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Side "gills" bumper vinyl sticker

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I fitted the front bumper "gills" vinyl stickers/wrap today. Unsure if I should keep them on.


What do you think?


A real pain in the arse to line up and fit (for me anyway!).






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24 minutes ago, mickR said:

Few months ago there was a thread about these, many (self included) bought and binned em, ran out of patience 1f600.png


Oh mate, I almost did the same thing!! Lay on the floor messing around with one side for about 10 minutes!!


Other side only took 2 attempts! 😀

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4 minutes ago, Jsrmk7r said:

I done mine with a spray mist of soapy water so you can move it around into place then use a squeeze to push the water out and bubbles job done 



I used a fine spray of water (not soapy but this would of most likely been better).


I found some of the bubbles didn't want to go. Hoping they evaporate overnight!


I think they look best on a white car 👍


How long have you had them on?



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I made my own from some left over wrap I had used on the interior of my  MX-5, using skills picked up on Blue Peter on how to make anything using sticky backed plastic. 

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Had them on my white R about a month also black vinyl'd the aluminium strips on the grill. Didn't like them at first but they've grown on me. I think they look good from a distance but a bit naff up close. Jury's still out!

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Bought them, couldn't get them lined up properly. Complained, got another set FOC, stuck them on, still wasn't happy and then both sides flew off the first time I jet washed the car. 



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I applied one side, stood back and thought they looked naff and took them straight off.  They are one of those mods which look great in photo's online but not so much in real life.

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