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ACC ticking

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Hi All ..    If you don't have the radio on (quietness in the cabin) and you're using ACC (for example when you press the "RES" button, do you get a slight ticking/clicking noise?  Difficult to explain it but definitely happens when the ACC is on and detecting cars in front.  


Also had my first experience of the auto brakes the other day.  Car in front of me decided to stop suddenly and turn without indicating.  I wasn't that close to him but my car decided to force the brakes.  They suddenly hardened and I could feel what can only be described as a sharp heavy braking feeling (like when ABS kicks in), along with the big red warning on the dash.  I've also noticed that its only when I happen to avert my eyes from the car in front that I get the dash warning.  Is there a sensor that monitors where one is looking ?  Fantastic system otherwise!   

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