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Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser Group Buy

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I would highly recomend Mark, very professional guy! Did a great job on my car a few weeks back
On a side note Mark, is there a way to turn the start/stop off via the Ghost. I read that it can reverse the button in the car?

Thank you for your comments.

There is a way to turn it off yes. It’s obviously not the primary use of the ghost but it can do it. It ideally needs to be done at the time of installation to avoid complications. It’s not something I’m keen to activate in all honesty but if you want to call tomorrow I can have a chat with you.

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[mention=24363]ACJMY2K[/mention] I’m interested, especially if there’s some discount to be had. SASMobile’s offer has expired though and it looks like £399 is the cost..
Yeah I contacted them directly and they aren't allowed to go under that price now... never mind! I'm still going ahead as it's a small price compared to the cars value

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I’ve only just seen this post.

All VAG group vehicles will show errors in the ecu as the ghost can’t operate securely without them been there.

Don’t worry from a warranty point of view, me alone have had many vehicles in to dealers with Ghost installed and never had one quibble. This doesn’t include the ghost dealer network as a whole.
When the vehicles go in for service or warranty work you put the ghost into service mode which allows the dealer to communicate with the vehicle and clear error codes. Any codes pending after the clear will be issues with the vehicle and not ghost related.

Hope this helps and makes some sense. I can’t go into too much technical detail for obvious reasons.

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Just for info:


The price fixing by Autowatch UK Ltd for installers to fit at £399 inc vat is in fact illegal and has been reported to the competition and markets authority.


Once this is fixed, group buys may be possible again.

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