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Mk7 R - How to fit a DTUK PedalBox

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I have the new version set on sport + 2 red lights as per Rebecca's recommendation & that does seem to be the sweet spot.  I don't see the need to pay extra for the app version unless you're the type who likes fiddling with settings frequently - as far as I'm concerned it's a fit & forget (at least until you turn it off for servicing) upgrade.

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Fitting a DTUK PedalBox   Having decided to fit a DTUK PedalBox to wake up the throttle, I have done a bit of a photo installation guide. Firstly here is the 'official' DTUK fitting video, b

I've just fitted the Pedal Box following the instructions above. I removed the trim panel and the driver's cubby which made it really easy to connect. Set it at Sport with +2 and, bl**dy hell, what d

OK, it's official. My wife has endorsed the pedal box - "you just push the pedal .... and it goes!". Big smiles all round.

Have only had the car a week but immediately noticed there was a “dead spot” when initially depressing the accelerator, so bought the DTUK box and it hasn’t long arrived. Immediately went to fit it. I went via the cubby storage way. I was initially worried as it does take “some force” to remove it, and was worried that I was going to snap something, but luckily it came off all intact.

Having removed this I then went to undo the red plastic clip. As others have mentioned, it’s a nightmare🤬as it’s so awkward using one hand🥵

I eventually used a screwdriver to push in and up and then it released😤It was the easiest method that suited me.

Plugging in the new connectors was straight forward as long as everything was lined up properly. Took me about 15min but that was purely due to me being cautious and it was more awkward than difficult.

Have just tested it on “amber”+1, and I was shocked how much of a massive difference it made to the throttle response😀The dead spot has totally gone, and to be honest this is how it really should’ve come from the factory.

Will play about with the settings over the next few days to find the right one for me.

Thanks for the write up and pictures on here by Bec, it certainly helped👍🏻
Would say it was “well worth” the money and perseverance.

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    • By banana_man
      Evening everyone,
      Stupid question of the day but when I input my car details I'm not sure why it gives me 4 engine types for my car.
      I was under the impression my 2015 DSG had 300 bhp but according to the site there is a 280, 290, 300 and 310 variance.
      The kit I'm interested in is the DTUK Pedal Box Plus but I assume it's the same product for all those versions?
      The more I think about it the more that sounds right, right?
    • By george@BMS
      Pedal tuners now in stock. You can select the VW model from the link below.
      Eliminate pedal lag with 3 tuned modes and six sensitivity adjustments within each mode.
      Works on stock cars, flashed and piggy back fitted.

      Watch this video in order to know how to do the calibration.
    • By redphaser
      PedalBoxUSA.com recall notice for PedalBox+ units
      Hey all,
      So it looks like something is up with the PedalBox+ units. I just bought a PedalBox+ for my R from pedalboxusa.com last week (thankfully it hasn't arrived, yet) and while checking the site I saw this:
      Here's the text of the warning:
      I haven't seen anything on the original www.pedalbox.com site, but this is definitely worrisome until more information comes out.
      Figured I'd post this here just to make everyone aware since it doesn't seem like they sent out a notice to their customers (I definitely did not receive an email).
      They're also using the word "recall" but so far it just looks like they've suspended sales and haven't actually issued a recall quite yet. There's certainly nothing official from the manufacturer that I can find.
      I've just sent them a message on their website contact page for more info so hopefully I'll know more soon.
    • By MK7RLAPIZ
      I hope someone cal help please!
      So I got home tonight and decided to fit my DTUK pedal box that I had been running on my previous car (MK7 GTI) without any issues whatsoever.
      After fitting the box I turned the car on and it wouldn't start at all, started making strange ticking sounds from engine bay and "ACC error" "Handbrake error" both came up on dash along with a CEL.
      So I took the pedal box completely off and put everything back the way it should be and the car started fine first time but the CEL hasn't gone and I have had the car off and back on a few times with it sitting up for 45 mins already. My DSG is also acting really strange now, it's very jerky on manual downshifts or if I leave it in D it is climbing into the highest gear possible (4th @ 20mph).
      Anyone else experienced this?
    • By Booth11
      I've had my R 4 months now. It's been driven in on varying roads, in varying conditions and happy to say it has not disappointed and for the most part has exceeded my expectations. The only aspect I find a little lacking, and continues to bother me, is that well known inch of non-responsive throttle pedal travel.  At its worst in Drive, whilst the effect is reduced and the response slightly improved in D- manual and S-manual, it is nevertheless still present and continues to niggle.
      Therefore I'm thinking of getting a DTUK Pedal Box to overcome the dead inch 'numbness', and sharpen the throttle response overall. Before I bite the bullet, it would be very helpful to hear from any DSG drivers who have, or have had, the DTUK pedal box fitted to their DSG R. Would like to hear your honest views - good, bad or indifferent, any advantages/disadvantages, issues you may have experienced, if you've had a pedal box and removed it - why?  - all comments welcomed whatever they may be.  
      Look forward to your reviews. Many thanks.   

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