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12 hours ago, VikingGolfR said:

Curious to know the dyno numbers of the original car :)

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12 hours ago, Billyray911 said:

Just what I was about to ask!

305BHP & 400Nm :-) 
These are the figures we are seeing repeatedly with the Golf 7 R. 

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On 22/04/2017 at 10:16, AlanR said:

Nice to see you on here John .

cheers for the work on mine a couple of wks ago , car is absolutely ballistic now ,366hp !

Hi There Alan, 

Glad you are enjoying your new R. 
Must say you know how to spec a lovely Car. 

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Our Golf R is running the VW Racing cold air intake system which opens the whole front grill up to filter in cool air. We have this available and in stock.


This provides more cooler air to enter into the airbox before it's filtered through a VWR air filter into the engine. More air, cooler air + better response and louder induction / turbo sound. 








Stock VW air intake vs uprated VWR air intake (below.).






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The Remus valved exhaust system has finally arrived for the Golf R estate! We have opted for the carbon fibre tips on ours, but there are many options available.


Here is a link to a short video with valved closed and open open on our dyno.


Remus Valved Exhaust for Golf R Estate


To place your order, call 01622 321500 or email the sales team: [email protected]

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    • By KDV
      Bought my golf r in late october with 23k on it.
      Mods so far:
      R600 intake
      Sachs sintered uprated clutch
      CAS res delete
      Powdercoated exhaust tips gloss black
      BBS VZ 18"

    • By BobbyT
      Just starting a thread for my estate. Not going crazy as I'm quite happy with the power at the mo. Not sure if I'll really get to use the power it has now very often.
      I'm absolutely loving the car so far. It's so good to drive and seems to have limitless grip through the corners. It really doesn't feel like an estate.
      The spec I went for was the Oryx paint, Dynaudio, reverse cam, climate screen and black mirrors and bars.
      The standard tech on the car is great.
      I have some new wheels to go on once I ship them back from the states and I'd like to lower it little in the future.

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    • By Gsolid
      I have recently upgraded my 2015 R manual folding mirrors to original electric ones taken off a 2016 R.  the mirrors and switch are all original parts, the install was pretty easy and I have successfully got the mirrors working (folding via switch, auto folding when car is locked, demister and reverse dipping etc)  
      The upgraded ones include puddle lights which fail to turn on when folding in or out.  I was wondering if anyone else has faced this issue before?  I don't have puddle lights on the doors, just a red reflector at the bottom so would this be the cause of the issue or would it be something else?  does anyone know the fuse number for the puddle lights?
    • By JonathanT
      Hi everyone, 
      I’ve taken interest in getting an Akrapovic Exhaust for my 2014 Mk7 Golf R and was wondering if it was possible for it to even to be installed on a prefacelift R. To my knowledge, the Mk7.5 R came with an Akrapovic Exhaust as an option so I was wondering if it could be fitted on my Mk7. 
    • By ellixtt
      So I own a 7R and have driven a S3, both felt pretty similar to drive but the Audi steering feeling a bit vague IMO
      Has anyone driven the Cupra 300? If so how does the driving feel compared to the S3 & R? I have only seen 2 on the road in person.
      I know they are all virtually the same car underneather and just tarted up but would be interesting to hear about the driving feel, I’m sure I can remember reading the seat has sharper handling.
      The interior on the seat though 🤢🤢😂 but I suppose you get what you pay for... For me the S3 saloon exterior is king but I prefer the Golf interior layout far more but it’s without question that the Audi is the better quality interior.