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Dazie00 s Lapiz R long term review and Mods !

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Well after reading Becs review i thought i'd give it a go too!! (this may take a while!)

I bought my R from Eastbourne VW , i didn't go with the intention of buying it, had a lovely Tornado red Gti mk 5 which was mapped to 240 bhp , dsg and loved it to bits.

Went to view a Black Mk 6 R , 3 dr manual, cloth, not at all what i wanted but wanted to have a go in one to see if it would be much better than the Gti i had , with the view of getting a rising blue 5 dr DSG , a stunning looking car IMO.

I didn't really think a mk6 was going to be much of a change from the Gti , just a face lifted model i felt but it was something that i wanted to try anyway.

My thoughts were that i had changed away from Golfs before and always gone back to them 

Gti Mk 4 to Porsche 996 c2

Gti Mk 5 to Audi RS4 and back to the same Gti !

So really wanted a newer Golf and thought that i would soon be bored with a mk6 as not that much different than a MK5 to look at IMO,

As fate would have it the Black 3 dr R was not about to view for some ereson but in the showroom under the LED lighting , OMG 

the Mk7 Vw golf R in Lapiz blue , wow

Much different than the mk 5 in appearance, more modern , sharper, angular, not necessarily as pretty but different, 

It was cloth, Cadiz wheels and DSG with a sunroof , very nice indeed but maybe not my perfect car, then i got to see the demo model

Lapiz, Prets, Leather, Disc pro nav, Keyless, Pano roof and reversing camera , WOW, now this is looking like my perfect car, always loved all the Rs in the blues since the Mk4 R32.







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Well booked a test drive for a weeks time and then wondered how am i gonna pay for this, my old gti was worth 6-7 k and speccing up a new one was coming to nearly 40k!

Well as you all know i obviously bought  the demo model in June 2014 , had to wait 2 1/2 months to get it and it had 2500 miles on it , cost £36k so a big saving on new

What can i say, faster,  better handling, huge improvement in the tech dept having never had bluetooth , it has the Dynamic chassis control (DCC), a big leap forward from the Mk5 Gti but kind of still the same car in principle, small ,fast, 5 dr  auto , ok size boot , fit 5 adults.

So i had it a few months and decided it would be nice in the winter, now having 4x4 to add winter tyres, so bought some replica Cadiz 18s on ebay and wrapped them in Continental winter contact tyres which have been great , love both sets of wheels and love the different look they both give the car

Sporty in Winter

Classy in Summer

So then i found this forum which is excellent for advice but very bad for your wallet as there are so many ways we can mod our cars to really make it your own individual R!

I guess my

1st mod was a simple VWR panel air filter, still got it in today and do think it made the car sound better, (maybe my imagination)

2nd mod was Forge spacers , 11mm front and 16mm back





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Next thoughts were on getting the car to sit a little lower , so as many on here had the vwr springs fitted i went down that route

3rd mod  Vwr lowering springs 



Thought it lowered it just right, enough for the wheels to fill the arches more without looking like a teenagers wet dream!

Unfortunately , for me , it killed the ride , felt very skittish and twitchy on the road, so after  1 week they were removed and put back to stock , retirned to VWR who were excellent in giving me a full refund, great customer service  :afro:



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Took a road trip up   north stopping in the Yorkshire dales before before going up to  bonny Scotland , Loch Lomand, Fort William, A82 , what a drive that is , A83 also stunning , Kilmarnok , Turnberry  :afro: 

 would love to go and do the north coast 500 sometime 

I guess the next mod was the 

4- Oettinger rear spoiler, not everyones cup of tea but having seen FBFs and NEGs , thought , that's a bit of me, always loved a rear spoiler and did add the vw spoiler to both of my Mk 4 gtis , do feel that the black fins on the side of the rear windscreen do takeaway the outness of the top spoiler so felt it was something that needed addressing 

Think by making the back a bit more pointy it goes well with the front end of the car better,

so very happy with this mod  :afro:  :grin:




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Fab write up Dazza (more to come?).   :afro:  


Really interesting to hear your R journey, first leading up to buying it and then throughout the last 30 months, and everything you've done to make it the car you want it to be.  :smiley:


And great to see your GTI - seeing that has me remembering my two Mk5 GTI's - mega cars they were. 

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Car had had  only 1 hiccup  which was a misfire , turned it off , back on again again and drove ok , had gone into limp mode , software update at dealer and sorted  :banghead:

i Guess it was after owning the car a few months i took an interest in the detailing section , OMG, i've always loved a clean car but this took it to a whole new level , and yes you Booth11 have alot to answer for lol!!

Buckets were ordered , a pressure washer, mitts , drying towels and so so much more since then :grin:

Mod 5 was probablay Vcds lead to change a few electronic things like 

Rear brake light mod

Sondatackor volume adjusted

DRL brightness 

Dimming  drl when indicating 

Drive profile on dashboard 

and many more all found in the VCDS section 

Mod 6

Lockwood door sill protectors

Mod 7 -  Boot Buddy

Teddys dog guard as he is so viscious we need to keep him in the boot! Not really , complete waste of money , he's always on the back seat on a back seat protector!



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Very nice, how was the drive up to scotland been to isial places by train but never driven.


Can i ask how much you paid for the winter tyres on the cadiz and would you recommend them?

Paid £350 for the wheels + the tyres , came to around £950, they are better in the wet but not had any snow yet to give them a good go yet! :banghead:

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Mod 8  - KW DDC Coiloversas

As you see the car is sitting lower again, bit the bullet and spent a fortune on the  Kw coilovers, Great to get the ride height just as you want it to be without compromising the ride quality , got it looking just how i want now but has been a massive headache along the way , many thanks to Al at Awesome for your help and understanding during the issues i've had with these , Had knocking from both front shocks so sent them off individually for servicing to really find no difference, recently the problem has been rectified by them supplying new(different!) springs which have solved the problem (fingers crossed )

Would i buy them again , no , i'd go with the Eibach springs instead and save a fortune but some you win , some you lose!!

Mod 9  -cornering light bulbs, even managed to do this 1 myself lol!!






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 Mod 11- Dtuk, so last black friday i took the plunge and bought a dtuk tuning box and pedal box 

Had tried to get the R mapped by the guy who remapped the Red Gti , no joy and advised that these cars had weak turbos!!

Made a big difference in performance and kept them both on for a good six months, never felt as smooth in the delivery of the performance  as a remap , a bit lumpy at times and  tried all of the map settings in the end, settling on map 3 -3 , it's softest setting to try and get smooth consistant delivery  of power in those enthusiastic driving moments!Would i recommend , Hmmm , good but not great IMO , pedal box better than tuning box .

Spring 2016 detail

After lots odf practice it was time to get the soft paint on the R swirl free, so took a few days of work and with some sound advice from JeffR, i  gave the R a good seeing to with Menzerna polishes and Meguiars pads with a DAS pro + poilisher















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Great write up Daz, must be the crap weather that got you to sit and put this down. It has been good to know you and get some advice over the past year or so. New one is built and I look forward to popping round to have you help me do a proper cleaning job! Oh and catch up on what's good and what's not. Hope turbo issues are sorting themselves out.



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