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Today I'm in a 7.5 R demo car

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20 hours ago, ashleyman said:

I've read in places that you only get the navigation features in the Active display if you spec Pro Nav.


Not quite. If its the same as in my dads Tiguan, you can have the map in the Active Info Display, but not on the "infotainment" system at the same time. Its one or other. I believe on the pro nav you can have it on both at the same time.

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Here you go you can also make the dials smaller and the centre nav bigger too as below

So my good mate Chris at warrington VW has sorted me a day in a 7.5 facelift R,  the car is a 5 door manual in indium grey, with a few options including pro nav, carbon leather, Spielberg wheels

May I just say, after owning a 7,5 estate for a month, that the 1,4 TSI highline image in the Active Info Display bothers me allot. Couldn't VW just pay their graphic designers and developers 10€ more

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Nice colour - wish that had been around a year ago! 


Silver mirrors dont work for me with that colour though - should be black i think ? Although then maybe black pretorias would look better. 


Anyway its all hypothetical for me - not going to give up a 6k miles car in the spec I wanted that easily!! Not even for the car i got from the dealers for a few hours while I had my first service today 





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