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The 6xxHP Beas7 - Guy's 6MT 7R

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2 hours ago, Scotty2hotty said:

Sorry I assumed you had it back now with you posting your power figures  🤦‍♂️


Looks like there will be some last minute detailing to be show ready. 

Haha nope still not got it back yet.


And yeah, frustrating tbh but lets not get into that right now :smug:

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58 minutes ago, GuyKitch said:

Haha nope still not got it back yet.


And yeah, frustrating tbh but lets not get into that right now :smug:

I hope you get it back soon enough to get it looking pretty for the show mate and get some bloody use out of it👌 

58 minutes ago, GuyKitch said:

Yes mate seen that "600HP" Golf R - not 600hp at all, just used for video views...

I’ve heard it falls quite short of the “claimed” 600 🤔🤷‍♂️

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The beast will be up for sale very soon. My time has come to move onto something a bit more sedate.... sad times indeed.


A true 4wd drivers car. It doesn't get any more raw than this for a modern car. Absolute ferocious acceleration and supercar rivalling handling.


653PS 822NM or 612LBFT.


A true 200mph three pedalled weapon. Your chance to own a one off unique car.


Inbox with serious enquiries only. Dont mess me about!


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    • By [email protected]
      Hi don’t know if I’m being stupid I have a golf r mk7.5 I want new wheels can I run 19inch by 10inch wide 
    • By samx300
      Howdy folks,
      My name is Sam and I am a proud owner of a one of a kind Black Golf 7R, DSG with 5 Doors. I have named her Raven (I have my reasons   )
      Bit of background: I upgraded from a Mk5 GTI that was running a Stage 2+ Tune from R-Tech. My previous build thread (picture heavy) can be found here: http://www.mk5golfgti.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic,92146.0.html

      I test drove a 7R at the start of 2016 and had my heart set on one ever since. However, I was too picky and wanted the exact specification I had in mind. Luckily I soon found the previous owner and have closely followed the development of this car from stock. I finally took ownership at the end of 2016. And needless to say...what a machine...  
      To put things into perspective   
      2011 GT-R R35: 523HP, 451LBFT, 1740KG 
      2014 Raven: 550HP, 556LBFT, 1401KG
      In her base form, she's a top spec Japanese Import 7R (2014 model). Factory spec includes:
      - 5 Door DSG in DBP
      - DCC (now swapped with VWR Coilies)
      - Discover Nav Pro with Reverse Camera
      - Sunroof
      - Keyless Entry
      - Black Leather interior with fully electric driver's seat adjustment
      - Lane Assist, Light Assist and all the other trimmings such as ACC etc
      I do not have the mods list compiled - its' a big list.. so for now, enjoy some pictures. Feel free to follow my Insta @sam.7r for recent updates.
      LOADS of changes have been made since I've taken ownership and there are plenty more in the pipeline. So stay tuned..
      Most of the changes I've made are related to suspension, chassis, wheels, audio and some performance. There's few cosmetic bits too.

      I will continue to update this thread as and when I can..

      Latest Dyno Plot from March 2017:


      The day I bought her:







      Few months later in 2017:




