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Pets and Petrolheads!


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As often happens in the detailing section of this forum, things can stray off topic, way off topic, lol.  Today is no exception with a foray into chat about our feline friends. To keep some semblance of order over there, and by request, this chat will be shifted to here.


The Pets and Petrolheads thread - for pet pics and chat. 

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Posts copied from other section..

The cat loves the mini aircon vent Woolie, thinks it's a cat toy! 



More details (see what I did there to stay on topic) on said cat please, for the delectation of this dedicated catslave & rescuer. Most of mine over the years have been opponents of car cleaning, esp. when they'd bagged a warm bonnet.

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On 30/11/2016 at 18:56, Booth11 said:

Ah, a fellow cat slave and do'er of cat's will, lol.

Current crop consists of 2 former strays and 1 rescue cat. Always have about 3 or 4 on the go. They are all very lazy and can be found scattered randomly around the house having located the 'hot spots'. Most have names originally given to them as strays for identification purposes before they moved in permanently and are now stuck with them. Let me introduce...


Seb - rescue cat. Very fat but otherwise healthy. Matches my R.

Tabby - former stray enjoying the kitchen underfloor heating.

Approx 16 years old, multiple health problems! Just had a month in veterinary isolation undergoing radioactive iodine treatment for Hyperthyroidism. Now cured of that, but diagnosed with Feline AIDS! Also had the misfortune to previously undergo a Urethrostomy (penis amputation) due to blocked bladder problems and now is more ladylike in his nether regions, and consequently has repeated episodes of cystitis. No wonder he looks mierable, lol.

Gingeypuss - former stray, the carrier and infector of the feline AIDS. Thinks he's a dog.

Will get back on topic when my Polished Bliss stuff turns up later today.

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This made me burst out laughing. I'm hoping that Gingeypuss is a girl... 


Love the photos. Seb reminds me of my black cat. He was more dog than cat, growls and hisses and was ridiculously strong. Often slept face down in the middle of the stairs. He's been stepped on many times! Such typical cat attitude - 'this looks good, I'll lie here' and then everyone has to manoeuvre round the cat for fear of being attacked. I miss having a cat, had 2 at my parents house but none in my place now. Would love to get one though. 

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Nope, Gingeypuss is a boy, as is Seb, so they live in fear of what happened to poor old Tabs, lol. Tabby is top cat in the feline pecking order, Seb is terrified of him, Gingey is the popular one they all like, even though he has infected most likely both of them with feline AIDS, that's sharing for you! Seb has still to be tested. Gingey is much more dog like in his mannerisms compounded by the fact he came home one day with half his tail gone, and now he wags the remaining half like a dog. They all sleep on the stairs in various sun traps, and I regularly have to do a jig around them.

Are you allowed pets in your flat Ash?

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haha, Gingeypuss definite took advantage of the penis amputation then! My black cat also only had half a tail. 


Super old photo must be nearly 10 years old now. Sadly, Sammy passed away a few months back.




This is our Ginger cat aptly called Ginger 





According to our AST we're not allowed pets. BUT our landlord doesn't care at all. She told us if we wanted to get a cat then we could. She's never done an inspection since we moved in, we've decorated the place to our tastes too. She's super chill and trusts us! Back to the cat situation, working on the wife as she doesn't want a cat until we buy our own place. I'm looking at a new build but need to ask the pet question as sometimes it's in the lease.

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Gorgeous! Sorry to hear you lost Sammy.  :sad: She/he looked very like my cat Roo who we had to have euthanised earlier this year. Your Ginger is a very handsome boy.

Good that your landlady is chilled about pets. Would it have to be an indoor cat? If not, just think of the plus side, it could eat all the birds that crap on your car, lol.

Here's our two that are no longer with us...

Roo (girl)

Brin (girl)

And Seb pretending he's Batman..

And Tabby pretending it's perfectly normal to sleep in the tumble dryer, whilst you are trying to unload it!

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He wasn't well for a long time and unfortunately after lots of visits to the vets over a few weeks it became obvious that he wasn't going to get better and to prolong his life would be cruel. In the end, he stopped eating anything but fresh fish and ended up going blind too. For the last few days of his life he walked around like a drunk sailor and kept walking into things. However emotional the decision, it was the right thing to do. Ginger is a bit of a slut to be honest. Loves the attention and cuddles and got quite fat a few years back from all the neighbours feeding him each day... In the end we had to keep him indoors for a few weeks and go round telling people not to feed him as he wasn't stray, had a home and was getting a bit chubby!


I think we could only get a house cat as we're in a flat and will probably end up buying another flat as the houses round here are just out of the mortgage affordability at the moment. The flats I'm looking at either come with garden or balcony but after living below some noisy people I'm after going top floor with the balcony to cut down on noise. I've been looking into getting a savannah cat so we could put it on a lead and take it for a walk. Our friends have one but the cat doesn't like the wife and spends most of the day attacking her! 


Love the photo of Seb being Batman! He looks thoroughly pissed off and confused.   :grin:

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Brilliant, lol. What a cutie!

And so weird because I almost posted a pic of Seb earlier that my daughter 'edited' with grass skirt and coconut bra, but thought it would be too weird. But what the hell. ....

Here's Seb, tropical stylee.

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It's very sad when they get ill and you have to make that difficult decision, but sometimes the kindest thing to do.

Cat on a lead....hmm, not sure. Can you see yourself walking a cat?

Confusion is Seb's natural expression. He wasn't the brightest kitten in the litter, lol.

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Hey, liking this thread;s new tack a lot and would love to contribute but am feeling guilty about the hijack. Bec, could these fine feline fotos etc. be copied & pasted into a new General topic for example or somewhere else suitable? Sub-forum name "Cars & Cats" maybe. Or "Pets & Petrolheads" or similar?

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Snowball the rescue Ragdoll, age nearly 14 & getting a bit crotchety and bossier then ever. Dislikes cars and complains every trip, even on the way home from the v-e-t-'s. His pillow is Raki the rescue Japanese Shiba Inu, a catslave who died earlier this year aged nearly 15. A number of previous cats who've now died through old age or misadventure to follow. Clickable thumbs.





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