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11 hours ago, CarlosCanizares said:

Thanks, Rich.


BTW, regarding bolt ons, the normal route of DP, IC and stock airbox with drop in and removed snow guard isn’t a waste on a Map 6 JB1, correct?


 You run simpler bolt one on yours if I’m not mistaken. 


JB4 is better suited for running a DP & IC, you'll get better use of those mods, but the right map 6 will still see good gains on JB1.


I only run a Turbo Technics hose, Ramair panel filter & snow grate removed, so quite basic.

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4 hours ago, CarlosCanizares said:

I modified it for the fact many local enthusiasts, tuners from across the brand spectrum and even George Smooth himself agree that our “best” gas of Chevron 94 is only on par or sometimes worse than Shell 91, based on logs he’s seen.


Thanks of something called a Nexus pass, I can really quickly zip across the border to Blaine, Washington where they have Shell 92. George said I can safely try 5.2 in the higher RPMs, but just to log them and see. Haven’t been able to do that since my R is insured only for the summer and I ran out of it lol.




Don't forget that UK cars have a differnt injection system and fuels are slightly different, so my map 6 is not directly comparable for you guys over the pond.


But I have a load of different map 6 settings, just that people seem to have taken my 'custom 5' map 6 and used it with good results, some people then tweak from that to suit their car and driving style which is what makes JB1 so good.

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My first post here - plus digging-up an old thread, but wanted to give my impressions of running a JB1 on a 19-Plate Cupra Ateca.


My JB1 Rev2 was purchased used via Ebay last-September. It came in pretty much as-new condition with data-cable included for less than £200.


I have been running the following conservative map 6 settings for past 3-4 months.

1500 - 0

2000 - 1

2500 - 1.6

3000 - 2.2

3500 - 2.8

4000 - 3.4

4500 - 4

5000 - 4.4

5500 - 4.4

6000 - 4.4

6500 - 4.4

7000 - 4



*Fitting was relatively easy, even with my big and clumsy hands. The under-tray definitely needs to be removed on Ateca.

*JB1 has been completely-reliable. No error-codes whatsoever (checked with OBDeleven).

*Even with above conservative settings, performance gains are really noticeable. There have been no adverse side-affects to smoothness or gear-changes. The car really pulls.

*I have been tempted to up the settings to 4.6 or 4.8, but do not want to overly-stress the engine. The latest "R's" produce a little more stock torque than mk7's, so unsure whether it is safe to add quite so-much boost. 


Question: Are any other 2019/2020 mk7.5 R owners still running a JB1, and if so what map settings do you use? I know that many have moved/upgraded to JB4's, but I like the simplicity of the JB1-install.

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I’m running a jb1 on my 68 plate 7.5 Gti performance, same box and software as yours.
I’m manual transmission but running slightly stronger settings than you. Don’t have them to hand.
I bought the Bluetooth unit so easily adjustable with my phone using the app.
Done over 3000 miles so far and it’s been excellent.

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16 hours ago, Jeff R said:

I’m interested in getting a JB1/4 for my 2019 OPF 7.5R, any more feedback from owners with them ... are they worth it & reliable ? 

No problems with my JB1 after 3-4K miles. With a JB1 the car runs "stock" unless you are using full-throttle, so for 99% of the time the emissions will also be stock.


I think the JB4 works more off of the throttle-sensor, so boost is relative to throttle-position. This may explain why many people quote smoother/more-progressive power-delivery, but it will also run above stock-boost for more of the time.


Whether stock or tuned the OPF's should be absolutely fine so long as car is warmed-up before mashing the fast-pedal.



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5 hours ago, CupraJoe said:

With a JB1 the car runs "stock" unless you are using full-throttle,

Surely that’s not correct information ? 
so unless your flat out the JB1 gives you nothing & zero gains? 

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Surely that’s not correct information ? 
so unless your flat out the JB1 gives you nothing & zero gains? 

The jb1 is only active when your actually making boost,
So 1500 rpm upwards it’s doing something but increases as boost increases.
Not active on overrun or idle.
If that makes sense.

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30 minutes ago, marshy said:

The jb1 is only active when your actually making boost,
So 1500 rpm upwards it’s doing something but increases as boost increases.
Not active on overrun or idle.
If that makes sense.

