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    • By Hi Ho Silver
      Hi folks, 
      Proud new owner of a mint, low-mileage R over in Northern Ireland. Got it for a steal and best car I've owned by a country mile. 
      Idea of Spec: Reflex Silver, manual, all-black interior (headliner, piano black dash), black cloth seats with grey alcantara, gloss black calipers & panoramic sunroof. Love the black and silver😀
      Looking forward to a bit of chat and seeing a few other cars!
    • By Aucky
      Right then. 2 Weeks after picking it up I'm ready to give the new Golf a thourough detail. 
      No editing or arty pics here I'm afraid, just an old point and shoot camera!
      Here it is: 

      First job, wheels.


      Generally mucky, Golf R front brakes are VERY dusty!


      Wheels were jetwashed, soaked in 1:10 solution of AF Imperial, and agitated with a range of brushes. Despite the wheels being off the car, the EZ brush was necessary to reach the groove that sits behind the spokes. 



      Rinsed off

      Doused in CarPro Iron-X
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