to be very similar to PSS's.. has anyone got any experience of PS4s?
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