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Article ::Forget The Concept This Is A Reality!


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Still standard DCC for now. Also has Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 (special edition) wheels and Scorpion Titanium exhaust as is plus APR Intercooler, APR Intake, APR Stage 3 turbo (Borg Warner EFR7163 twin scroll) with APR engine and transmission calibrations.


VWR 360mm 6 piston brakes and lightweight battery in garage waiting to be fitted also.


May go for DCC compliant coils if I feel it needs it :-)


Standard DSG clutches as is so the car is not Stage 3+ for the moment at least. There is headroom as I understand it to get to well in to the 500's with this turbo if you upgrade the clutches and injectors (Stage 3+) which allows you to do this...


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This looks a great upgrade...


But then again, call me scared, but how about the DSG?

I'm convinced the DSG is not as fragile as some people think.


But pounding the DQ250 with this power?

The engine can hold it's own and so far I have not been able to find any major trouble with 450+ bhp on the DSG.


But what are your (APR's) thoughts on this matter?

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The Ecotune guys showed me the stage 3 hardware when installing my stage 1. High quality kit but just "too modified" as a daily runabout for me. Maybe in a few years. Would also consider a brake upgrade as even with stage 1 (385bhp and 420 torques) increasing stopping power is a must.

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Sorry for the slow updates folks.

Been pre occupied with the birth of my son yesterday - car has to be second priority just now. The attention to detail and customer service make that gap very small though. Been told it is "50 Rapids" fast from Stan the MD there who drives a 720bhp RS6 himself :)

Pretty sure this is going to be properly quick and properly fun :)

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