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GTI International 3rd - 4th June 2017

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Fair play Rebecca fully understand and well put. Was just hoping for more R cars. All the best.

You get a designated area for club members, its not really a "show" area so to speak but a good chance to meet other members and see their rides etc.  Nothing stopping people having a look round them

TuftyR you will need to have a look at this one then  

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On 4/11/2017 at 12:29, ColinC2 said:








A Silver Sunday so far... 1f601.png


I will not be attending GTI Inters this year as I have damaged the rear of my car in a car-park-brain-fade-thinking-about-work incident and it cannot be repaired in time to grace the R Owners Club Stand. Seems likely I will be out of pocket by quite a few hundred squids as well ... 


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Calling VWROC members .. surely there will be more of you going to this in two weeks time .. I mean so far 1 on Saturday and 3 on Sunday -
Shall we get a list going?




Raffe - reflex silver
Chrisgti - ?
OryxG7R - erhh Oryx

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See I have a friend for Saturday :-) will we have a specific place to park? Any display signs/flags for the day?

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There's will be designated parking for vwroc if you booked via the link on this tread ..

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Hi I guess there will be general parking for attendees on the day as opposed to showing your car off?

Am coming down likely on the Sunday and paying on the day.

Just want to park my R up safe and wander round as opposed to show it off.

Or should I park in the R forum bit? Just don't want folk all over my car! Plus am not experienced in the club scene! More working men's club scene! lol 

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