Yeah that makes more sense, I couldn’t see it only working on full throttle 


is your JB1 for your GTI PP with OPF compatible with my R with OPF?

if so hurry up & get a map so I can buy it 😆😂🤣

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14 hours ago, marshy said:

That bad news a friend is 99% sure he’s having it.
But yeah a jb1 Rev 2 with the latest firmware is the same for Gti and R.

Proper gutted mate, give me a message if he changes his mind 

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I was unclear within my earlier post. The JB1 remains inactive until boost hits >9psi. This means that when driving normally (low / part-throttle) the car drives and feels as-stock. I can only "feel" the JB1 in-action when the accelerator is pressed past half-way. I quite like the way this works.

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Proper gutted mate, give me a message if he changes his mind 

I will let you know if anything changes, he just picked his 19 plate S3 up yesterday so I’m sure he’ll get it today or tomorrow.

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    • By smokeR
      Evening folks,
      2019 Golf R 7.5 opf
      Got the jb1 installed this afternoon. Once car was jacked and undertray removed all fitted in 10 mins with the only fiddly bit being the cam sensor (i think) total swine to get to.
      Car started first time with no error codes thrown. Idles same as std and all sounded good. Went for first little drive - about 5 miles and felt a bit underwhelmed. Got out switched off car for minute or so while went to shop. Got back it and drove 30 through town to the bypass. WOT on slip ramp in second and boom! 
      No not the turbo going!! A good lump of extra torques was felt as car pulled hard through gears to about fast ish. Top end of rev range is much improved too. 
      I feel the car now has the mid range punch it was badly missing. 
      Tried a launch and could feel the car pulling power. Maybe a dsg tune would help with that.... more testing required my end.
      When manually launching the car the first gear pull is grin worthy!. 
      The R will be getting fully stage 2 mapped eventually but for £145 for the jb1 im very impressed. 

