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Revo Stage 1: Quick Review

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Hey all,


I wanted to do a quick review of the Revo Stage 1 map I got recently. I have already done 100 miles on the car already since the map.


Bit of a story first:


I have a history of modifying cars. I have changed pretty much everything on all my previous cars and when I decided this Golf R was the one I wouldn't mess with, I kept my word for a few months until now.


I absolutely LOVE the Golf R in standard form. I love how the DSG works and how comfy and refined the car is so when my local Revo dealer contacted me direct I was a bit hesitant. I didn't want to ruin the ride etc on the Golf R. My last car, a 420bhp Focus RS, had 3 maps and I was never satisfied with them. They are were generic maps and the last one I had made a loud knocking noise when on boost. I suspect it was because of our weak fuel in Northern Ireland.


Anyways, the Revo dealer got to me and assured me it would be all ok. Talking to them and private mailing some members on here asking about advice on the map.


So, about the stage one map, I took advantage of their Black Friday sales and also got a good deal on top of that too.


The map is just simply awesome! The Golf R, although in standard form was awesome, is brutally fast and brings me back to the days when I had the RS. It is faster with the amazing grip.


But it is exactly what I wanted. It is fast yet everything else is the same..the DSG doesn't hesitate, none of the points change because it wasn't a DSG tune, it is still extremely usable and still the refined car when you are taking it easy on the motorway or in town. So good that my wife doesn't know I've remapped the car. It is only until you boot it that's when you notice. It's so smooth and just pulls and pulls. The revs just go to the other side really fast!


All in all- Wow it is definitely worth the upgrade. 


Another reason why I didn't want a tuning box is because you couldn't adjust the timing/fueling etc. Plus a few people told me not to haha. 


Sorry for the essay but I am sure there are other people like me wanting to know or there is something holding them back. Just go do it!!!


Here are some random snaps:


23345438840_6e980f06e3_z.jpgVW Golf R Revo by Eric C., on Flickr

23014058283_7785ef9bb3_z.jpgVW Golf R Revo by Eric C., on Flickr

23014058823_c8893e1faa_z.jpgVW Golf R Revo by Eric C., on Flickr

23558711831_7a2c5491a8_z.jpgVW Golf R Revo by Eric C., on Flickr

23641143605_ded37a519f_z.jpgVW Golf R Revo by Eric C., on Flickr

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Just had the same and agree totally, it's awesome! Although I still worry about conflicting reviews on clutch problems.

Guess time will tell..to be honest I drive like a granny anyways..i only use the power when some taxi man is tailgating me lol..hence why I am getting a constant 37mpg lol

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Nice Review, I'm torn between too many choices on maps. I too registered with revo to get the Black Friday Sale Voucher, so do you get any hardware with Revo Stage 1 Tune or do you have to buy your own switchable obd port thingy (sorry couldn't think of the proper name lol)

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Nice Review, I'm torn between too many choices on maps. I too registered with revo to get the Black Friday Sale Voucher, so do you get any hardware with Revo Stage 1 Tune or do you have to buy your own switchable obd port thingy (sorry couldn't think of the proper name lol)

No you get nothing..its an eco refresh so they plug their system into the car and map it through that


You are talking about the SPS switch which is an additional £120. I might get this in the future because of the anti theft features on it :)

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    • By Golphin
      I'm currently running Revo Stage 1 with a panel filter (snow grate removed), turbo pipe and muffler delete. 
      Is going to stage 2 worth it?  
      Who here has been stage 1 then moved on to stage 2 with Revo with GPF?
      Interested to hear the pro's and con's.
    • By purplepulser
      So I've just come back from MRC Banbury, after having the full intake hardware fit treatment, including muffler delete, along with their Custom Stage 1 ECU and TCU remap.
      I can safely say I'm so impressed with the results.
      After intake stuff fitted

      Car sitting waiting to go on the Dyno, it was a fantastic day weather wise. Clear blue skies and sunny, but cold. Good for intake temps.

      Dyno Results
      Power wise, from stock run with intake hardware fitted, it made 323ps. 
      After the 2nd dyno run following the remap, it made 395ps.
      Torque, from stock, it made 413.89Nm (305.27lb ft)
      After the 2nd dyno run following the remap it made 547.63Nm (403.91lb ft)

      One the brakes side of things, I decided to assess the direct OEM replacement hooked discs all round, along with braided lines from HEL. Pads, I've gone with Ferodo DS3.12 for the front, and Ferodo DS2500 for the rears.


      I purchased this totally stock car back in Dec 2020, and although it was quick, I always felt it was holding back a lot. An example of this is that I could be on a dual carriageway doing 50mph for instance and floor it, and it would pick up speed ok (relatively speaking) but there didn't seem to be any urgency to it. I always got the impression it was constantly restricting the boost and fuel, deliberately limiting power, just to maintain its factory output figures. In stock form, most of its speed seems to be concentrated in bursts from standstill up to about 60mph. 
      I had some time to test the results on my 100 mile drive back home!
      Now, its completely different. Everything about it is urgent. From standstill, not using launch control, it really punches in the power, and the DSG shifts are now more aggressive and quicker. I now get the sense of being pushed back in the seat while accelerating in every gear. The power delivery doesn't stop either, it just keeps going until it hits the rev limiter and then upshifts.  If I put it in manual mode, it is just that, and it wont upshift until I change and will bounce off the rev limiter.
      And then there is the noise. I can hear much more of the intake noises. Makes a massive difference. Oh and it pops and bangs a lot more in race mode!
      I don't have a draggy, so I can't test its 0-60 times, but I imagine its going to be less than 4 seconds.
      Looking forward to Mallory Park on Thursday.
      What does everyone think? Any questions, let me know.
      As always, let me know of any further recommendations.
    • By wolverine
      So, buy a car for driveability or for interior and looks...who wins?  Thoughts?
    • By DadRacer
      *** UPDATE ***

      Advert will be closed for offers on Sunday 24th January 11:59pm 2021.  --------------------   I have owned and LOVED this car for about 6 months.  It's in Immaculate condition inside and out and evidently cared for. I've recently turned 40 so naturally, I'm looking for something more sporty, less doors, bigger engine, yadda yadda.   About 4 months ago, it had; + Revo Stage 1 GPF Remap + Revo Carbon Air Intake (Full Kit) + Revo (Alcon) Big Brake System + Finished off with the unmistakable Akrapovich Titanium Exhaust System. This was acquired brand new at the time, so only 4 months old. Full ceramic 2yr paint coating 3 months ago. MIchellin Pilot Sport only a few hundred miles on them.  
      12,000 miles covered. Full VW Service History. Had new spark plugs and oil change with the remap at Votex, Cheshire. Having oil change and Haldex oil change next week.  
      Really reluctant to part with but will await the right buyer. Never dyno'd, never tracked. Absolutely cherished.   As this is an ad in a forum, you'll already know all about this car. You'll already know that a Revo Stage 1 will extract the best out of the EA888 engine safely.   You'll also be able to work out how much has been spent on Revo Hardware to complement the remap and know that the Akrapovich Titanium Exhaust is rarer than rocking horse poop.   No optional extras, but as you will know, they have a lot of kit as standard.   I have all the original parts that the Revo ones replaced as well as the original Exhaust.   NOTE I've been asked many times if I'd sell the Akrapovich separately. Reluctantly, I would, but it think it would be a tragedy as this is a rare setup and would devalue the car. Open to offers, maybe even a part-ex up to the value of £7k  

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