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Found 8 results

  1. On the verge of having Autowatch Ghost fitted to my 7R so I’ve been looking at reviews online but I stumbled upon this video of a bypass, they guy has uploaded 2 instances of him doing this on YouTube https://youtu.be/Q97TDEfJASY Can anyone confirm if this is a known bug, if so hasn’t it been patched? Seems to only be this guy so might be an error in his system.
  2. I haven’t used my OBDEleven in a few months but went to try it and got a “Device is not authorised” message every time I was trying to connect and couldn’t find much help online Went on the in app message section under the help tab and I was asked for proof of purchased (bought from them via eBay) and was told my device has now been authorised! Not sure why they have done this but may help any others out there.
  3. So I own a 7R and have driven a S3, both felt pretty similar to drive but the Audi steering feeling a bit vague IMO Has anyone driven the Cupra 300? If so how does the driving feel compared to the S3 & R? I have only seen 2 on the road in person. I know they are all virtually the same car underneather and just tarted up but would be interesting to hear about the driving feel, I’m sure I can remember reading the seat has sharper handling. The interior on the seat though 🤢🤢😂 but I suppose you get what you pay for... For me the S3 saloon exterior is king but I prefer the Golf interior layout far more but it’s without question that the Audi is the better quality interior.
  4. Hi guys , im new to the forum. I have a mk7 golf r and i am currently running a jb4 with a resonator delete, vwr600 intake , silicone hose and turbo inlet elbow from racingline. I would like to get a downpipe next ,but im not sure as to which would be the best for not throwing any cel lights up. Do you need a sports cat such as the bcs 200cell cat or can you just purchase a a downpipe without the cat. Cheers for any help in advance.
  5. Seeking decent independent VAG specialist garages around Sunbury/Feltham/Staines/Twickenham/Heathrow areas. Car (not my 7R) is out of warranty and I do not trust main dealers and will avoid them at all costs (due to past experiences). I tried searching the forum for existing threads on recommended indy garages but it returned 0 results. I then moved to Google and found a few in the area, just wondered if anyone had any experiences to share with these? Thanks in advance! http://www.vagtuneservices.co.uk/content/servicing-and-mot http://www.boxermotorworks.co.uk/vw-servicing/ http://www.vagtek.com/prices.html
  6. Thread with more information on Westside VW 2017 - 24 Sept 2017, Sunday. It is the show's 10th anniversary this year. We can use this space to discuss the meet and form plans and perhaps convoys? I attended last year and it was a pretty chilled event with some nice cars. All marques of VAG are welcome and there is a separate space for other makes which included some rare beasts from BMW, Mercedes etc. Mind you, the cricket ground was full by 1100hrs so it is a good idea to arrive early. Entry is £10 (no advance bookings, pay on gate) and gates open at 0900hrs. For an extra £5 you can also participate in their Show and Shine contest with prizes from sponsors. Website with more information and videos etc from past shows: http://westsidevw.co.uk/ Map and Location: http://westsidevw.co.uk/westside-treffen-2015-page/westside-treffen-directions-map/ *I am NOT affiliated with the organisers* - but I do know some other groups that plan on convoying from South London/Surrey side. Pics:
  7. Good Afternoon Everyone, That time again for me to fill the thread feed with another Meet Thread Date: Saturday 20th August 2016 Location: The Fairmile Pub Cobham KT11 1 BW Time: 18:00pm Onwards we have a few 32's turning up a lil earlier so they can park together so feel free to come down from 17:30pm Come join us at a NEW Time and at our NEW venue... The Fairmile Pub In Cobham. We have been given access to the Big Field in front of the Pub, They also have a Tarmac carpark if you're scared of grass!! https://youtu.be/wyTDlgRtaCg I have created event pages on various VAG groups on FB so hopefully we'll get some good numbers. As always everyone is welcome The Fairmile is located 5 minutes from the M25 junction 10 (A3) *THERE IS NOW AN INSTAGRAM PAGE FOR THESE MEETS!!* Search @kkr32s Last time we had a good turnout with some great cars and a nice number of new faces with some lovely cars. Still a couple of newbies showing some interest so get yourselves down guys/gals and put a face/car to the name. Get your names on the list and let's make this meet bigger and better than last time Looking forward to it guys... See you all there Chris
  8. Anyone going to Dubshed in Belfast this year? http://dubshed.com
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