    • By warpigroadkill
      I hit a Pheasant yesterday and it's dented and creased my bonnet so I thought that I'd hop on here and see if any one has one for sale? My car is 2014 and Lapiz blue. The rest of the car is fine it's just the bonnet that I'm looking for. If anyone knows anyone breaking a car and has one that would be awesome. 
    • By GuyKitch
      Not sure this car needs much introduction on here, but if you're not familiar - please read the project thread
      If you are a proper driver, and looking for a seriously f***g fast car, that handles as well as it goes... this is for you.
      I bought this car with the objective of creating a true 4WD drivers car, inspired by the crazy Group B rally era.
      I did my research and found a car with a great factory spec, a rarity on these, including:
      • Satellite Navigation
      • Carbon Nappa Leather Heated Seats
      • Rear Parking Camera
      • Panoramic Sunroof
      • Adaptive Xenon Lights (turn with the steering wheel)
      • Automatic Dimming Beams
      • ...And more
      The car was originally purchased in April 2016 on only 13,000 miles with 1 previous owner. So a great starting block to create my ultimate car...
      Fast forward a month and the car was remapped using APR Stage 1 software, giving it a respectable 360hp and 360lbft. The car ran an updated Organic clutch at this point, but soon found out that this wouldn't hold the torque. At this point I had also added huge Brembo 8 pot calipers and 365mm discs, Team Dynamics Pro Race wheels, VWR Springs which were later sold and upgraded.
      A month or two further in, and the car was updated with Stage 2 software and made a respectable 390hp and 420lbft with bolt ons (intercooler, downpipe, exhaust, intake, DV+, plugs, map). Whilst the car was in, we also fitted a Sachs 6 puk paddle clutch to hold the additional torque.
      In October 2016, the opportunity to push the limits on this car came my way. VRS Performance and Turbo Technics worked together to produce a 550HP hybrid 'V2' turbo and the car went in for a full fat Stage 3 package and came out with a very respectable 560HP and 550LBFT. This was huge in the MQB tuning community and the car made headlines everywhere. People were definitely shocked at the capability of these cars and it sparked massive interest in the hybrid turbo market. The reason you see a lot of tuned R's knocking around today is partly down to the money I spent on development and the popularity this car had all over social media. Once again we had to make some further hardware changes - for example we had to once again upgrade the clutch to a Sachs 4-puk paddle to hold the huge torque figures.
      We also looked at the chassis and handling of the car, so it was upgraded with a catalogue of parts, including 3 way adjustable Cup coilovers (can be adjusted track side with no tools), camber plates, drop links, every uprated mount and bush, roll bars, and sticky Yokohama AD08Rs... and boy did the car handle. It was difficult to find the limits on UK roads.
      I ran the car at this spec for 18 months and 20,000 miles. It was the ultimate daily driven car, still giving that refinement but went like an absolute rocket ship. Servicing was every 4-5k max and was meticulously maintained.
      Fast forward to June 2017 and it was time to up the ante. We specced an engine and wanted to push the boundaries once again. After a lot of discussion the car went in for a full engine build in late 2017 with the aim of a reliable 650hp. We used only the best engine parts and engine builders, and by May 2018 the car was built and back on the road, with some great new upgrades such as Alcon 380mm brakes and new lightweight OZ Ultraleggera HLT wheels.
      It was revealed at Coventry Motofest 2018 as a demo car, albeit on a running in map! I ran her in myself over 800 miles, all different roads, scenarios and explored the rev range somewhat to ensure she was properly run in for the boost to be unleashed.
      VRS and MRC worked together to create a custom fuel system to work with the turbo, which took nearly 6 months to perfect. After some fine tuning and plenty of discussion, the car made a whopping…
      822NM (or 610lbft)
      The way this car comes on boost and propels you down the tarmac is something to be believed - and being a manual, the power delivery is unlike any other Golf R out there today.
      A true 200mph monster.
      • Mahle 83mm Pistons
      • Integrated Engineering Tuscan I-Beam Rods
      • Race Developments EA888 Cylinder Head
      • APR Valve Spring Kit
      • ARP Head Stud Bolts
      • ARP Rod Bolts
      • Turbo Technics Custom V5R Turbo
      • VWR Oil Management System
      • VWR Oil Cooler System
      • Neuspeed HI-FLO Turbo Discharge Conversion Pipe Kit
      • VRS Custom Fuel System
      • VWR Oil Filter Housing
      • Loba Motorsport HPFP
      • Modified APR LPFP
      • VWR R600 intake
      • GFB Diverter Valve+
      • 3 Bar Boost Pressure Sensor (MAP Sensor) inc. loom
      • Custom Rear section with Titanium tips
      • Milltek Center Pipe
      • Scorpion 3” Downpipe & Decat
      • NGK Racing Competition Plugs
      • Turbo Technics Intake Hose
      • Wagner Competition Intercooler
      • Roose Motorsport Coolant Hoses
      • AEM Water Methanol Injection Kit
      • MRC Custom Software
      • VWR TrackSport Monotube Coilover Suspension
      • VWR Adjustable Droplinks
      • VWR Adjustable Camber Plates
      • VWR Lower Engine Mount
      • VWR Torque Link
      • VWR Solid Engine Mount
      • VWR Dogbone Mounts
      • VWR Subframe Mounts
      • SuperPro Aluminium Lower Control Arms
      • 034 Motorsport Solid Rear Sway Bar 22mm
      • 034Motorsport Spherical Rear Anti Roll Bar Links
      • SuperPro Front Wishbone Bush Kit
      • KW ‘DCC Delete’ Kit
      • Aluminium Subframe Kit
      • VWR Gearbox Mount
      • VWR Short Shifter Kit
      • Helix Twin 4-Paddle Sintered Clutch Kit and Flywheel
      • OZ Ultraleggera HLT ET41 19x8.5 in Gold wrapped in brand new Yokohama AD08Rs
      • Alcon 6 pot Monoblock front calipers in Motorsport grey
      • Alcon 380mm two-piece J hook discs
      • Ferodo DS2500 front pads
      • 355mm Vagbremtechnic rear J hook discs
      • EBC "NDX" Rear Pads
      • Goodridge Lines all round
      • Carbon Wing Mirror Caps
      • Heko Wind Deflectors
      • Blacked out body
      I have over £40,000 invested in this car over the last 3 years, and have invoices totalling over nearly £35,000 at one independent specialist alone which will be supplied upon viewing.
      Another £10,00+ has been spent on brakes, wheels, custom exhaust setup
      and other parts.
      The engine has done 8,000 faultless miles since the build and has been serviced no more than every 2,000 miles with genuine oil and filters.
      The car has MOT until May 2020.

    • By DrewHooker92
      2015 MK7 Golf R Wolfsburg Edition.
      Had it for a few months now.

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