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Mk7 Golf R - Fitting the lower engine cover


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Here is a guide on how i fitted this cover ,

First I ordered these two parts from Trade Parts Specialist (UK) or you could use an equivalent of a genuine VW parts supplier.


Ball Headed screw: 06E-103-164

Lower Cover: 06K 103 925 AA




TPS will tell you its not a fitted part anymore so you can order but wont get a refund, clearly it does fit..........



Then get a 10mm Socket or ring spanner, I used the ring spanner as it helped me see what I was doing to avoid over tightening. Obviously open the bonnet and look at the front edge of the engine top cover to see the connection points. The picture below shows the area and the points to identify are as follows.




The gap and socket / hole, ( labelled 1, looks like a silver disc in the pic) the arm (labelled 2) on the cover goes into and locks in - please note for the purposes of this picture the cover is upside down and simply needs to be rolled forward 90 degrees to fit.

The mounting tube ( labelled 3 with the ball screw mounted, its a hollow tube with no thread cut into it before that) and the socket that clips over the ball ( labelled 4). The Arrows indicate what goes into / onto what.


Ball headed screw.




and 10 MM spanner / socket. Locate the tube, gently insert the screw part into the tube and screw it down into the tube. The screw is metal and is designed to cut its own thread into the tube so I had to keep it vertical. It wouldnt go in by hand, but I had to ensure its screwed it all the way down until it seats against the top of the tube. Please note it will not seat down inside the tube. There is a recessed nut shape in there, ignore this. Should now look like this.




I then took the cover and placed as per the first picture, rolled it over and dropped the arm into the hole and lined up the socket for the ball head at the right hand end so it rested gently on top. Below is a picture of the socket in the cover.




I then put some gentle pressure over the cover where the arm is and could feel / hear it click into place, repeated with the ballhead.

It can easily come off if necessary and it might be able to be done the other way round, i didnt.

The left hand end of the cover has some flex in it but it does not feel loose in anyway once connected. I went for a quck squirt round over some rough road and then checked, all secure. you should end up with this.




Hope this helps, this a guide only and its your choice to fit and I bear no responsibility if your engine implodes :) At your own risk as its in the engine compartment.



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Heated up the plastic post with a hairdryer for a minute or so (didn't want it to crack)


Screwed straight in easy

Looks neat and tidy, good work and good idea, i just went for it...no issues but its a good addon suggestion, unless someone gets carried away and melts it :)

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Can anyone order from TPS? Or do you need to be in the trade?

It might come down to your local branch, but I've never had any problem ordering as a non-trade individual at all, as is he case with many other people. TPS have always been really great to deal with, I just phone them up (I never order via the website) or pop in and order what I need, and the next day, it's ready to collect. Just give your local branch a call :-)





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