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Evening everyone :cool:


Picking up my Lapiz Blue 7 R tomorrow....excited much?!  Have just sold a Mk 5 Edition 30, had a Mk 4 R32 before that.  Have also had a couple of Mk 3's.  The best car was the Edition 30, I hope I don't regret selling it! 


Looking forward to joining in the community and having a browse around the site.



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Well I've got it


Pleased with it so far, have spent several hours this afternoon playing with the infotainment settings etc. and learning what's what. Technology in cars has come on a long way since I bought my Mk 5! It's my first DSG car so I've had fun learning how to to use that as well.


Spec is 3 door, Lapiz blue, DSG, Discover nav, sunroof, Car Net app-connect, winter pack. Was chuffed to find that the winter pack is now included and made it onto my car as I regretted not ordering it.


Faultless service from Listers in Stratford-upon-Avon from start to finish.









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Very nice. :cool:  Good to hear you are enjoying it.  Bit of a different animal to the Mk5, (although very very fond memories of the two Mk5 GTI's I had).  


Lots of good tips in the Tips and Tricks thread which is stickied in the Mk7 Char section V



also worth a look in the Quick Question thread http://www.vwroc.com/forums/topic/11394-the-quick-question-topic/page-29

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