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First new car: Golf R Estate, Pure White (For now...)

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Hi All,


I thought I ought to say hi!


After probably two years looking at cars of various types I decided that a Golf R really made the most sense for me, as a car that does everything I don't think you can do better. I currently drive a modified mk1 Octavia vRS which really is a great all-rounder but it's getting to that age when a couple of things are starting to play up and I'm at an age where I can look at something newer/nicer.


So I've ordered myself a Golf R estate, I keep changing my mind on colour, the original order was for Tornado Red but then I changed to White, now I keep seeing other sexy colours and thinking I like those more, I think it's probably just a case of "grass is greener" + excitement about getting the car - I'm sad that you can't get the estate with 90% tints but I think window shades or professional tints will fix that easily enough.


The custom seems to be to share the spec so here goes:

* Golf R Estate, White [at the moment]

* Panoramic Roof

* Vienna Leather

* Reversing Camera

* Dynaudio


I went for the 18" wheels because parking/navigating on my road normally means mounting the curb, a bit of extra rubber over the 19" is useful here. I also went for a couple of accessories - the dog guard and the boot-lip protection both in aid of trying to keep the car nice for the future :)


I put the order in a couple of weeks ago but haven't yet had any information regarding tracking/build weeks. The dealer told me it'd be a couple of weeks before they had that info and I was looking at an October-ish (Maybe November!) date.


I think I've read every review and watched every video on youtube regarding stock Golf R's - so for now I'll keep myself busy by hanging out here on the forums!


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Welcome to the forum.  



Nice spec. Colour is one of the hardest choices, but the 'grass is greener' thing is an inevitability especially when you keep seeing pics of other cool colours on forums, lol  Lots to keep you occupied on here whilst you wait. 

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In the same boat as you, waiting on my r estate, ordered blue after seriously considering red. Not a fan of white but then saw a grey one on here and it has definitely caused me to question whether to change the order.

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      Just starting a thread for my estate. Not going crazy as I'm quite happy with the power at the mo. Not sure if I'll really get to use the power it has now very often.
      I'm absolutely loving the car so far. It's so good to drive and seems to have limitless grip through the corners. It really doesn't feel like an estate.
      The spec I went for was the Oryx paint, Dynaudio, reverse cam, climate screen and black mirrors and bars.
      The standard tech on the car is great.
      I have some new wheels to go on once I ship them back from the states and I'd like to lower it little in the future.

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      Thought I’d start my own thread to avoid clogging up all the others on here! 
      So 5th March my new PCH car arrived, an R estate in Tornado Red. Only extras I specced were the paint and Dynaudio upgrade; I didn’t want to go mad on a lease car but didn’t want plain white, and having had B&O on my S3 I had to have the premium audio option! Also to be honest I’m not a fan of the leather interior for the R and much prefer the look of the cloth/alcantara (and since having the car can honestly say these are the best seats I’ve ever been in!). I’d owned the S3 outright so it was almost top-spec give or take a couple of items. It was also quite highly-modified running suspension and brake upgrades, VWR intake and inlet bits, Milltek DP and MTM Cantronic unit (which was superb).
      As much as I wanted to spec Prets, I couldn’t justify the expense on the monthlies as I had all the kit from the S3 to swap over including a set of custom-finished REVO RV019s. So the car arrived on the standard, “unusual” shall we say Cadiz wheels...

      By the Wednesday, I’d had the wheels, intake setup, dog bone mount and DP swapped over and given it a good wash after its trundle down from Cardiff. The swirls and contamination in the paint of a brand new car are frankly horrific so I’m planning on a full correction then several coats of CC Platinum Paint and Oracle in the next week or so...

      The MTM unit wouldn’t work so it was either pay to recode it or sell it on and go for another option; that decision was made for me by the purchaser or our S3 offering a good price for it with the car. Likely to go for a SHARK STS with Stage 2 map.
      Next up was a set of carbon fibre mirror caps; not a fan of the satin chrome ones which to me belong only on an Audi S/RS and I wanted something to tie into the gloss black details. These were popped on in five minutes by Martyn at M.D. AUTOBAHN at Gatwick,can’t recommend him highly enough so anyone in the area look him up!

      And to bring me up to date, last Friday saw a set of VWR/Racingline springs go on. I very nearly went coilovers after road testing a C5 RS6 on KW V2s last autumn but wanting to keep costs down I opted for these. Not disappointed in the slightest - there is NO discernible compromise in ride quality, the damping is not affected by the shorter and stiffer springs but it sits much nicer and the handling is improved no end! I had Eibachs on my last two S3s and these springs I feel are better than them. Certainly the 8V sportback (so MQB still) was a lot crashier and harsh on them whereas this just feels perfect!

      Quick before and after but the car has settled a bit more since.
      Got to admit so far I fully love this thing - tech, seats and comfort all better than the S3 which suddenly feels a bit dated. The gearbox is excellent, with the 7th gear making a real difference to fuel economy and cruising, only thing it needs is the extra power and torque the S3 had. And this looks awesome! Can’t be a meaner looking estate around at the moment surely?
      For those of you interested I’ll keep this updated as I go. Already regretting just having it two years!
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