      Here is Raven's spec list:
      Turbo Technics Hybrid V1 Turbo with uprated compressor wheel (non IS38) APR Uprated DSG Clutch Pack MRC Custom Stage 3 ECU Remap (with pops, bangs and crackles) 😬 APR Stage 3 DSG Remap (to complement their uprated Clutchpacks) Wagner Tuning Competition Intercooler Scorpion Decat Downpipe VWR Racingline 'Cup Edition' Resonated Cat Back (Non Valved) with Titanium Quad Cannons VWR Racingline R600 Air Intake Autotech HPFP Turbo Technics Large Bore Intake Hose and Bell Mouth Revo Turbo Muffler Delete GFB DV+ Fluidampr Crank Pulley and ARP bolt Uprated MAF and MAP Sensor VWR Racingline Catch Can Oil Management System VWR Racingline Washer Bottle Relocation Kit with Billet Filler Cap Millers Nanodrive CFS NT+ 5W40 Oil NGK R7437-9 Race Plugs Latest Revision (K) Coilpacks Racingline Tracksport Coilovers (2 way adjustable with 12 way rebound adjustment, dropped to perfection) Racingline 6 Pot Aluminium Monobloc Front BBK running 360x32mm 2 piece slotted discs (with directional cooling) Racingline 2 piece 310x22mm vented rear slotted discs Oettinger Front Splitter (Custom Fit) Oettinger Rear Spoiler (Body Colour) Oettinger Rear Boot Trim (Custom Paint) SRS Tec Wide Front Wings SuperPro Alloy Lower Control Arms, extended 95K version SuperPro Full Front and Rear Bush Kit H&R ARBs Front and Rear 27/25mm SuperPro ARB Drop Links Front and Rear SuperPro Full Engine Mount Set (Dogbone, Engine and Gearbox) Neuspeed RSe 102 Lightweight Alloys, 19x8.5 ET+45, 9kg each wrapped in Michelin PS4s (Custom Shadow Chrome Paint) Custom Door, Interior and Rear Footwell LED lighting by EMTuning Full body Paint Protection Film (PPF) coverage - Suntek Ultra film Badgeskins for Engine Cover, and all exterior R badges/blades. Custom Carbon Fibre Steering Wheels (Yellow/Black Raven Theme) Black Aluminium DSG Pedal Extensions Philips Diamond Bright Turning Side Lights (H7) Racingline Billet Coolant Cap Racingline Billet Oil Dipstick Racingline Billet Engine Oil Filter Housing Racingline Billet Engine Oil Filler Cap  
      Audio Setup:
      OEM Discover Nav Pro Head Unit Audison Bit Ten D - Digital Signal Interface Processor JL Audio HD750/1 Class D 750 Watts Mono Amplifier JL Audio HO112W6V3 600 Watts Subwoofer in High Output Enclosure Focal ES165K - Elite K2 Power Series 120 Watts 6.5" Component Speakers, Front and Rear JL Audio HD600/4 - 600 Watts 4 Channel Amplifier Dynamat Coating on doors Stinger OFC Cables
      Engine build + bigger blower planned for future so watch this space..   
      Thanks for looking!  
    • By AJS7R
      Hi Guys,
      Looking to get some black coated discs from MTEC but they cant confirm when they have stock of this coating (but I cannot wait long). I cant find other discs with coating for the same cost. £270 for c-hook front and rear. 
      Has anybody has any success just painting the non coated disc? Ive heard Hammerite could work, but if it wont last long then not very good. 
      Any help is great
    • By a3scott20
      Modding List Update - October 24 2019 Edited
      Performance: (503WHP & 644NM)
      -TurboTechnics V5 Turbo
      -TurboTechnics LHD Intake Pipe
      -RacingLine Oil Catch Can System
      -RacingLine R600 Intake System
      -Fluidampr Crank Pulley
      -APR High Pressure Fuel Pump
      -APR Intercooler System
      -APR Silicone Boost Hoses
      -Aquamist HFS4 Meth System Direct Port Injection
      -HurricaneSport Catless Downpipe
      -Volkswagen Akrapovic Titanium axleback
      -PagParts Walbro 525LPH Low Pressure Fuel Pump
      -Torqbyte PM4 High Power LPFP Controller
      -LiteBlox LB26XX LiFePO4 Lightweight Battery
      -KakaRakis Performance Billet Intake Manifold
      -Grams 70mm Larger Throttle Body
      -HurricaneSport ECU Stage3 Tune
      -HurricaneSport TCU Stage3 Tune
      -United Motorsport Haldex Tune
      -EZT Carbon/Napa Edition Steering Wheel
      -Corbeau RRS Seats
      -BFI DSG Knob
      -LEYO DSG Shift Paddle
      -AEM Boost Gauge
      -Aquamist Meth Flow Gauge
      -Aquamist 10L Internally Baffled Tank
      -KW DCC
      -Eibach Front & Rear Sway bar
      -APR MQB Pendulum Mount
      ***APR S01 Forged 19" Wheels***
      ***Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 19" tires***
      ***KYO-EI Ti64 Wheel Bolts***
      -Alcon Car89 Brake System 380mm Discs
      -Rear 370mm Discs upgrade
      -Maxton Design Full Body Kit
      Hello everyone,
      This is Scott from Taiwan 😀 I am here since January but was just lurking around and watching everybody's build thread.
      After 4 months waiting, dealer told me the car has finally arrived and asked me if I would like to see the car before the official pick-up date, it was really excited for me so I went to the dealer....
      Car Spec: LapizBlue | 7-Speed DSG (DQ381) | DCC | Dynaudio | Pretonia |ACC





      My previous car is AUDI A3 Sportback 2.0T FWD DSG, and was running Pagpart's EFR7163 big turbo kit that made 530WHP & 660NM. The reason I got rid of my 7163 A3 is because I would like to play something different but AWD car, running big power 530WHP on a FWD car was really really terrible once WOT, kind of scary to drive the car at that time.



    • By US Rabbit
      Hello VW community,
      I am the proud new owner of a 2019 VW Golf R, 6 Speed Manual in Atlanta, Georgia. Having been an Audi customer the past 18years (S3, RS3), I needed something new and an R with a manual gearbox seemed like the right choice for a fun daily and a car that would have an ocean of aftermarket options.
      After having spent a ridiculous amount of time researching I am in need of help as I can not find the information I need.
      1) VW North America clearly states that my car has 288hp. Not on a single site (Milltek, AWE, APR etc) have I seen this model mentioned. The car has been out for almost 2 years - what am I missing? https://www.vw.com/models/golf-r/section/overview/ I am seeing 300hp and 310hp everywhere which are the Euro models. This has made it very difficult in finding options to enhance my Golf
      2) I can not find any info whether this car has OPF/GPF or not. Does anyone know whether the US cars have been exempt from that non sense?
      3) My research shows that exhaust upgrades do not mess with warranty. Can someone confirm this?
      4) is this an international site? I mostly see Brits so wanted to confirm :)
      Thanks for your help. I have attached a pic! She is in dire need of an exhaust and exterior carbon options

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