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Where are all the Rocco R Owners!?

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    • By Mctwist
      I wanted to get the forum's thoughts regarding a road trip to find some fun driving roads towards the end of the summer this year.
      Planning to head from the South, to north Wales in the hope of finding some fun driving roads. I currently have pirelli P7 tyres on the car, I believe they are the original tyres on the car, so might be over 4 years old. From an MOT perspective, they have a lot of life left. However, there is quite a lot of tyre noise and road rumble coming into the cabin now, which increases in frequency as the speed of the car increases - this is the main reason for considering changing them before the road trip.
      My Scirocco R does below average annual mileage and will only do about 1500 more miles by the time we go on this road trip. So should I get the most mileage I can out of the tyres until the tread gets below 2mm, or fit a fresh set of boots prior to the road trip?
      I look forward to your thoughts,
    • By Mctwist
      I'm interested in fitting Eibach Pro-kit springs to the OE DCC dampers. For the Scirocco R (pre 2014), there are two options:
      E10-85-021-05-22 Axle load front axle to [kg]
      1090 kg  
      Axle load front axle to [kg] 1050 kg  
      I wanted to find out which where the correct springs to go for? I have a 2012 Scirocco R, DSG.
      Thanks in advance!
    • By DimplesDexter
      Good Afternoon Everyone,
      That time again for me to fill the thread feed with another Krispy Kreme meet
      Date: Wednesday 13th July 2016
      Location: Krispy Kreme New Malden KT3 4NA
      Time: 19:30 Onwards
      Come join us for a doughnut (I'll try arrange a free one for all those who come! No promises), a coffee and a good old chat
      As always everyone is welcome mk4's, mk5's, even 6's & 7's or any other dub as long as you like .:R's
      If we get a good few turn up we'll grab our coffees to go and go park over at DFS (opposite KK) away from the public and their car doors so we can get some nice pics of the group...
      If it rains we'll head over to the undercover parking at B&Q (again opposite KK)
      Last time we had a good turnout with some great cars and a nice number of new faces with some lovely cars. Still a couple of newbies showing some interest so get yourselves down guys/gals and put a face/car to the name.
      Get your names on the list and let's make this meet bigger and better than last time
      Looking forward to it guys... See you all there
    • By pican0
      After coming from a 170 2.0 TDI Rocco, I decided it was time for a upgrade. Just recently purchased a 2015 Scirocco R. It drinks but I love it!
    • By paulbamford
      Hi guys, 
      My first post here ...
      I picked up my new Scirocco R on Friday.
      This car is so awesome!
      I ordered it first week of April and picked it up first week of May.
      I got the sunroof and leather options (these are the only options in Australia).
      Here's some photos from this morning: