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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, Im looking to remap my R 7.5 to stage 1. The car has a few mods including a chameleon grey wrap but its time for more power. What is the best stage 1 map out there for the price? I don't mind buying an air intake or downpipes etc. as long as the I can feel a decent upgrade in power/torque.
  2. So in August I traded my Manual 7R in for a DSG one (65 plate with 23k on clock), I bought the DSG for many reasons but mainly due to wanting to take it to Stage 1. After doing lots of research now I am slightly hesitant Would turbo failure be less likely on a car which has more miles problem free? I understand there is an issue with balancing but would this have become apparent earlier or are turbos still just as likely to blow on high miles - This goes for after going stage 1 too? I currently have 722H £1-2k is hefty (for me) so on one hand I'm thinking leave it but on the other I know there are many people out there running tunes with no issues whatsoever! A DSG map is definitely on there cards though without a doubt. ** PS apologies I know the turbo failure topic has been beaten to death 9 billion times **
  3. So this will be my first time modifying a car therefore I am a little newb! At some point next year I will be going Stage 1 and will be adding the Turbo Technics Intake Hose along with it, would there be any issues with fitting the TT Hose on a stock setup and potentially leaving it for several months before the ECU map is done? I don’t have any other modifications in mind. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi guys, Im wondering who offers the best package in regards to going stage 3. Assuming I already had all the hardwhere installed for stage2. Downpipe intercooler ect. Who can offer the most competitive package for stage3. Including fitting of all parts and mapping. So a Turbo , HPFP and the tcu ecu maps to coincide with this and whatever else may be needed. Any information is appreciated! Kind regards Hassan
  5. We've updated the website to give a little more info on our Golf 7 Software. There is still much to do info wise but it's a start! https://www.unicornmotordevelopments.com/vw-golf-mk7-software-prices.html Rick
  6. For our US and Canadian friends, we are now able to offer custom remote tunes using the Cobb Accessport hand held flasher and data logging tool. We are now authorised Cobb Dealers and have Pro Tuner Status. This only available to USDM spec cars, the Accessport does not support non US Spec cars and we do not know if it ever will. We prefer our UK customers to come and visit us The Accessport is priced at 650USD + tax for the Golf GTI & R, and Unicorn custom software starts at £500. Many thanks, Rick
  7. I'm happy to say Rick and the crew have pulled out all the stops and have done a fantastic job on my 7.5R complete with DSG map and impulse ! Stage 2 hardware BCS turbo back exhaust with 200 cell cat Wagner intercooler Apr carbon intake Turbo Technics intake pipe GFB db+ diverter valve Racingline turbo delete Audi RS7 Spark plugs Note the car has only done 2000 mile !
  8. Well, I left the house at 0430 this morning for a 3.5 hour drive to BCS. The car was only serviced yesterday so its nice and fresh, and in good mechanical order, ready to receive some mods. Nige and his staff have a impressive set up and are a very friendly and knowledgeable. I was made comfortable in a nice waiting room and given Netflix and coffee to keep me happy for a few hours. I was shown the parts to be fitted beforehand as they cant be fully appreciated once woven through the engine bay, which is definitely worth while as the downpipe and resonator delete I was having fitted are truly exquisitely made. Being an engineer myself, I can really appreciate the skill that’s gone in to making both parts. Fitting took a few hours, then it was off for a test drive. Normal - slightly louder, and noticeably more pops/crackles and DSG farts. Race - considerably louder and comical pops and crackles. Basically, as I said to nige, I feel like I have had a 2 grand full system installed for half that. Plus its still switchable depending on my mood or if im attending a funeral 😄 Overall, very impressed with the product and service from BCS. 👍. Now with the hardware installed, it was a 30 min drive east to see Rick at Unicorn. Again great customer service. If I’ve got a coffee, a sofa and some car mags, I’m a happy man. The car had stage 2 map, throttle map, DSG map and ‘switchable impulse mode‘ all installed. The car made just shy of 390 bhp and 385 ft/lb. not bad considering Im on a factory intercooler. Supporting mods were... DIY modified OEM air scoop snow grate removal ram air panel filter forge intake pipe BCS 200 cell downpipe BCS resonator delete Most impressive was the power/torque curve. Very smooth and relentless power delivery. The throttle map is sweet as well, and does kind of do away with needing a pedal box, although I may keep it as I like playing with the settings, again, mood dependent. The dsg tune has made the normally redundant sport mode totally useable and has obviously upped the clamping pressure to deal with the extra torque. On to impulse mode... 😉 it’s truly comical. Had lost of fun on my way back, going through rush hour traffic in Glasgow sounding like I have anti-lag installed, or im letting off short controlled bursts with a Uzi 🤣 again its switchable, so you can just use it when the mood takes you. It is very loud though, even with a standard back box. I’ll try to get the mrs to film us going through the Clyde tunnel 😉 it’s definitely not suitable for use at a funeral 🤣🤣🤣 Again, I would recommend Unicorn. Very knowledgeable about this platform and very good maps. So another 3.5 hour drive home, and I can now say Im now happy with my car and am going to spend no more money on it! with the exception of a set of PS4s. And a couple of little cosmetic jobs. And probably a load of other stuff I’ve not thought of yet 😄 Lew.
