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GTI International 3rd - 4th June 2017

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Really sad to hear that the general feeling on Inters was pretty negative and that the turnout from VWROC was poor (I obviously partly at fault for my £1100 of parking damage). 


I am debating now whether to go to VAG Tuner event at Donington in July as just got the first V.W.G magazine yesterday and am interested now in my modifications list again , having bought the GP One instead of modifying last year!! 

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Fair play Rebecca fully understand and well put. Was just hoping for more R cars. All the best.

You get a designated area for club members, its not really a "show" area so to speak but a good chance to meet other members and see their rides etc.  Nothing stopping people having a look round them

TuftyR you will need to have a look at this one then  

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Glad I didn't drive all the way from Somerset for this now.


Best days were at TRL Crowthorne Berks when there hundreds of GTI's in the 90's


Shame there's not much atmosphere.....I think in general the VW scene as moved over to T4 and T5 vans including air cooled stuff.


Even Club GTI isn't what it used to be plus the economy means people have less to spend on their cars what with housing and general costs of living.

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I used to go every year without fail starting with the last year at trl before it moved to Ipswich and then bruntingthorpe but it lost all it's atmosphere when it moved to the Shakespeare race way and sadly it's gone downhill since.


I think the people we used to go with made it camping for weekend making a proper time of it. Now people have moved on, had families etc and the new kids on the block are just jumped up little air rides who think they're God's gift to everything with zero charisma about them.


Didn't know there was a tuner even in donni though, I'll look that up when I get home as it's local to me. 


For me the place to go now for a great weekend show is Goodwood. Expensive but worth it. 


Also, down think gti has ever been at Santa pod?!

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