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Which BBK fits under Pretoria without spacers

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I'm about to get a Golf R so one of the questions is should I get the Pretoria wheels?

I love their looks but if I'll drop in a BBK and I'll end up replacing them with ultraleggeras or something aftermarket it doesn't makes sense to spend the extra money twice. Spacers I will not run.

So it all boils down to:

- Alcons


- any other respectable bbk

bbks fitment behind them without spacers.

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U will need 7mm with prets with vwr kit, I think they have got a new kit out now tho so can't comment on that. And not sure about Alcons. You might manage to get the rs3 4 pot brembos behind them with no spacers



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Why the objection to running spacers, matey? Have been considering fitting these myself for aesthetic purposes.




I have bad experience with spacers. First the guy that fulfilled my order got me by mistake a Golf4 platform parts. It's not a perfect match nor an obvious mismatch or it's not stamped with big letters "Golf 4 don't use in Golf 5" :) so I ran them for couple of months complaining all the time that something is wrong. Next I got the right ones. The fender rub party started. Did the fender screw mod on my mk5 Edition 30. Next winter came and surprise surprise the winter wheels didn't match the spacers. I got new winter tires for the summer alloys when I didn't plan.

So I had enough with spacers to promise my self that they are an unnecessary complicated solution when I can just get the right wheels.   

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I ditched my prets And got the revo wheels clears the brakes easily, I would personally not get the prets and use the money for a set of aftermarket wheels that will clear your brake kit and will let you pick a nice set of your own I didn't plan on modding mine and a few things happened lol ooppppss



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