  9. A New feature is now available for the Golf 7/7.5R Audi S3 8V Cupra 280/290 etc. Switchable impulse mode using mode selection. By selecting Race/Dynamic/Cupra mode you will enable impulse mode (crackles). The impulse mode is fully temperature controlled, it will not work if the engine is too cold or too hot, or if the catalyst temperature is too hot. The length and aggressiveness can also be adjusted at the time of software install. Video shows it in action on a Miltek resonated system https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oqg8qE18s0A Thanks, Rick
  10. Custom mapping (dyno) done on the Golf by Unicorn Motor Developments in Stockport. Car was running an email style map (Celtic tuning stage 1) when I got it and with the scorpion catted downpipe, TT inlet hose the car made a baseline run of 340HP / 390lb I asked Rick for following from the car: - Remove deadspot from the go pedal - More aggressive throttle mapping in all modes - NO pops and bangs - ECO mode to be running stock VW map with stock boost, just modified for the hardware changes which don't really effect running, ideal for motorway cruises as it will return around 40mpg - Race mode to be all out - Make the torque curve flatter, so the car does not feel as flat up top. The results as above, just from the custom mapping, a good 30-40HP gain after 5000rpm and gains beginning from 3500rpm. Too drive its an improvement for sure, its smoother and now the car is enjoyable to rev out, before it felt a little too manic around 3000rpm, which meant the car felt really flat beyond 4000rpm and doing a kickdown at say 70mph the car picked up but was a little flat. Now doing a kick down and it feels absolutely bonkers and just flies off down the road, the power in the top-end is night and day improvement. Also the MPG now seems greatly improved when driving it hard which is also a bonus. Below is a quick LC run, launch control is now so easy and feels so gentle on the car. I also noticed my front wheels spinning at Pod on Sunday, was told to check the Haldex filter (none service item) and it was as expected gunked up, so all cleaned and now as you can see in below video the car just hooks up with just a chirp of the wheels and no bogging. I ran a [email protected] without LC at the Pod before this custom mapping. Rick the tuner, who runs a stage 1 on his car which made 359/360 on same dyno said his runs [email protected] with LC at Pod. He says a none LC run should now net me around an [email protected] and an LC run will be around 11.5s in the quarter mile and around 120mph terminal. It feels silly quick and I've never owned a car that was so fast for so little horsepower, its uncanny how quick this thing is. One very happy customer, such a shame the Pod has closed now until next year, was hoping to bag some 11's
  11. Hi Guys I'm new to this forum so I hope you enjoy my first post. I took delivery of my new 7.5R back in July I took the car straight to JJB motors in York and had the following fitted. Racingline Big Brake Kit. Racingline Street sport plus suspension Racingline turbo muffler delete Turbo Technics large bore intake hose Apr carbon intake Wagner intercooler Cosmetic mods. Oettinger roof spoiler Black vinyl wrap roof Next up BCS are taking my car as a template vehicle on the 4th Sept because as we all know the 7R exhaust outlets are not the same as the 7.5's so Nigel & Dave at BCS are developing there awesome well regarded turbo back system to fit the 7.5R's, currently only milltech offer a system to fit. Then from BCS it's straight to Rick at Unicorn for some stage 2 treatment !!
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